What’s the point on declaring a climate emergency?

Auckland City Council have jumped on the climate emergency declaration bandwagon “with encouragement from young activists”.

Stuff:  Auckland Council declares climate change emergency

Auckland Council has joined other cities in declaring a climate change emergency.

Mayor Phil Goff said he didn’t want to leave future generations the “rotten legacy” of climate heating.

“We have an obligation to act, and it would be irresponsible and reckless, not to act,” Goff told a council meeting on Tuesday.

While the declaration is largely symbolic, it signals the start of a more urgent and focussed approach by councillors to curbing greenhouse gas emissions.

The council separately agreed to seek public views on an “action framework” that could lead to costed initiatives in next year’s budget.

A symbolic declaration that ‘signals the start of a more’ and will seek public views that could lead to something next year sounds nothing like how a council should act in a real emergency.

The only action Goff and Auckland councillors seem to be intent on is pandering to votes in anticipation of the elections later this year.

a serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action

While it is arguably serious there is nothing unexpected about the current climate change concerns, they have been expressed for decades.

One of the only things these climate change declarations do is add political hot air, and are not being backed up by immediate action of any substance.

Running around shouting ‘the sky is heating’ is likely to fall on deaf ears if it is nothing more than political opportunism.

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  1. Duker

     /  12th June 2019

    Climate emergency only last until the day after election – my computer model results are just in

    • Griff.

       /  12th June 2019

      In other words you will never be elected as the climate emergency is only going to proceed with mounting urgency .
      Without curtailing emissions we will see global temperatures continue to rise .
      This is not a model it is what the models predict.

      With increasing effects on the world in multiple ways from crop yields to storm destruction.
      Evidence for all of which are based on empirical measurements not computer models


      due to global warming we do not necessarily expect more tropical storms overall, but an increasing number of particularly strong storms in categories 4 and 5, especially storms of previously unobserved strength. This assessment has been widely agreed on at least since the 4th IPCC Report of 2007 and reaffirmed several times since then


      You are this century’s flat earther mate.

      • Duker

         /  12th June 2019

        Ah the old Anomaly trick.
        Put that increase on a thermometer and see if you can see it.
        Theres lot of problems with such a thing as ‘Global temperature when most of the planet is ocean amoung other things . For good reasons the world has many different climate zones with different temperatures mean different things

        Your blue zone for winds -the error margins- is larger than than the numbers it describes . essentially junk data, but someone has a computer model which makes it all good.

        Dire predictions have been around since the global warming scare started. All have been wrong , wrong wrong. Even Big Al Gore got it very wrong , Lucky for us he made videos so cant backtrack,

        • Griff.

           /  12th June 2019

          Flat earther alert.

          Put that increase on a thermometer and see if you can see it

          That is the data from 25,000 thermometers son it shows global warming not warming in your house or your backyard.
          And yes it the effects can be measured at home as well .

          The blue zone is the two sigma error it gives 100 % to 400% increase.
          That means wind intensity for the strongest tropical cyclones is measured as increasing by a lot or a fuck of a lot .You are in denial of actual data because you are too blinded by your Dunning Kruger to understand it .
          You are also denying the basic physics of how a cyclone works.

          Fat Al Gore is not a scientist and whatever he has said has no authority on the science of climate change .
          That you think he counts shows how far you have to go to support your gibbering.

          The IPCC is wrong.
          Yip often they have been wrong.
          Except they are wrong on the other side from what the fantersy in your head says .

          When it comes to the models and temperatures they are spot on


          You and your ignorant gibbering are a joke .
          Here is a prediction that has extremely high odds of coming true with out any models involved.
          You will only become more bewildered with time as reality catches up with the rest of the population around you.

      • Bill

         /  13th June 2019

        Yeah I know its FOX NEWS but interesting, https://youtu.be/fA5sGtj7QKQ

  2. Zedd

     /  12th June 2019

    I think it is about listening to the concerns of youth.. who do see this issue as ‘their nuclear-free moment’ of this generation; as Jacinda has said

    meanwhile; i hear MrT has renamed methane ‘Freedom Gas’… CRAZY man ! 😀

    • Duker

       /  12th June 2019

      Well its got the US CO2 down, whats wrong with that.

      • Zedd

         /  12th June 2019

        sez who… MrT ?

        btw: I also hear that besides all his B-S, there are some in the USA, working to prevent further climate change, rather than deny,Deny, DENY

        • Pink David

           /  12th June 2019

          “sez who… MrT ?”

          The IPCC. Natural gas is by far the most effective way to reduce co2 emissions for countries that have used coal generation as a primary power source.

          • Duker

             /  12th June 2019

            Trump wants coal to come back but he’s deluded as usual
            Fracking has unleashed buckets of natural gas which has dropped the price.

  3. Duker

     /  12th June 2019

    6cm satellite sea level rise since 1990?
    That’s adjusted readings of course and a typical fudge running two type of data of completely different source. Ie coastlines versus entire ocean

  4. Alan Wilkinson

     /  12th June 2019

    Fatuous posturing. The only climate emergency is the latest moral panic by its snowflakes.

  5. Dennis N Horne

     /  12th June 2019

    Generally speaking the more AGW is talked about the more people will realise we are facing a serious problem if we do not reduce GHG emissions smartly, despite the obfuscation from the fossil fuel industry and its useful idiots.

    Of course there are people, mostly old, who will deny what the American Physical Society calls incontrovertible evidence until the day they die. What goes on their heads is anyone’s guess, but something akin to religious belief I guess. The more the evidence weakens their case the stronger the faith on their fantasies.

  1. What’s the point on declaring a climate emergency? — Your NZ – NZ Conservative Coalition

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