The many identities of Marc Spring include…

Here are some pseudonyms that I believe have been identified as being used by Marc Spring in various media and social media forums.

  • ThreeMonkeys
  • The Ape
  • 4077th
  • Gweg pwesland
  • pimp
  • phillip
  • DaveG
  • slicedcheesesandwich
  • Justice4Matt
  • Harry ‘Gold Star’ Stottle
  • Harry Stottle
  • to HELL in a handbasket
  • The Assasin
  • David Jessop
  • Elton
  • Samantha Hays
  • The Barber
  • They Walk, they talk, they harm
  • Hannibal Lecters Psychologist
  • Inspector Clouseau
  • Rod
  • When dies Bankrupt = Businessman
  • Jean
  • Bus Driver
  • Harvey Specter
  • Shagger
  • Gimp of Greenhithe
  • Spiderman wants his mask back
  • Reaper Crew
  • Gay Mo
  • Rolf Harris
  • Bill Brown
  • Reaper Crew

I expect there have been many more.

A number of those are familiar to me.

An H Stottle commented on Lauda Finem on 3 March 2017. On the same thread there is also a Cock Goblin comment.

Cock Goblin also comments on a post on 8 January 2017 – that’s on a post that sounds to me like it was also written by Spring.

Reaper Crew rang a bell, and sure enough, on Lauda Finem:

SHAFT (aka Spring) also comments on that thread.

This is very familiar to me. The rest of that latter comment published an article from NZ Herald that Dermot Nottingham, aided by Marc Spring, Cameron Slater and Earle McKinney went on to run a private prosecution against the Herald (sort of, they charged the wrong company), Allied Press, myself and Lynn Prentice. They also demanded that the article was taken down, claiming it could prevent  fair trial that Nottingham was facing, while it remained on Lauda Finem right through to his trial (and is still online).

The following comment:

Charges were indeed filed within 4 months, but the prosecution was a vexatious mess and costs awarded against Nottingham contributed to him being declared bankrupt.

Background to the APN/Prentice charges is detailed in a failed appeal: NOTTINGHAM v APN NEWS & MEDIA LTD [2018] NZHC 596 [29 March 2018]

As well as being bankrupt Nottingham is currently serving home detention after being convicted of criminal harassment and suppression breaches where he was found to be the main force behind Lauda Finem (an appeal will be heard against the sentence and also for a stronger sentence later this month).

Slater has also fallen foul of court costs after a length defamation proceeding with Matthew Blomfield and has also now bankrupt.

Earle McKinney has managed to escape most consequences, but put his company Advantage Associates Limited into liquidation last year. Nottingham had been his sole employee until he had an accident in April 2016.

Spring has also escaped major consequences – so far.

Spring was still active under different pseudonyms this week. One he has been using at Your NZ for several months is Bill Brown.

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  1. Kitty Catkin

     /  1st June 2019

    Bill Brewer, Jan Stewer, Peter Gurney,
    Peter Davey, Dan’l Whiddon, Harry Hawke,
    Old Uncle Tom Cobley and all…..

  2. Maggy Wassilieff

     /  1st June 2019

    Why did you let this character post on your blog?

    • Kitty Catkin

       /  1st June 2019

      Pete has a nice, trusting nature.

      I suppose that he can’t check everyone who posts.

    • Because It is standard practice to let in first comments through if they are ok. Same as Kiwiblog. Some people exploit that and wait for a while before getting abusive or defamatory or whatever.

      It’s very unusual to have one person operating under multiple IDs at the same time. Since Spring did it I know what to look out for.

      It became easy to recognise his new IDs. I kept letting him comment – on full moderation – because it suited my purposes to watch what he tried to say. He was silly enough to keep commenting, and I got some interesting information out of it.

      Time will tell whether he’s silly enough to keep trying.

      • Maggy Wassilieff

         /  1st June 2019

        I was under the impression that the blog-owner could tell where a post originated from.

        So unless a person was using different gadgets and locations for each alias, it should be easy to identify the incoming post.

        • mOnly sometimes, to an extent. Spring originally commented a lot from his work which could be identified. But a lot of home connections can’t be easily indentified without going to the service provider, which can’t be done without authority.

          When Spring was sprung he started to hide is IP, which is easy enough to do, but by then I could usually recognise him in way Anyone hiding their IP address raises suspicions because most people have no need to, nd there are other ways I learned to recognise him. And if I wasn’t sure his comments eventually gave himself away. With so many IDs he couldn’t act uniquely with all of them.

          He was often careless or brazen. And he inevitably got nback to trying to attack Blomfield, which was his main purpose apart from trying to entrap me.

          Some of his methods were quite sophisticated, but he was often pretty stupid.

          • Kitty Catkin

             /  1st June 2019

            People’s writing patterns can be quite distinctive. Mss have been identified by those who know who to identify such things. It’s not proof, of course, but it is a very good indication that the ms. was written by X and not Y.

            Even typos often follow a pattern. Mine od.

            What happens if someone has a lot of email addresses ? In theory they could, but it might well be more trouble than it was worth.

            Did he ever try to add verisimilitude by disagreeing with himself ? I would, if it were me.

            • More often he would agree with himself to try to add credibility to his claims.

            • Maggy Wassilieff

               /  1st June 2019

              @Kitty Catkin

              Do you remember phrases/ sequences of sentences that you read previously?

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