Poll – political affiliation and trust

A poll by Victoria University/Colmar Brunton shows a spread of political affiliations or leanings. Asked:

Most political parties in New Zealand lean to the ‘left’ or the ‘right’ with their policies.

Parties to the left are liberal and believe governments should support the less fortunate people in society.

Parties to the right are more conservative and believe in individual responsibility.

Some parties position themselves in the centre. How would you please your political views using the scale below?

  • 30% – Left-centre left (0-4)
  • 29% – Centre (5)
  • 35% – Centre right-right (6-10)
  • 5% – Don’t know

Alternately grouping 4 and 6 as close to centre:

  • 21% – Left-centre left (0-3)
  • 51% – Centre (4-6)
  • 24%- Centre right-right 7-10
  • 5% – Don’t know

I am really not sure where I would place myself, as I have a range of leanings depending on the issue or policy. Most likely I would go 5 as a rough average.

The poll also gauged trust per political affiliation.

Victoria University: Latest trust survey explores link to political leanings

The results show the centre-left have the highest trust of any political grouping in 13 of the 23 institutions or groups they were asked about.

The least trusting group is those immediately to the left of the centre-left, the left, who have the lowest trust of any political grouping in 17 of 23 institutions they were asked about, including big and small businesses, the church and the police.

The left also have the lowest level of inter-personal trust.

However I have some doubts about the results. In almost all results the ‘Left’ (presumably 0-3) result was zero trust, with the only question registering any response from the left being on saying Yes to corruption being widespread in new Zealand Government.

If you want to see all the questions and esults (PPTX, 4MB).

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  1. Zedd

     /  14th June 2019

    tautoko PG, not all issues can be clearly labeled ‘left’ or ‘right’ & are likely considered ‘centrist’

    The one thing you do not mention (?) is the ‘neo-liberals’ (Natl. ?) who favour ‘trickle-down’ economics.. pour all the cash in the top & left it ‘trickle down’ BUT the reality; very little actually ‘trickles past the middle’.

    I actually quite like the idea of Libertarians; which is about personal responsibility (pro-drug reform too).. BUT this is often labeled ‘Far-Right’ (eg ACT). I would rather listen to their agenda, than the ‘populist; win at any cost’ Natl. agenda

    BUT on most issues.. I think most in here know where I stand; ‘Loony Left’ 🙂 😀

    • It’s more likely to trickle down than up.

      Er…Corky is a Libertarian, Zedd.

      ACT is not far right, I wouldn’t be a member if it was.

      • Zedd

         /  14th June 2019

        Thx Kitty

        I was just stating point of view 🙂

        I dont really think ACT is ‘FAR right’ but they seem to be, usually seen as ‘right of Natl.’ ??

        ‘Er…Corky is a Libertarian, Zedd.’ sez Kitty
        not sure what you are getting at ?

        • Kitty Catkin

           /  14th June 2019

          It’s true, he has often said it, and you know how reliable he is 😀 If he says it, it must be true.

          ACT was behind the highly successful charter schools which were closed by Labour under pressure from the PPTA…the fact that the pupils and parents wanted them kept was ignored, they were a great success so signed their own death warrants.

  2. Alan Wilkinson

     /  14th June 2019

    I suspect those with least trust are also least likely to answer opinion polls.

    • Kitty Catkin

       /  14th June 2019

      Do you find that it’s often all but impossible to give an accurate answer ?

      If I was asked which I liked better, Turkish Delight or Snickers bars, I’d say Snickers….as I dislike that less than I do Turkish Delight, although I dislike both. Many survey/poll qs are about that level.

  3. Melahi_Ngaro

     /  15th June 2019

    I think liberal/authoritarian is independent of left/right and conflating the two is a source of confusion. Injecting money at the bottom of the economic scale causes greater spending more demand more production more jobs and ultimately even more profits for private enterprise and venture capital at the top.
    OTOH granting tax concessions for the idle rich to invest abroad or hike up property prices really doesn’t help the country as a whole.

  1. Poll – political affiliation and trust — Your NZ – NZ Conservative Coalition

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