Newshub/Reid Research poll – February 2020

The first political poll of election year is of interest but doesn’t change much.

  • National 43.3% (down from 43.9)
  • Labour 42.5% (up from 41.6)
  • Greens 5.6% (down from 6.3)
  • NZ First 3.6% (down from 4.0)
  • ACT Party 1.8% (up from 1.4)

No surprises there, all margin of error movements.

On those numbers National/ACT are short of getting a majority but not far away and if NZ First miss the threshold it opens possibilities.

Labour+Greens are close to a two party majority of seats.

The others:

  • Maori Party 0.9% (up from 0.7)
  • New Conservative Party 0.7% (down from 1.0)
  • The Opportunities Party 0.6% (down from 1.1)

None of those parties look like getting anywhere near the 5% threshold. The Maori Party are going to contest seats to try to avoid needing the threshold.

Stated margin of error: 3.1%

Newshub: National and Labour neck-and-neck in new Newshub-Reid Research poll

Preferred Prime Minister:

  • Jacinda Ardern 38.7% (up from 38.4)
  • Simon Bridges 10.6% (up from 6.7)

Newshub poll: Simon Bridges breaks 10 percent as preferred Prime Minister

Polling period 23 January – 1 February, before Bridges ruled out NZ First from any coalition deals, and before Waitangi Day week.

Their last poll was in October 2019 – Newshub Reid Rese

Polling for this term:

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  1. I doubt this will help NZ First:

  2. Corky

     /  9th February 2020

    I tried hard to concentrate on the results but someone forgot to tell Tova a mini skirt at her age and with her legs was inappropriate. There’s bound to be complaints.

    Oh, the poll results. A Labour victory unless Simon gets tough with hardline policies.

    I do wish these politicians would stop pandering at the gay parades. Why was Simon there? Few gays care for him or National. Watching him do pressups and try on a goony hat that wouldn’t fit because he said ”his head was too big” was too much.

    • duperez

       /  9th February 2020

      If the numbers said, “Do you think National should work with NZ First? National voters: Yes 63% or 83% or 93% would Bridges attitude change? Would he go back on what he has announced and the adamancy of it?

      That’d be a good assignment to give to communications students: ‘Write the Simon Bridges speech announcing he has changed his mind about working with NZ First.’

      The background and starting point could be publicity from last week:
      ‘I can’t trust NZ First.
      “Ultimately, John, it was a simple decision,” he said. “It didn’t actually take a lot.
      “I can’t trust New Zealand First and don’t think New Zealanders can either, and I want to end the charade we’ve had in the past and I think we will have again if New Zealand First is there.
      “I’m really telling you after the election National wont work with New Zealand First, full stop.” 🙂

  3. David

     /  10th February 2020

    Labour must be disappointed they didnt get much of a boost with 12 billion in infrastructure and the usual glowing Ardern coverage and she honours her people with her return to work after 8 weeks on holiday. The first baby being paraded for the people had little effect either.

  1. Newshub/Reid Research poll – February 2020 — Your NZ – NZ Conservative Coalition

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