Alcohol links with crime and suicide

“You drink too much and bad things will happen”.

Drinking rates amongst young is declining, but is still high in older age groups.

Half of suicides and half of crime is linked to alcohol.

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  1. Duker

     /  9th June 2019

    The younger generation is drinking less -“on average”
    But its the binge drinkers of all generations that are the problem, and its migrants changing the demographics with a larger portion of people who dont/hardly ever drink. ( maybe around 30%)
    Young binge drinkers are still a problem hidden in the ‘on average’ numbers.
    An Australian survey found the heaviest drinking 10% drank 55% of all alcohol, its skewed to older men, as they have a longer time to create a drinking problem. UK figures show 4% of population drank 30% of all alcohol

    I think they find that the heaviest drinkers are price sensitive and go for cheaper brands, and maybe a minimum price tax aimed at cheaper drinks ‘sold wholesale’ especially RTD would work.

    • Kitty Catkin

       /  9th June 2019

      I fear not. Those who want it will find the money for it.

      This has been the case all through history and isn’t likely to change now.

  2. David

     /  9th June 2019

    Wait till we start legalizing dope and commercial growers increase the strength multiple times then start turning out edibles. 1.9 billion on mental health should help clean up the aftermath from not fully developed brains being subjected to super strength dope.

    • Fight4NZ

       /  9th June 2019

      Your saying the private sector involved in the dope market will lead harm at the lure of profit? Unthinkable, I have been lead to believe that free enterprise can only bring good (like cheap iphones) and it is only govt that creates bad.


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