Al Jazeera “doing a sterling job covering the situation” in Sudan

We get little coverage in New Zealand of the ongoing civil war in Sudan. To follow what is happening you have to look overseas, and Al Jazeera provides some of the best coverage of what is happening in the Middle East.

Al Jazeera Arabic, which was kicked out of Sudan a couple of weeks ago, is still doing a sterling job covering the situation in Khartoum – no mean feat given that the military have all but shut down internet services in the country.

Smuggled footage taken from moving vehicles show largely deserted streets in Sudan’s capital, Khartoum. Al Jazeera Arabic broadcasts the footage while interviewing activists and analysts out of Khartoum on scratchy phone lines.

Sudan is yet another country which has shut down Al Jazeera Arabic’s offices, in addition to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain. Al Jazeera also seems to be at least heavily restricted in Algeria, which is also in a state of unrest.

Some of the bans have to do with the ongoing split between Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and given the Saudi financial backing of the military council in Sudan, it comes as no surprise that Al Jazeera has been banned there.

However, it’s more than that, and a glance at the Wikipedia page for AJA () gives a long list of countries in which Al Jazeera has been declared unwelcome at one point or another, including Israel, Iraq and even India.

As George Orwell said, “Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed; everything else is public relations.” Twenty-three years after its launch, Al Jazeera continues to make itself unpopular with regimes throughout the Middle East. That’s a good thing.

Thanks to and the many other Al Jazeera Arabic presenters, journalists, producers, camera operators and others who continue to work in very trying conditions to show and tell us what is going on.

Media and journalism get a bad rap these days, not helped by frequent attacks by one of the most prominent world leaders, Donald Trump, who does his best to discredit what he doesn’t want printed or broadcast.

This isn’t as bad as countries in the Middle East, but his aims seem chillingly similar, to promote his own (often nonsense) narrative and turn people against media reporting things he doesn’t want broadcast.

Being dumped on and shunned by draconian governments is a sign that Al Jazeera is doing some very good work reporting on what is happening.

Al Jazeera website Breaking News, World News and Video from Al Jazeera

“News, analysis from the Middle East & worldwide, multimedia & interactives, opinions, documentaries, podcasts, long reads and broadcast schedule.”

Sky TV in New Zealand broadcast Al Jazeera on channel 90.

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  1. David

     /  12th June 2019

    I think you will find Trump smacks the media only when they misreport on him which they do frequently and outrageously, CNN is hemorrhaging viewers with 23 hours a day anti Trump messages. A fully 93% of Trump coverage is negative and its just absurd given the pretty benign and prosperous times he presides over.
    The media in the US has never been more vigorous or free wheeling or profitable with pretty much no restrictions or costs for their outrageous bare faced lying. Trump is a great business model for the media and about as diametrically different with Sudan as you could possibly get.

    • “I think you will find Trump smacks the media only when they misreport on him”

      I think that’s nonsense. Trump blatantly lies and misrepresents when dumping on media, political opponents, judges, anyone who is critical of him.

      • David

         /  12th June 2019

        2 years of non stop reporting on Russia collusion that never happened. The removal of Martin Luther Kings bust from the oval office lie. The clear misrepresentation of what he said about protesters at Charlotsville..the list is pretty extensive and deserves calling out.
        Sure he dumps on people he is a politician, Ardern dumps on people usually by proxy, sure he exaggerates and is less than honest at times and so is Ardern and pretty much every other politician.

    • David, that level of sycophantic nonsense is unbecoming in an adult.

      • Duker

         /  12th June 2019

        Trumps lies started before he was even in the Oval office – the Obama birth certificate, Hilary Clinton health-
        Its right that they criticise Trumps golf trips …he made a beef of Obamas time on the courses and went straight out and exceeded it
        Some of those errors you point out were not made by CNN – King Bust that was Time ( they corrected the error) , The Disabled boy in a wheelchair – that came from a tweet by JK Rowling
        Hardly 24 hrs a day that you claim, when its Trump whos the arsonist who then plays fireman , something like 8 hrs a day ( the rest is executive time watching TV)

        The Mueller report didnt exonerate Trump, they just said as a sitting President its not his job to indict , its the House of Represenatives job to indict a sitting President for high crimes AND misdemeanours

        • O/T but the only thing that President Trump is good at is projecting his inadequacies and his hypocrisy onto everyone one else. A recent example:

          Donald Trump: Lock her up
          Sean Hannity: Lock her up
          Jeff Sessions: Lock her up
          Michael Flynn: Lock her up
          Steve Bannon: Lock her up
          Darned near every other Republican congress-critter: lock her up
          Nancy Pelosi: I want to see him in prison
          Trump, etc: the woman is a disgrace to herself and her family for having made such a disgusting statement.

