A large bit of deceit at Whale Oil

Whale Oil continues to deceive their readers, most of whom are likely to know at least some of the truth despite repeated posts that defy reality. I think that SB (Juana Atkins) is unlikely to be totally ignorant of what numerous court judgments and media reports have revealed over the years, but SB continues to make claims that are at odds with what Cameron Slater and Whale Oil have done – and some of which she has been a party to.

Posted yesterday:  A Little Bit of Justice

As I write this post I am acutely aware of my bias.

She begins with a frank admission, but it all goes downhill from there.

My view of New Zealand’s justice system is totally skewed by the fact that people with deep pockets were able to drag my better half through the court system for more than 7 long years until he had a debilitating stroke from the stress at only 49 years old and was forced to declare himself bankrupt.

I think it’s fair to say that Slater brought a lot of stress upon himself. he had his stroke last October, when he had embroiled himself in the Jami Lee Ross saga, was dealing with finally having to front up in court in the seven year Blomfield defamation, had just been slammed by another judge in another ongoing defamation case – see More court costs for Slater and co-defendants in defamation entree, abandons appeal in another case – and had just got bad news in his defamation tit for tat versus Colin Craig – see Craig v Slater – the biggest losers.

When SB first fronted up about the stroke at Whale Oil in February she blamed reporters for causing stress:

Prior to this event Cam was perfectly fit and healthy with no predisposing stroke risk factors. Doctors have concluded that the cause of the stroke was entirely due to stress.

That doctor claim has been debunked in court. The claim of no predisposing stroke risk factors also looks questionable if not downright nonsense.

“7 long years” has to be referring to the defamation case against Slater, doggedly pursued by Matt Blomfield after Slater had run an attack campaign of over a hundred posts on Whale Oil based on the contents of a hard drive that Slater had obtained that contained a large amount of private, personal and business information – Judge Asher found the hard drive and other documents provided to Slater “appear to have been obtained illegitimately”.

Being right didn’t matter at the end of the day as it came down to who could last the longest.

‘Being right’ is a ludicrous claim. Slater was eventually found to have been wrong about many things, with a court finding in the end that he had no defence to false and defamatory  claims.

And it was Slater who dragged the proceedings out for so long, trying to avoid being held to account with many delays and failed appeals. Some of the delays and the copious amount of inadmissible ‘evidence’ can be put down to legal incompetence. He was helped by Dermot Nottingham, who has a very poor record in numerous legal proceedings. But some appears to have been deliberate tactics to wear down legal opponents and to inflict as much financial hardship as possible.  That eventually backfired, with both Slater and Nottingham now bankrupt over hundreds of thousands of dollars of legal costs.

NZ Herald:  Whaleoil blogger Cameron Slater loses defamation case and gets told: ‘Your day will come’

Whaleoil blogger Cameron Slater has lost one of the country’s longest running defamation cases after failing to put up any credible defence.

The judgment made public today saw Justice Paul Davison find in Blomfield’s favour, ruling out a defence from Slater after long delays and failures to meet legal requirements to defend a claim of defamation.

The new judgment came after a defamation hearing as due to start on October 8 was adjourned when Slater and lawyers arrived at court without a proper defence.

In total, Slater had entered or attempted to enter five statements of defence over the course of the case which all failed to meet the legal requirements for attempted defences of truth and of honest opinion.

Davison said Slater had been “afforded considerable leniency” to meet deadlines and get a proper defence before the court.

There had been “indulgence” to allow Slater to change his defence with one High Court judge even providing the blogger guidance as to how to prepare for the defamation hearing.

Davison said Slater’s attempts to change his defence and to introduce new pleadings was rightly seen as “a last-minute attempt to prevent the (Blomfield’s) claim from being heard and determined by the court”.

He said it was possible to see delay as Slater’s objective when seeking court hearings on issues such as a security for costs.

Davison said the statement of defence Slater had arrived with when the trial was due to start failed to identify the facts which would have been used to prove his blog posts were true.

Instead, large piles of evidence had been pointed to which, in a number of cases, relied on “a third party’s allegations about the plaintiff”.

And instead of providing a defence of honest opinion, Slater’s court filings instead repeated his inadequate defence of truth.

Davison said it wasn’t necessary to rule on the merits of the case because of the legal, technical flaws in Slater’s attempted defence.

“However, in my view the documents relied on by the defendants do not provide cogent support for the propositions and conclusions they seek to draw from them in relation to the defences of truth and honest opinion, or the bad reputation of the plaintiff.”

