Stern Ardern words on Australian treatment of ex-Kiwis

Jacinda Ardern had some stern words to Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison in Sydney today over Australian treatment of ex-Kiwis living in Australia.


Beehive: PM’s remarks from joint stand-up with PM Morrison

But friendships aren’t just reaffirmed in times of tragedy, they must stand up to the test of politics. And in the face of politics, the New Zealand and Australia relationship is being tested.

We appreciate that many kiwis have taken up the opportunity to live and work in Australia – many more than has happened in reverse. Not every kiwi migrant will be perfect, but evidence shows that the vast majority are providing a net benefit to Australia. They earn more, are more likely to be employed and pay more tax than their Aussie-born counterparts – they are Australia’s best migrants. But rather than them being given security to keep contributing, in return their rights have been eroded.

Simple rights, like assistance from the national disability insurance scheme – even though they pay into the scheme’s levy. Or the ability to join the defence force, or become a federal civil servant. Kiwis want to contribute to the place that is now their home. But they’re not being given the potential to do that to the fullest.

Separate again is the issue of deportations. Australia is well within its rights to deport individuals who break your laws. New Zealand does the same. But we have a simple request. Send back kiwis, genuine kiwis – do not deport your people, and your problems.

I have heard countless cases of individuals who, on any common sense test, identify as Australians.

Just a few weeks ago I met a women who moved to Australia not much older than 1 year old. She told me that she had no connection to our country, but she had three children in Australia. She was in a crisis centre, having returned to a country she did not feel was her own. I have heard from those who work in our judiciary that they are seeing cases before our courts of individuals who are failing attempts to reintegrate and rehabilitate because the success of these programs is reliant on at least some network. These deportees have none.

I am not asking that Australia stops this policy- you have deported more than 2000 individuals and amongst them will be genuine kiwis who do have to learn the consequences of their actions. But amongst those 2000 are individuals who were too young to become criminals on our watch. They were too young to become patched gang members. Too young to be organised criminals. We will own our people. We ask that Australia stop exporting theirs.

hear Ardern here, and what Morrison.

Time will tell whether that makes any difference. I think probably not.

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  1. duperez

     /  28th February 2020

    It won’t make a difference. The usual crowd will attack Ardern for arrogance in telling them
    and if she hadn’t said what she said they’d have called her gutless.

    • We know what Aussie politicians are like, but what do you think people back here will think?

      • duperez

         /  28th February 2020

        That was about people back here.

        There’s something lovely in a country to a considerable degree founded on taking what were seen as reprobates, getting all precious and wanting to export reprobates who learned their trade in that place.

        Some New Zealanders will be pleased with what Ardern said. I am. I appreciate it’s an awkward, complex situation and it’s hard for the Aussies handling this to not look like pillocks in dealing with it. A test they’ve succeeded in.

        Once upon a time a Bible story was quoted when tricky situations arose and someone had to deal wth them and come up with creative decisions. The wisdom of Solomon. Morrison is more likely than not to have the wisdom of the sole of his shoe.

        • I think it was quite gutsy of Ardern. Those joint stand ups are usually blandly staged and scripted. This was carefully scripted but a bold statement.

    • Corky

       /  28th February 2020

      Correct. But she made the right call as far as the election is concerned. Another of her typical weasel worded responses would definitely have seen her tenure as PM ended at the election.

  2. Duker

     /  28th February 2020

    Some werent even criminals , they had no convictions or were under the cut off point for even aussie deportation, they were just ‘bad characters’ …the kiwi hate preacher with no convictions was one of them.
    Sometimes they even deport Aussies who were born in Australia and had Australian citizenship, they made the mistake of getting a heritage passport from UK, Ireland , Italy , Greece , Turkey etc and used in to arrive back in Aussie and later have convictions. Booted out of their own country

  3. Kitty Catkin

     /  28th February 2020

    I wish that the PM would learn that Kiwi has a capital when it’s a person and not a bird.

  4. oldlaker

     /  28th February 2020

    What never gets said in public by Australian politicians is how much Australia resents NZ’s unwillingness to shoulder its part in defending this corner of the Pacific. It was very good of Morrison to hold his tongue after being given such a lashing in public. He would have been well within his rights to say: “If you pull your weight, we’ll do likewise on the deportees front.”
    It’s also a bit rich for the leader of a nation that entices migrants to work and study here with the lure of residency/citizenship when most will miss out to berate our neighbour for allowing NZers to live and work in Oz but not get the full benefits…

    • Blazer

       /  29th February 2020

      who are NZ defending it from?

      No invasion is necessary.If National prevail the sale of NZ will continue.

  5. Alloytoo

     /  29th February 2020

    Lets not confuse “Gutsy” with stupid.

    Publically scolding an Aussie PM in Oz for a popular Aussie policy and getting publically spanked is stupid and embarrassing for the rest of us.


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