          Fortunatelywe have Al Jazeera and other media outlets who reveal how the projection and the Republican hypocrisy works.

        • When the World Trade Centre fell, he tweeted that he now had the tallest building in NY (a lie)

  2. Gezza

     /  12th June 2019

    I’m not sure the extent to which Al Jazeera Arabic & Al Jazeera English align their reporting but AJE (on Freeview channel 31 here in Welly) is basically a 24 hour news service with its news broadcasts interspersed with documentaries & regular feature shows. Doha studio & London studio anchors alternate 12 hourly.

    It does give good coverage of news events happening around the world which we see little if anything about in tv or even online print media here. At the present time they are covering the protests & violent crackdown by the military in Sudan, protests in Algeria, the alternating series of ethnic mass murders of villagers by Dogon & Farani tribes (herdspeople v farmers) happening in Mali, similar ethnic or religious killings going on in Burkina Faso despite UN & police troops being present there).

    What’s going on in Libya, where a “renegade general” or “warlord”,backed & supplied / supported by UAE, & Egypt & Saudis & France, possibly other countries (i think) is attacking the UN recognised government in Tripoli, claiming to be fighting terrorists. Trump has had a recent phone conversation with him & said nice things about his fighting terrorists, reportedly causing Congress to seek clarification about US policy because Pompeo has just made statements supporting the existing Tripoli government & telling this general to stop the assault & return to the negotiating table.

    Houthi rebels in Yemen claiming today & also last week to have attacked air bases & Saudi military positions in Southern Saudi Arabia.

    Protests in Nigeria. Protests in Moldova after a fixed presidential election after their president stood down & nominated his successor & everyone was expected to vote for him. Unrest (or something) in Kazakstan last week. Arrest of former Pakistani PM on corruption charges. India, Modi, Kashmir.

    The recent arrest & just today, days later, the release for “lack of evidence” of a prominent anti-corruption investgative journalist, after drugs were obviously planted on him & everybody, including all the media, knew it.

    Also the massive (250k to 1 million person (depending on govt or protestor estimate) protests in Hong Kong, where (basically China’s) the Chief Executive of the SAR is ramming through legislation that will make it easier for China to accuse dissidents of crimes & have them extradited to face fake trials, forced confessions & imprisonment or worse.

    Also recent developments or events invloving North Korea & Kim Jong Un. Trump’s just dsid he’s had a “beautiful letter” from Kim, they’re reporting today.

    They constantly Venezuela. Mexico, including people being turned around & sent back to Honduras, Nicaragua, El Slavador, at the Guatamalan border. Bazil, Argentina, Peru.

    Recent meeting & statements by Xi & Putin on Xi’s state visit. Events in Iran, Iraq, Israel. Myanmar.

    They report on anything significant or newsworthy happening anywhere, basically. They cover Trump daily, like everybody else.

    When you see the misery & poverty & crime & repression & suppression of media freedoms, destruction & viciousness – endemic or just currently – in so many of these places, it can get a bit depressing though.

    • Gezza

       /  12th June 2019

      *on Freeview channel 31 here in Welly

      Oops. They’re Freeview channel 16. 31 is Parliament. Sorry.

    • Gezza

       /  12th June 2019
      • It finally dawned on me that the reason I can’t have AJ is because I haven’t the right aerial.

        The expression ‘a sterling job’ was ruined for me when a friend whose husband had early Alzheimers (he wasn’t even 60) brought him to church one day and they came into the hall afterwards to have coffee. Everyone was glad to see them and greeted John quite casually and matter-of-factly ‘Nice to see you, John.’ and so on…

        Not one Englishwoman who kept braying in her loud (put on) voice* “You’re doing a STERLING JOB, Dell ! You’re doing a STERLING JOB, Dell !’

        I could have slapped her, and I bet that I wasn’t the only one.

        * I suspect that she took elocution lessons in England

  3. and while access to the Sudanese internet is blocked, state security services open fire on unarmed civilians, rape and loot throughout Khartoum, chase people into hospitals and attack them there, dump bodies into the Nile River to hide the criminal acts of the military, etc.

    Fortunatelywe have Al Jazeera and other media outlets who reveal how the Sudanese military (in the pockets of the Saudis) resolves political issues by cruel death. Which is why a free and unfettered press is so important to democracy.

    Sudan is a country that has unified Republicans and Democrats in Congress and successive administrations in Washington in defense of human rights and peace. Meanwhile President Trump sits on his hands in a vaccuum of moral leadership and failing foreign policy.


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