Covid-19 daily update – now 102 cases

From today’s Ministry of Health update (why do they keep changing the time?) from Doctor Ashley Bloomfield:

36 new cases today, so it has shot up, looks like we are on the exponential curve.

Over half directly related to overseas travel.

Most of the remaining cases are close contacts of previously identified cases.

The source in two cases cannot be determined so community transfer can’t be ruled out. One is in Auckland, one in the Wairarapa.

Total confirmed now is 102.

The Prime Minister will be talking about the alert level in the next hour or so, so more updates to come. It is expected to be ‘a major announcement’.

Jacinda Ardern: Confirms new 2 cases can’t be traced which means there is community transmission.

Effective immediately we are moving to Alert Level 3.

In 48 hours we will move to Alert Level 4.

“We are now preparing as a nation to go into self-isolation”.

Schools will be closed from tomorrow, except for children of essential workers like doctors and nurses.

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    • David

       /  23rd March 2020

      They are testing remdisvir in the hospital my brother works at in England so be interesting to see what happens there.

      • yeah, its just the time to get trials done and have solid data to act on, much like the safety and efficacy data required fo the vaccine is gonna take a looong time.

  1. Reply
  2. Alan Wilkinson

     /  23rd March 2020

    Level three – doesn’t seem to mean much without specific area bans.

    • It’s really just an interim level giving people 48 hours to prepare for level 4.

      • Alan Wilkinson

         /  23rd March 2020

        Yes, I see that further update has now been added. Paying a big price for not managing incoming passengers properly.


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