Stupid proposal: permanent ‘daylight saving’

A campaign to abolish daylight saving and replace it with a permanent change to summer time has been getting some media attention.

Daylight savings clock changes are disruptive, unnatural, and unnecessary. Let’s simplify, by adopting permanent ‘summer hours’.

I think it’s a stupid idea, but fortunately: Little political appetite for abolishing daylight saving time (Stuff):

AΒ  movement to abolish daylight saving time appears very unlikely to succeed as political parties across the spectrum remain wedded to the system.

Louis Houlbrooke, chief executive and founder of Take Back The Clocks, said the twice yearly changes disruptedΒ people’s sleep, were unnatural, and made international business much more complicated.

“They cause disruption and inconvenience to people’s lives in a trivial sense but also in more serious ways with tired drivers and the impact on dairy cows.”

I’m not sure how it has any affect on tired drivers.

I look forward to daylight saving. I think that many people enjoy the benefits of longer daylight in the evenings.

He suggested moving New Zealand to permanent “summer hours” – the change in late September that leads to sunnier evenings and darker mornings.

That’s the most stupid part of the proposal.

We have just changed to daylight saving and it still gets light by 7 am (it’s starting to get light at 6 am).

Current sunrise times in winter (end of June):

  • Auckland 7:34 am
  • Wellington 7:47 am
  • Christchurch 8:03 am
  • Dunedin 8:20 am
  • Invercargill 8:30 am

Permanent summer hours would mean sunrise after 9 am in the South Island. There’s a reason why our winter hours are as they are. to get a good balance between sunrise and sunset (currently about 5 pm in the winter in the south).

The campaign on Twitter seems to be a spoof anyway. Like:


Earlier last month:

I only see one clown:

I doubt that The taxpayers’ Union will back his lame brained idea, it would raise costs, not lower them.

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  1. Gezza

     /  4th October 2019

    The only thing that bugs me about the “Spring forward, Fall back” cycle is the number of blimmin clocks I have to change – all those which don’t auto-update – 7, including the car’s 😠

    Otherwise I find adapting to DST & then back to Standard Time on the annointed dates quick & easy. They’ve picked the right dates. Within a couple of weeks, it seems to me, the earlier (then later) onset of sunrise & sunset is barely noticeable.

    • Kitty Catkin

       /  4th October 2019

      When I was told that it is noticeably lighter in the evenings 6 weeks after the shortest day, I wrote it on the calendar and still do.It’s true, it is.

      I can’t see why daylight saving needs to end, it makes more sense to have the light at the end of the day rather than in the morning, I think. I’d rather have it to look forward to later in the day; have it coming rather than going.

      Yes to the clocks. I have a poor sense of time so have clocks in each room.

  2. Duker

     /  4th October 2019

    We do have permanent daylight saving. 1/2 hr since 1941.
    NZ Mean time of 11.5 hrs ahead of GMT was adopted in 1868

    • Gezza

       /  4th October 2019

      Interesting. Cheers. That rings a vague bell. Think I’ve read or heard that before but forgotten.

  3. Interesting i wrote about this topic from a UK perspective at


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