Alternative blog with free speech principles

If anyone who has enjoyed the free speech principles and encouragement of a wide range of views here is looking for alternative, this one may be of interest – they (some of them) have expressed a welcome of sorts:


You Stupid Boy

It’s the first time I have seen YSB, and there seems to be some of the boors who actively work against free speech that they don’t agree with at Kiwiblog, but the Forum Rules show some promise:

Be polite. Everyone likes to be treated with respect, so inappropriate language, harsh criticism, or disrespect of others’ opinions are not allowed. Constructive criticism of blog posts is encouraged.

It depends on how they run things there in practice but if anyone is looking for somewhere else to comment they could be worth checking out.

(For the record I have had and have no intention of commenting there, “if he plays nice and doesn’t do anything to piss me off” is  bit like a threat to toe a particular line or else for my liking. And I’m not looking for a blog to comment on, especially not one with the ironic tone of “So is he going to infest other peoples blogs” Sooty (presumably the same one from Kiwiblog), and “Quality not quantity, please.” howitis – comment, upticked:

Oh, Jesus, god, no!
as per Dustin Hoffman in ‘the Graduate’
The Graduate (finale)
at 1.37

Presumably this pest will go back to KB to get down ticked regularly.
We don’t want him here.
I’m pretty sure our esteemed host a few weeks ago said he would not let this silly old coot onto YSB.

Pete George pan-fries himself in his own sanctimony.
Sheriff Pete of Dunedin can ride in on his WordPress horse and keep us all in line..NOT!


Quality like that is not exactly inviting quantity, but it’s easy to laugh at people like that, and do your own thing.

There seems to be a bit of an invitation there if anyone is interested.

Alternately there’s always Kiwiblog, there’s quite a few worthwhile commenters there amongst the noise and nastiness that is still prevalent despite the attempt at more effective moderation.

And I think The Standard – a bit light on posts these days but some are worthwhile, but the comments seem to have improved with less of the intolerant mob mentality that used to plague it.

But, this is funny and I can’t resist:

Robert Guyton 2.1.1

Perhaps not as bad as he’s painted (beige) and has an eye for the political, but lacks self-awareness, somewhat. I reckon. I’m glad he’s stopping; his readers were subtly polluting his soul smiley

Robert suggesting “lacks self-awareness”. The word of an expert.


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  1. NOEL

     /  16th June 2019

    Nah they don’t measure up to Younz.

  2. lurcher1948

     /  16th June 2019

    It’s just Kiwiblog pre moderation with the same childish anti Ardern comments…sadly

  3. Tom Hunter

     /  16th June 2019

    I’ll put in a bid for the NoMinister blog, if only because the Left-wing commentators we do have there are tiresome, abusive strays from The Standard, and we need some new blood in the commentariat.

    You can start with four recent articles I’ve written since joining the team there 🙂 :
    Why Does Rice Play Texas?

    How Privileged Are You?

    – A review of the recent mini-series, Chernobyl

    Dinosaur Wars and The Nine Foot Problem

  4. Zedd

     /  16th June 2019

    a shameless plug for my blog & a “Thx for the memories YNZ” 🙂

  5. Trevors_elbow

     /  16th June 2019

    ‘Guyton on Self Awareness’….. The Pythons couldn’t have come up with anything more faux serious but just pure comedy in its delivery…..

  6. Nice blog, I added your RSS feed to my page of independent NZ political blogs: I use that to be independent of Silicon Valley censorship. I hope we can keep free speech alive in NZ.

  7. PartisanZ

     /  19th June 2019

    “Attention must be devoted to what is general and more-or-less stereotyped … At the same time, however, the special and the unique … must not be neglected. A method must also be found – though without encroaching on freedom of speech – for preventing the un-contradicted dissemination of biased opinions.

    Provision must be made to ensure that everyone who really has something to say, expressing new ideas or giving new form or basis to known ideas, shall be given a hearing … No-one must be shut out because his [their] ideas are too new, too bold, too unusual. Mankind will be spared immense sufferings if those people … to whom we so readily turn a deaf ear, can command our attention, and if bold pioneers of innovation, discoveries and invention can talk to the entire world.”

    Ernst Frankenstein wrote this in 1944 under the pseudonym Frank E Warner in ‘Future of Man’, at a time when print, telex, radio and cinema (and to a lesser extent theatre) were the only forms of ‘mass communication’. He had not even experienced television.

    Yet how prophetic his words were … and are …

    The internet is on the way to making such global communication possible, with all its amazing personal and social human development opportunities …

    Now all we have to do is bring about “a world which is politically and economically at peace” to fulfill his perfectly realistic ‘utopian’ promise and our human potential.

    Pete George, you have played a small part, as we all do, in this ethical transition-time.

    Thanks for the opportunity to comment, express, spar and learn … and for one particular meeting of souls …

    Ѱ PartisanZ

  8. Alan Wilkinson

     /  24th June 2019

    I tried the experiment of challenging the party line on Kiwiblog and concluded that with a few exceptions most of the participants there are too thick and conformist to be interesting.


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