So the judge found that Slater had no defence for making false and defamatory claims. SB must be aware of this, but still claims that Slater was right and is somehow the victim in this.

Slater appealed, but that appeal has since been dropped. Damages are yet to be awarded, that won’t happen until next year.

Costs on pre-trial proceedings have been awarded against Slater a number of times over the years (that happens when you’re wrong, not right). The last of these were awarded recently  – BLOMFIELD v SLATER COSTS JUDGMENT [2019] NZHC 1203 [29 May 2019]

By memorandum dated 23 November 2018, Mr Blomfield (the plaintiff), seeks an award of costs against Mr Slater and Social Media Consultants Limited (collectively “the defendants”), in relation to several interlocutory matters.

SB (Atkins) was a director of Social Media Consultants Limited (now in liquidation) so must be aware of all of this.

The defendants were planning on relying on a large body of evidence covering many different issues, and I determined that almost all of it was inadmissible.

The plaintiff is entitled to costs and disbursements of $59,000.29 as set out in the annexed schedule.

The Human Rights tribunal also found that Slater and Whale Oil were wrong – Human Rights Tribunal slams Cameron Slater:

This blog can only be described as a calculated attack on Mr Blomfield and an extended assassination of his character.”

Even if Mr Slater was not party to any illegality, it seems likely the information was obtained illegally by Mr Slater’s sources.

[175.1] A declaration is made under s 85(1)(a) of the Privacy Act 1993 that Mr Slater interfered with the privacy of Mr Blomfield by disclosing personal information about Mr Blomfield contrary to IPP 11.

[175.2] An order is made under s 85(1)(b) of the Privacy Act 1993 restraining Mr Slater from continuing or repeating the interferences with Mr Blomfield’s privacy, or from engaging in, or causing or permitting others to engage in, conduct of the same kind as that constituting the interferences, or conduct of any similar kind.

[175.3] An order is made under s 85(1)(d) of the Privacy Act 1993 that Mr Slater erase, destroy, take down and disable any personal information about Mr Matthew John Blomfield as may be held on http://www.whaleoil.co.nz and on http://www.scribd.com. Mr Slater is to likewise erase, destroy, take down or disable any of Mr Blomfield’s personal information published by Mr Slater and which may be found on any other website or database which is within Mr Slater’s direction or control.

[175.4] Damages of $70,000 are awarded against Mr Slater under ss 85(1)(c) and 88(1)(c) of the Privacy Act 1993 for the humiliation, loss of dignity and injury to feelings experienced by Mr Blomfield.

The full judgment [2019] NZHRRT 13 is here.

SB continued yesterday:

Oh, how I hate the old “public interest” line. The New Zealand media and Nicky Hager justified what they did to us as being in the public interest. The information they had obtained was stolen and included private and personal communications but even though it revealed zero wrongdoing (no one had broken any law) they decided it was in the “Public interest” to publish what had been written between friends with an expectation of privacy.

‘Zero wrongdoing’ is a joke.

I have always expressed concerns about hacking for political purposes, but there is no evidence that Slater was actually hacked (although it seems likely). There have been suggestions a whistle blower inside the Whale Oil camp may have at least aided the revelations.

There was certainly public interest in revealing that staff (Jason Ede at least) in the Prime Minister’s office colluded with Slater and used Whale Oil as a medium with which to run political attacks – some of the dirtiest of politics (Slater used to brag about how dirty he played).

There was also public interest in revealing that Whale Oil was being paid to run attacks on businesses, academics and people.

Perhaps SB just hates being found out.

She is also being very hypocritical about personal information and privacy, given:

  • Slater and Jason Ede using private information obtained from a Labour Party website by dubious means.
  • Slater’s attempt to hack The Standard (he had to admit he broke the law to get diversion).
  • Slater’s use of Blomfield’s private information.
  • The attempt to overturn the Auckland Mayoral election, and the trashing of Len Brown, using private and personal information.
  • The trashing of Colin Craig’s political career using private information in a breach of confidence.

There must be few people now who are still deceived by claims of innocence at Whale Oil, and there will be little sympathy for their repeated claims to be victims.

They are running the risk of ongoing self inflicted stress. They could deal with this if they front up with some honesty, as well as admissions and acceptance of the harm they have dumped on many people, but there is no sign of that happening.

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  1. Griff.

     /  9th July 2019

    Whale beef hooked .
    Hold the oil.
    Sympathy zero.
    Karma a great thing to behold.

