Book launch: Matt Blomfield’s fight against cyber-bullying and identity theft

A book is being launched in Auckland tonight that deals with fighting cyber-bullying and identity theft. Author Margie Thomson details the experiences of Matt Blomfield. Some of this story will already be familiar to long time readers here, but there are some shocking new claims.

Nicky Hager is launching the book. He describes it as ‘A masterpiece of meticulous research and compelling story-telling’.

Disclosure: I was interviewed by the author, who also used Your NZ as a source of information. I received an invitation to the launch, but haven’t seen the book in advance of the launch – I haven’t even known the title of it.

I have had some involvement in the Blomfield saga after I was dragged into it when Marc Spring tried to continue attacks against Blomfield here when the Court prevented Whale Oil from being used for that purpose – and while Blomfield had a restraining order against Spring. When I removed defamatory comments posted by (I believe) Spring I was attacked and accused of many things, some of that in two separate court actions, both with Spring involved. But that is a side story.

I will post more on the Blomfield book as details become available.

Look for more coverage via NZ Herald and 1 News.

The book is titled Whale Oil – not a big surprise.


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  1. Jonty

     /  28th May 2019

    Bit of damp squib. How many times do we need to read that Slater is a giant pig of a man?
    A bit so what?

  2. Ratty

     /  28th May 2019

    I dunno…

    I don’t agree with pissing on a dead corpse, regardless of how horrible a c*nt he is

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  28th May 2019

      The corpse is still stinking the court houses out. Needs a proper burial as a vexatious litigant.

  3. Loki

     /  28th May 2019

    Read the book.
    There will probably be another one detailing his work with Carrick Graham which should be equally as shocking.
    But this one makes me sick that I ever associated with Slater.
    The attack on Blomfield and family in his home and the breathtaking “incompetence” of the police is a scandal to rival the Christchurch crèche disgrace in my opinion.

  1. Book launch: Matt Blomfield’s fight against cyber-bullying and identity theft — Your NZ – NZ Conservative Coalition

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