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  1. Missy

     /  24th May 2019

    More has come out on the 1922 Committee meeting last night.

    It appears they did vote on changing the rules around the confidence vote for the leader, however, it was a secret ballot and the votes aren’t going to be opened until after the chair, Sir Graham Brady, has met with Theresa May on Friday.

    It is expected that Sir Graham Brady will ask for Theresa May to resign and if she doesn’t then the votes will be opened and counted. If this happens many suspect that the vote will be to change the rules.

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  3. Missy

     /  24th May 2019

    Earlier today Theresa May withdrew from the ballot her Withdrawal Agreement Bill (WAB) that she presented earlier this week, and a spokesperson for No. 10 has said she is listening to colleagues and is holding discussions with Ministers to address concerns with the WAB. The indications are that she will not be resigning anytime soon despite Ministers, MPs and Party Members all demanding she resign, and despite the expectation of a huge loss in the EU elections.

    Other reports are saying that some Conservative MPs are putting pressure on Theresa May’s husband to get her to quit, they believe that he is the only one she will listen to now.

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  24th May 2019

      The turkey thinks she can survive till Christmas?

      I can only guess that most of her MPs see her delay as a survival tactic until the party and Government inevitably disintegrates in internal warfare when she goes.

      Surely UK’s worst ever PM?

      • Missy

         /  24th May 2019

        She thinks she can, but I don’t think she will if the 1922 Committee change the rules around Confidence votes.

        One Tory Peer said he believes the number of letters submitted are in triple figures. If there is another vote in June she is not expected to survive it this time, she squeaked by last time, but there are many that supported her in December that are no longer interested in supporting her now.

        The party and Government have already disintegrated into internal warfare, one just has to see the number of leaks coming out from private meetings, whatsApp group chats, texts, and memos, not to mention the conversations in bars and pubs. The result from the EU elections will be the last straw for many I think.

        Definitely the UK’s worst ever PM if you listen to what people are saying.

    • Griff.

       /  24th May 2019

      Getting her to go is down to a vote of the party not lobbying by the fringe.
      We have seen the usual suspects claim she is going to be pushed many times already.
      That she has survived many votes shows that her position is not as marginal as hard Brexiters wish.
      As to worse ever .
      The problem is Brexit not May.
      Holding the mess of conflicting positions together is a reflection of a competent leader.
      It is reasonable to assume If May is pushed out the resulting leadership fight will fracture the party into small pieces.

      • Missy

         /  24th May 2019

        Griff, it is down to the party, but the ‘lobbying’ is not coming from the Fringe, it is now coming from mainstream members, and her own supporters in Parliament.

        Yes, we have seen many claims she will be pushed, which is why I have not said that I think she will go, because I don’t think she will.

        No, she hasn’t survived many votes, she has survived one vote from her party, based on current party rules another vote (at present) cannot be held until December. I think you are confusing May with Corbyn who has survived multiple votes, as Labour has different rules.

        The problem is May not Brexit. She has had incompetent advisers promoted beyond their ability because they are people that pander to her, she has put a Remainer Federalist in charge of negotiating the exit from the EU, she has sidelined the Ministers that were appointed to negotiate the exit in favour of an adviser who doesn’t know what he is doing.

        She isn’t holding the mess of conflicting positions together, she is trying to please everyone and has listened to people who don’t want to leave the EU and have told her that Leavers will come around, she has presented a Withdrawal Agreement that has the UK leaving the EU in name only. She is incompetent and weak when the UK needs a strong leader.

        If May remains the party is finished. They are looking at less than 10% in the EU elections, losing all of their MEPs, and current polling has them behind Labour who are as bad at the moment. The Party is done regardless, but it is possible a stronger leader can actually rescue something out of this. The party is already fractured, it honestly can’t get worse internally, but a new leader could help them win back some of the votes they have lost due to May’s incompetence.

        Activists are refusing to campaign, MEPs are saying they have been abandoned by the leadership, the Leader has not once campaigned for her MEPs, and she didn’t campaign for the local elections either, the party members are deserting in droves – as are the donors, and the voters have been turned off voting for anyone, not just the Conservative Party. The damage she has done is not just to her party, she has damaged the basis of the UK’s democracy, she has disengaged millions from politics, and she has left millions more disillusioned. Most people are asking why bother voting when it means nothing. Nigel Farage has given many of those people a reason to vote, he is inspiring them to stay engaged in politics, he is giving a home to Leavers from both the Conservative Party and Labour who feel let down and patronised by their party’s.

        • Alan Wilkinson

           /  24th May 2019

          Seems to me the only thing people now trust her to do is nothing and that is their sole reason for supporting her. How bad is that.

          • Missy

             /  24th May 2019

            Exactly. Parliament is approximately 85% Remain supporting MPs, they are the ones keeping her – and the Speaker – in position.

            Many Conservative MPs have admitted over the last few months that they voted for her last December in order to keep Boris out and to stop the risk of leaving the EU without an agreement.

            As long as Remain MPs believe there is a possibility of their version of Brexit, or no Brexit, they will support May where ordinarily they may not have.

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  5. Missy

     /  24th May 2019

    Reports this morning are saying that the PM is expected to make a podium announcement this morning giving a timetable for her departure, though the last time she did this the timetable was that she would leave when her Withdrawal Agreement Bill had passed, widely seen as an attempt to blackmail her MPs into voting for it.

    Sources in No. 10 have suggested that she will announce her resignation today, but say the leadership contest won’t begin until the week of June 10, after the D-Day commemorations and Trump’s state visit. It is believed some close advisers have said for her to announce her intentions today, rather than waiting until Monday, so it doesn’t look like Nigel Farage forced her out. Unfortunately, that she has waited until today still makes it look like it is the success of the Brexit Party that has forced her out (which it probably is).

    It is expected a new PM will be in place by the end of July.

    The PM lost the vital support of the Foreign Secretary last night when he told her she had to dump her Withdrawal Agreement Bill completely, not re-write it, and today a number of her supporters have spoken out and said it is time for her to go.

    This morning she will be meeting with Sir Graham Brady, and he is expected to advise her of the result of the secret ballot taken on Wednesday night by the 1922 Committee, and to update her on the number of letters he has received.

    There is some scepticism at these latest reports, if very much feels a little like deja vu. We will wait to see what happens.

  6. Missy

     /  24th May 2019

    It is on.

    Theresa May will stand down on June 7, meaning the leadership race will commence on June 10.


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