Slater, Lusk connection to The BFD confirmed

After staying under cover for a year Cameron Slater has started to openly comment and post at The BFD. And Simon Lusk’s association with the blog has also been as good as confirmed.

When Whale Oil was shut down and The BFD started up in February last year they tried to distance Slater from the new business, to try to avoid legal and financial problems – Slater had just declared himself bankrupt, and the company that owned Whale Oil, Social Media Consultants Limited had been put into liquidation. Just before liquidation Slater was removed as director and shareholder, leaving his wife Juana Atkins as sole director and shareholder.

Slater didn’t openly contribute to The BFD, but Atkins was had a prominent role under her pseudonyms SB and ‘spanish bride’. The content and style of some of her posts had a Slater look to them.

The pro-NZ First and anti-National agenda that Slater had been running at Whale Oil gradually emerged at the BFD, with familiar styles and targets.

Posts started to appear under the name Xavier Theodore Reginald Ordinary (who uses a photo of explorer Xavier Mertz who died in Antarctic in 1913), They had a similar style to some of the Whale Oil posts that had appeared under Slater’s name. And they continued the anti-National and pro-NZ First agenda.

A recent post by Xavier Theodore Reginald Ordinary got attention because it used photos taken by ‘a NZ First supporter’ who Winston Peters had initially referred to as ‘we’. This post was typical WO style dirty politics, attacking journalists and threatening them with legal repercussions. More posts from the same author have followed, attacking a number of other journalists and media.

Last week Slater posted under his own name for I think the first time at The BFD.

I Just Had to Let It Go

On the morning of October 28 2018, just four days from my 50th birthday, I awoke to find my life changed dramatically. As I travelled to hospital by ambulance I felt confused, sad, despondent and very, very angry. I didn’t know what the future would deliver anymore, my whole life was in tatters as a result of a stroke.

His life was already in tatters, facing massive court case losses and costs as his attempts to avoid being held to account for attack agendas ran out of options. The stroke just added to this mess, and the stress of his predicament may have contributed to it.

The rest of the  was available to subscribers only, so the need to encourage subscriptions seemed to be greater than the wish to getting his story out.

Another attack post by Xavier Theodore Reginald Ordinary yesterday –  Where Was Andrea Vance When Rawshark HACKED a Journalist? – was much the same as many past laments about the Dirty Politics exposure. It looked like a Slater post.

And in comments where someone may have been getting close to a sensitive topic Slater commented in response.

His denials can be taken with a grain of salt, as can his accusations aimed at National.

Today at The BFD is yet another attack on Paula Bennett in The BFD Face of the Day

Most of it is same old smear sort of stuff, but one paragraph stands out as significant.

This week she stated publicly that she and National have nothing to do with experienced political operator Simon Lusk and ex Whaleoil editor Cameron Slater. She is telling the truth because both of them have a no dickheads policy.

Apart from the hilarious ‘no dickheads’ irony, this appears to confirm that the old dirty partnership of Slater and Lusk is openly operating at The BFD.

This doesn’t help Winston Peters or NZ First, who have been getting a hammering for working with The BFD to run dirty politics attacks on media.

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  1. Duker

     /  18th February 2020

    Slater says
    “morning of October 28 2018, just four days from my 50th birthday, I awoke to find my life changed dramatically. As I travelled to hospital by ambulance …”
    I understand from reports the hospital couldnt ‘find anything wrong’ and he chose to go to another ‘clinic’.

  2. Clearly hasn’t done much reflecting during his blogging absence, what had some wow factor 7 or 8 years ago, now comes off as tired and nasty.

    • Corky

       /  18th February 2020

      I notice Bob is also still going. A well known poster; some would say troll, from way back.

    • “…now comes off as tired and nasty.”

      He’s always come off as tired and nasty.

    • duperez

       /  18th February 2020

      If you didn’t discern nasty, and vindictive too, all those years ago, it is good that you have the perspicacity now.

      • MaureenW

         /  18th February 2020

        There was some nasty and vindictive, there was also a lot of funny. I wondered if whoever had the humour departed around Dirty Politics time.

  3. Blazer

     /  18th February 2020

    ‘I awoke to find my life changed dramatically. ‘….Key and all other National players had blocked me,I was sent to Coventry…I decided to concoct a cunning new plan……Big Fuckin Deal!

  4. Frickin’ Zombie Slater. How do we kill it?

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  18th February 2020

      More of a sewer rat. Just stay out of the sewers. His cockroach mates are enough company for him. Can’t imagine he and Winston First are going to be bosom pals for too much longer. SB is the one I feel maybe sorry for – but maybe she deserves him – i wouldn’t know.


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