Distribution of 2017 Maori Party votes by district

This from Graveyjones7 at Redditt shows the distribution of votes for the Maori Party by district in the 2017 general election.

It shows they got most votes from provincial and rural North Island.

The whole thing takes a really long time, because the party results are given by electorate. And most electorates exist in multiple districts. (Both Regular and Maori electorates)

In the results it gives the vote totals for each polling location (Probably like ~2500 locations in NZ). I then determine which district each polling location is in, then I total up the votes from all the polling locations that apply to a district. Some electorates are split among 7 districts so that is a real bitch. Maori electorates give their results sorted by regular electorates, so once the regular electorate has been catgorised correctly, the maori ones are pretty straightforward.

Someone else added:

If you’re wondering about population density of Maori in New Zealand, /u/whangadude made a good map of it.

As for those voting patterns, this iwi map might shed further light on it.

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  1. Gezza

     /  23rd November 2019

    The vote in Northland is clearly not as high as the Maori Party expected.

  2. Duker

     /  23rd November 2019

    Its weird project . Getting only the MP vote % from all votes cast a polling booth( but the outcome matters only for maori electorate , not general electorates) The map shows District boundaries but places Like Wairoa or Opotiki District which are over 6% , they have tiny total populations even compared to say Rotorua let alone the larger urban centres.
    Pointless results which in map form show nothing
    The maori electorate numbers in far northland are swamped by that of North Shore and west Auckland, which are also in the seat. MP usually does extremely well in booths in FN, but is knocked out in the urban areas. The map doesnt show that

  3. ‘look out East cape’; Hikurangi Hemp country 🙂 putea-nui

  4. Zedd

     /  23rd November 2019

    where are the Te tai tonga voters: Rino T (Lbr) 🙂


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