Most admired in the US – Trumps and Obamas

Gallup does an annual poll on the most admired people in the US. The Obamas and the Trumps come out on top again – Obama, Trump Tie as Most Admired Man in 2019

Most admired woman:

  1. Michelle Obama 10%
  2. Melania Trump 5%
  3. Oprah Winfrey 3%
  4. Hillary Clinton 3%
  5. Greta Thunberg 3%
  6. Queen Elizabeth 2%
  7. Nancy Pelosi 2%
  8. Ruth Bader Ginsburg 2%
  9. Elizabeth Warren 1%
  10. Angela Merkel 1%
    Nikki Halley 1%

Clinton was ‘most admired’ woman from 2002-2017. Obama has been most admired for the last two years.

Most admired man:

  1. Barack Obama 18%
  2. Donald Trump 18%
  3. Jimmy Carter 2%
    Eion Musk 2%

Bernie Sanders is 7th, Adam Schiff is 8th. Joe Biden as barely featured.


View complete question responses and trends.

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  1. Duker

     /  2nd January 2020

    Let me guess, the current president is the ‘most admired’ – a low bar – every year ?

    But what is unusual is the previous president is still in it …let me check back to see if Im correct.

  2. Kitty Catkin

     /  2nd January 2020

    If people are ranking names on a list, the poll is meaningless.

    • Duker

       /  2nd January 2020

      No they arent.. the names are ‘unprompted’ , according to the Gallup website. But I get your point about ‘ticking boxes’

      • Kitty Catkin

         /  2nd January 2020

        If I was asked to rank Coke, Fanta and Sprite in order of preference, I’d put Sprite first, Coke second and Fanta last, but I dislike all three.

        The one here that has the ‘most trusted’ is meaningless because it’s box ticking.

        • Duker

           /  2nd January 2020

          Outside the top 2 women, the numbers are about 3 in 100…sounds like don’t know or don’t care is the biggest winner

  3. Blazer

     /  5th January 2020

    what ever name comes to mind is the usual answer.

    The ‘admired’ bit is superfluous.


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