NZ Climate Revolution – 2023-24

An odd post at reddit:

I know that a few people keep trying to talk up political, social and economic revolutions, but this look into the future looks like wishful thinking if it is at all serious.

There is no sign of popular or widespread support for radical changes in Aotearoa, neither from the current Government nor from the public.

I can’t find anything else about GreenSoc.

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  1. Gerrit

     /  8th January 2020

    Worth a read in full by the GreenSoc. Firstly they don’t have the physical numbers to force the revolution to a successful conclusion. Secondly they don’t have the backing of a huge number of “consumers” unhappy with the current state of affairs. Thirdly the counter revolutionaries are always in the vanguard, the first revolutionaries may well have to tackle not just the incumbent government but also other faction looking for the main chance (Chinese invasion to protect “their” interests?) to capitalise on the unrest.

    “While the success of revolution heralds the transformation of the old political and economic orders, onset refers to the initial popular uprisings; these uprisings have to be widespread across rural and/or urban areas and a vast number of people (often in millions) have to be involved. It is my firm belief that we cannot understand the concept of revolution better unless we make such a distinction. For instance, we would be able to account for the factors that lead some revolutionary uprisings to become successful revolutions while others do not. More often than that, scholars study revolutions that have succeeded. Despite thousands and even millions of people might have participated in revolutionary uprisings that did not become successful revolutions, little attention is often given to them.”

  2. Ray

     /  8th January 2020

    It is early days but Chairman of the Otago Regional Council may have a revolution rather sooner than that if she continues with her present behaviour.
    Travel three hours and you only get 5 minutes to present is not genuine public consultation and with the other councillors banned from asking questions, you will find the “science is decided ” or “there is no other option” thinking the left love.

  3. Pink David

     /  8th January 2020

    You only need to recall what happened to the XR activists who tried to stop commuters getting to work in London to know how this would turn out.

  4. David

     /  8th January 2020

    It just doesnt seem to register in the voting booth, everyone cares and no one minds doing their bit within reason but there seems to be almost no votes in the “planet”. What happened to the Greens in the UK and Australia, just woeful.
    The only places on earth where the Greens matter electorally is here and in Germany both with the same voting system and who the environment is secondary concern to both Green parties.
    Lets face it most of the world are luke warmers and they dont believe in the crazy forecasts and are quite happy with moderate adjustments done sensibly that dont make us poorer.

  5. Pink David

     /  8th January 2020

    After the success of their ’10 years to save the planet’ series, which started in 2008, The Guardian has now moved to the ‘1 year to save the planet’…..


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