England worthy winners of Cricket World Cup

England were worthy winners of the Cricket World Cup just completed at Lord’s in London.

New Zealand’s Black Caps were worthy runners up.

They won by the smallest of margins. The scores were tied after 50 overs, 241 runs to each side. The scores were tied again after a super over, 15 runs each. England won due to the higher number of boundaries scored – that’s the rules so there can be no complaints about that.

There are a number rof things that happened during the game that could have made the difference, could have swung the game one way or the other, but in the end that is all irrelevant. What matters is the final score and the final deciding factor, and England did what mattered.

England have been a top one day team over the last few years and were tournament favourites. They had some wobbles during pool play but won their semi-final easily against defending champions Australia, and won the final just over New Zealand.

This is the first time England have won the World Cup, so very good for them, and despite some disappointment at the result I actually feel as good a as a loser could for the winning team.

The Black Caps exceeded my expectations against Inndia in their semi-final, and exceeded my expectations in the final. I always hoped they could win, and they came so close to doing so, but my main thoughts coming into this game were hoping they would wouldn’t lose badly, and that they would lose with credit.

They couldn’t have come closer so couldn’t have come out of this tournament with more credit, short of winning.

This was one of the greatest games of cricket ever and was also worthy of a final. It will be very good for the game to have had such a hard fought, close game, played in extremely good spirit by England and New Zealand.

Kane Williamson (New Zealand  captain):

“Look, it certainly wasn’t just one extra run. So many small parts in that match that could have gone either way as we saw. Congratulations to England on a fantastic campaign.

It’s been challenging, the pitches have been a little different to what we expected. Lots of talk of 300-plus scores, but we haven’t seen many of those.

I’d like to thank the New Zealand team for the fight they showed to keep us in the tournament, and get us this far. A tie in the final. So many parts to it. The players are shattered at the moment. Obviously it’s devastating. They’ve performed at such a high level through the tournament.

We were weighing up the overheads versus the pitch, it was on the drier side. runs on the board, as it proved, was going to be challenging. We would have liked another 20, but in a World Cup final we’ll take 240-250. Both sides showed a lot of heart, a lot of fight. For it to go to the last ball, and the last ball of the next match, it was pretty hard. That [the Stokes deflection] was a bit of a shame, wasn’t it? You just hope it doesn’t happen in moments like that. You can nitpick, but perhaps it just wasn’t meant to be for us. It is perhaps tough to review the match, and such small margins.”

Eoin Morgan (England captain):

“There wasn’t a lot in that game, jeez. I’d like to commiserate with Kane. The fight, the spirit they showed. I thought it was a hard, hard game.

This has been a four-year journey, we’ve developed a lot over those years, particularly the last two. To get over the line today means the world to us. The guys in the middle keep us cool, the way they play, the experience. It’s calming at times. Not a lot between the teams. Just delighted we’re lifting the trophy today.

As long as he wasn’t too cooked [sending Stokes back out for the Super Over]. Full credit to those two boys and Jofra. Every time he plays, he improves. The world is really at his feet at the moment.”

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  1. lurcher1948

     /  15th July 2019

    A great game with no sledging,underarm bowling or sandpaper in sight.The two best teams in the world won so ALL the players can stand tall.

    • Corky

       /  16th July 2019

      The rules have to change, Lurchy. I’m tired of important games in various codes being decided by a ”shoot out”…or in the case of the Blacks Caps, being decided by the stupidest of stupid rules.

      Either call a draw, or let them play on until a winner is decided.

      • Kitty Catkin

         /  16th July 2019

        That would mean that the game would go on forever.

        There have to be rules to decide these things.

      • Fight4NZ

         /  17th July 2019

        Had a perfectly good basis up until this game – number of wickets taken. Again nz would be the winners in this case.
        But irrelevant, neither team was unworthy of winning one of the most amazing sporting events it has been my privilege to witness. NZ was one of them.

  2. Duker

     /  15th July 2019

    Worthy winners? The umpires got the deflected ball of the bat runs wrong . They gave them six including 2 runs before deflection when it should it 5

    But, ESPN Cricinfo columnist Andrew Miller has suggested the ruling was wrong.
    “”According to Law 19.8, pertaining to “Overthrow or wilful act of fielder”, it would appear that England’s second on-field run should not have counted, making it a total of five runs for the incident, not six.

    “The law states: “If the boundary results from an overthrow or from the wilful act of a fielder, the runs scored shall be any runs for penalties awarded to either side, and the allowance for the boundary, and the runs completed by the batsmen, together with the run in progress if they had already crossed at the instant of the throw or act.”

    “”A review of the footage of the incident shows clearly that, at the moment the ball was released by the New Zealand fielder, Martin Guptill, Stokes and his partner, Adil Rashid, had not yet crossed for their second run.”
    Reminds of the All Blacks Lion test where the referee created a new rule to allow the Lions an advantage, again getting a tie.

    • That is just not cricket; not playing the game at all. Alas, it would be hard to do anything about it without looking like a bad loser.

      3 has devoted about 1/3 of the news to this, it was more than ten minutes at the beginning and was then again on the sports news. They now have news fore and aft of the sports news – to stop people turning or switching off after the news itself until the weather ?

  3. patupaiarehe

     /  17th July 2019

    It’s a real shame you’ve almost given up on this site Pete, it’s a shadow of what it once was


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