Greeenpeace expects more from Government on environmental issues

People and organisations on the left have expressed dismay at the lack of progressive policies being implemented by the Government, which while including the Greens also has NZ First holding things back.

Greenpeace campaigner Genevieve Toop

  • What’s your short assessment on environmental action?

“The government took power riding on a wave of promises to tackle climate change and clean up our rivers. Early on in their tenure they took the kind of bold and decisive action required to do this. They banned new oil and gas exploration, slashed public subsidies to big irrigation and industrial dairy expansion and banned plastic bags.

“These decisions were great news for the environment and a demonstration of people power. They were a welcome reprieve from nine years of the National-led government which pushed for more oil exploration, incentivised industrial dairy expansion, slashed conservation funding, and let plastic pollution skyrocket.

“But since these decisions, the government’s visionary rhetoric has not been matched with the kind of transformational policy reform that is urgently needed. The government have begun to favour incremental change and in several instances they have let big polluters carry on business-as-usual.

“Austrian oil giant OMV is currently exploring for new oil and gas in our waters, a mega-dairy conversion is underway in the iconic Mackenzie Basin, the fishing industry is still bottom trawling 3000 tonnes of coral every year and there is still no backing for a solar revolution to help us get off our dependence on oil gas and coal and end imports of polluting SUVs.”

  • How does the government’s progress on environmental issues stack up?

“Ardern’s government have signalled a change in direction for New Zealand compared with the previous government. However, they have failed to match rhetoric with real action.

“Incremental and reformist policies cannot hope to create the systemic change needed to stem the tide of pollution and stop the ecological breakdown. Aside from the oil and gas exploration ban, this government have yet to step up to the plate with the visionary and transformational change needed.

“This is surprising given the obvious urgency of the climate crisis and the huge mandate for action that they have for example the recent climate strikes.”

  • Do you think the government pays enough attention to environmental issues?

“No. We are in the midst of a global climate emergency which is threatening all life on earth. A government that was taking this seriously would be devoting a sizeable chunk of Budget 2019 towards funding the transition towards a sustainable economy.

“Flagship policies should include a billion-dollar regenerative farming fund, massive investment in solar for schools, homes, public buildings and marae and a big boost for electric and public transport.”

  • What would you score the coalition out of 10 for its action on environmental issues?

“We’ll give them 5/10.”

On the OMV exploration, Green Dunedin mayor Aaron Hawkins is grumpy about them test drilling down our way.

OMV went through the normal processes necessary to get permission  to do this test drilling.

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  1. The Dunedin Council should put a freeze on all council air travel and limit the amount of mileage councilors and council workers can claim for re travel expenses. This would have a greater benefit to the climate as it would reduce demand for carbon. It would also benefit Dunedin ratepayers as well.

    • Ray

       /  5th January 2020

      Never going to happen arty.
      The Greens are very good at telling other people how to live, not so good at walking the walk!
      See the Green party’s travel expenses for evidence of that.

      • Blazer

         /  5th January 2020

        Meteria used to take the bus to Bunny St and JAG rode a pushbike to…hospital.

        • Corky

           /  5th January 2020

          And when nobody was looking they reverted to fossil fuel powered transport.

          They needn’t worry. National will take us back to reality, post the election.

          The Greenies will find virtue signalling more challenging in opposition. However, I’m sure they will think of something. Their resourcefulness in defence of their philosophy
          is astounding.

          • Duker

             /  5th January 2020

            yes , JAG still drove to the Ponsonby boutiques and cafes in car , yet its closer to where she lives than the Hospital.

        • artcroft

           /  5th January 2020

          I rode a bike to the shops once. Does that make me carbon free as well?

          • Corky

             /  5th January 2020

            Well, Arty, that’s an interesting question. Carbon based products were used to create your chaps and irons. When you leaded ‘Melon Head Malone,’ your irons released carbon into the atmosphere..and of course ‘Melon Head’ became part of the carbon cycle.

            See how nutty these Greenies are, Arty? Hydrogen and Carbon are the building blocks of life.

            Oh, about the bike.. apart from the chain oil, vinyl seat, forged steel and rubber tyres, I would say you’d be carbon free unless you farted.

      • Blazer

         /  7th January 2020

        I see Bridges and Brownlee have been over to the get some advice from China ,Ray.

        Saloon passage from ex commie spytrainer and now NZ National M.P.

        Any thoughts?

  2. Alan Wilkinson

     /  7th January 2020

    The Lefty billions behind climate alarmism – hedge funds hoping to make a killing on carbon pricing and alternative energy.

    • Blazer

       /  7th January 2020

      Hedge Funds ,that hotbed of lefties!

      You are such a hoot…Al.

      Don Quixote had better…could see clearer than you.


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