    • Kitty Catkin

       /  9th July 2019

      Indeed. Karma so often seems to bite people on the bum.

      It goes the other way, too, of course. Good deeds are ‘rewarded’.

      I don’t know about whale oil, but the chief characteristic of whales is being blubbery.

    • Corky

       /  9th July 2019

      Best to wait until the beast is dead before opining about karma and the show Whale haters are enjoying at the moment. Given the way this country is heading( towards a communist state), they will still probably be the ”go to” blog should a big political crap storm erupt regarding this government.

      Unfortunately, Pete ruined the story for me by mentioning the name Nicky Hager. This feral Leftwing toerag is a traitor, a criminal( using leaked emails) and a waste of space in my opinion. He should join Slater in the ”Has-Beens Bin.”

      • Duker

         /  9th July 2019

        Its not criminal to use leaked emails. Do you even know how many leaks Slater has benefited from over the years.
        Slaters communications were most likely hacked but theywere a mix of emails and some sort of messaging app, he apparently saves all his stuff to computer.
        “Mr Hager says a hacker supplied him with vast amounts of Slater’s personal email and social media information taken during an assault on the Whaleoil website in January.”
        ‘Also provided [by the Hacker Whaledump to NZH] was Slater’s contact list, along with information related to a defamation case the blogger is facing.
        Brashs emails werent obtained from hacking- That was the other big ‘not hacked’ when they claimed it was before the Treasury breach. Brash was too old to use emails normally, he had them printed off and it seems someone wasnt shredding them after use.

        • Kitty Catkin

           /  10th July 2019

          That has nothing to do with his age. There are times when it’s a lot more convenient to have them handy in printed form; why do you think that people have printers ? Documents are used as handouts; try making notes on a computer version. It’s hardlty his fault if someone doesn’t shred them.

      • Corky

         /  9th July 2019

        Sorry…not leaked..hacked and stolen.

        Seems another blog is having trouble with hackers at the moment.

        • Duker

           /  9th July 2019

          Like the labour party website that wasn’t secure enough and allowed Slater and others in national party to get inside and take data, same applied to Slater’s own data…..Sad

          My guess was that he backed it up online but didn’t encrypt it.

  2. Ray

     /  9th July 2019

    The mills of law grind fine, they unfortunately grind very slowly.

    • Kitty Catkin

       /  9th July 2019

      The mills of (law) grind slowly, but they grind exceeding small,
      As Cameron Slater’s finding; no use to stamp and bawl.

  3. Pickled Possum

     /  9th July 2019

    When self empowered self important self deluded oeople fall from a great height they will try and take as many others down with them screaming crying and crashing all the way … its what deluded persons do. Their mantra is ‘It’s everybody else fault I am innocent’ Give that woman a glass of st john whort .. for when reality hits.

  4. Alan Wilkinson

     /  9th July 2019

    A slow mo train crash in which everyone is wrong except the driver.

    As ever, those who know everything learn nothing. Maybe when it is far too late …

    • Kitty Catkin

       /  9th July 2019

      It’s like the old joke about the fond mother who sees her son marching in the army and says that they were all out of step but him.

    • Kitty Catkin

       /  9th July 2019

      Alan, I once saw a slow motion train crash; the heat had bent the tracks and a coal train left them. The driver could do nothing; he slammed on the brakes but it took at least 1.5km for the train to stop. Our then house shook as if there was a bad earthquake, the noise was indescribable. I ran out to see the train leaving the rails and ploughing up the grass verge. brakes screeching. It fell over, seeming to go in slow motion and looking like an electric train set going wrong. The driver walked away unhurt except for minor cuts and bruises. It was a horrible, terrifying sight.

      No one who saw it would ever try nipping across in front of a train and thinking that the train will stop.

      • Kitty Catkin

         /  9th July 2019

        Grow up, trolls. You’re pathetically small-minded and need help.

  5. MaureenW

     /  9th July 2019

    Ironic that the biggest bullies are (also) the biggest sooks. Slater deserves his own Crybaby of the Day award.

    • Kitty Catkin

       /  9th July 2019

      Well, going by the number of downticks, he has three fans here. It may be three trolls automatically downticking me, of course. I don’t know which thought is more pathetic; that three people are Slater supporters or that three people scroll down a blog, looking for a particular name so that they can downtick it !!!

      He does seem to be better at dishing it out than taking it, doesn’t he ?

  6. Jeeves Ponzi

     /  23rd July 2019

    Filth, sinking to the bottom of the feral swamp from whence it came . . . .


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