Daily update Thursday +89, 797 total cases

89 new cases (76 new confirmed and 13 probable). Total now 797.

So this has jumped back up and may be the highest daily increase so far.

13 in hospital, 2 stable in ICU.

1 death total.

92 recovered.

51% now linked directly to overseas travel, that’s coming down, 31% linked to existing cases. 1% only categorised as community travel, but 17% still being investigated and many are likely to be community transmission.

Tests yesterday 2563, total 26,015. Daily capacity now 4,000.

Dr Ashley Bloomfield said NZ isn’t at the turn around point yet – with the biggest number of cases and tests done in one day.

He said that elimination doesn’t mean we will get rid of Covid-19 forever and we may not be able to all step down to level 3 at the same time. Some regions may change levels at different times.

Police Commissioner Mike Bush talks about breaches of ‘stay at home’ and mentions Kaitaia as a problem area with more police being sent there.

He also says there has been a spike in domestic violence. But there is presumably a big drop in public violence.


As at 9.00 am, 2 April 2020
Total to date New in last 24 hours
Number of confirmed cases in New Zealand 723 76
Number of probable cases 74 13
Number of confirmed and probable cases 797 89
Number of cases in hospital 13
Number of recovered cases 92 10
Number of deaths 1

* Note – a person is defined as recovered if they have been without symptoms for 48 hours.

Total cases of COVID-19 in NZ by age

Total cases by ethnicity

Ethnicity No. of cases
Asian 63
European or Other 569
Māori 56
Middle Eastern / Latin American / African 21
Pacific People 23
Unknown 65

Meanwhile the latest international stats show that the US constitutes about a third of the daily new cases, and a quarter of the daily death increase.

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  1. Ray

     /  2nd April 2020

    The Timaru police claim people they speak to at night are “known to them”!
    People (men) just creeping around at night with criminal intent was the inference.
    So why are they not locking these no hopers up?

    To much paperwork.

    • Kitty Catkin

       /  2nd April 2020

      They don’t have time now that they are ordered to stop people taking nana to the shop or riding on buses without being registered. Not to mention pulling people over for out of date WOFs that they can’t renew.

      • Duker

         /  2nd April 2020

        WoFs out of date …the existing mechanism is compliance within a designated period ( month + 2 weeks ?)
        of course if it was well overdue before the shutdown, more fool them

        When cops stop vehicles its just SoP to check for alcohol, drivers licence and Wof/Registration . So nothings changed . They may speeding or not obeying lights etc.

        • Kitty Catkin

           /  2nd April 2020

          We don’t know when the Dear Leader will release us all from house arrest. So anyone whose warrant expires this week or next will be in trouble. I would be surprised if the WOF testing places were not going flat tack while they still could. Ditto license renewing places.

          There is no chance of having any repairs done, I gather.

          • Kitty Catkin

             /  2nd April 2020

            There is no period of grace which allows people to drive cars without current WOFs. They may be given time to pay the fine and WOF fee, but in the meantime the car is off the road.

            • NOEL

               /  2nd April 2020

              Fake news Kitty.
              “Due to the inability to obtain a new WOF at this time, for the period of Alert Level 4, all expired WOFs will be deemed current.”

            • Duker

               /  2nd April 2020

              Compliance … the police can allow people 2 weeks to get WOF and then proof finds the ticket cancelled

            • Gerrit

               /  2nd April 2020

              Best check too with the insurance company if your vehicle is covered without a WOF. Insurance companies will use any excuse to not cover a claim.

            • Alan Wilkinson

               /  2nd April 2020

              I think that may have been covered off in the original announcement saying coverage would be given if the vehicle is without obvious defects.

            • Kitty Catkin

               /  2nd April 2020

              The no period of grace came from the police/MOT website. I couldn’t know that this had been waived for the moment. It said that people couldn’t drive until the WOF was current.

              Gerrit; I wonder how many of us have been stung by having premiums that reflect the value of the vehicle when we insured it…and found that what the company wants to pay is a piddling, insulting amount that supposedly reflects the current value. Needless to say that the premiums didn’t go down.

              I was lucky in that we knew the then Minister for Consumer Affairs when this happened to me. State decided that they COULD pay me a fair amount after all.

          • Kitty Catkin

             /  2nd April 2020

            Not fake news; out of date. The story I read said that the police could pull people over & charge them for expired WOFs. There were a lot of furious responses to this. I’m glad that the government has removed one of its many gross injustices.

  2. duperez

     /  2nd April 2020

    I’ve been looking back at the 1918 pandemic. Same as now with the range of different views. The Dominion seemed to be going all Wellington on Auckland:


    The epidemic of influenza is at its height in Auckland now, but there is nothing at all serious in the ailment, though there is a certain risk through after-consequences, such as different lung troubles that are no doubt caused by the peculiar weather conditions here now. The schools are affected pretty seriously, and those occupations which bring workers more directly in contact with the general public are more concerned than the others. In the factories, where people arc congregated together over their work, there seems to be just a currency of the ailment, a few people away at a time. This makes inconvenience, but it is not at all serious. Outside workers are not getting the “flu” to any extent, though there are a few cases. The ailment is laying aside for the time being many assistants in the large business institutions, where there are many attendants and a constant stream of customers. Here again there is inconvenience, that is all. The nursing staff at the hospital is meeting with the epidemic too. More than twenty of the nurses and sisters are “down” with it, and this naturally interrupts the organisation of the attendance there.”

    Later on there was a bit of bite from Auckland:

    Latest reports at Auckland show that at last the “flu” epidemic is being brought under control. Certainly fewer cases are reported, and the streets are resuming their former look of business. The one fear is that the epidemic may break out again in some of the shacks scattered throughout the Queen city of the north. So convinced was the Acting-Health Officer that the corner had been turned that on Monday last he gave barbers and restaurant-keepers permission to once more do unrestricted business, The barbers BRIGHTENED UP THEIR BLADES, and the restaurant-keepers, especially the tea-shop ones, wore holiday smiles, alas to vanish before an order which came from the Minister of Health pointing out that he was the “head serang,” and that the scissors were not to snip, nor the razors to reap whiskers, nor the afternoon scandal shops to open till the high and mighty of Wellington gave his consent.”

    No mucking about with silly games for the Woodville Examiner though:

  3. Duker

     /  2nd April 2020

    All the hype yet…

    I guess the phone consulations just get the government subsidy and no co payment from patient . The ACC funded consultations have dried up

    A bad flu season pays better

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  2nd April 2020

      Funny since ours have been flat tack. Went down today and the car park was full.

    • NOEL

       /  2nd April 2020

      Had a phone diagnosis. Shorter that the past face to face time wise. Bill when it arrived no different.


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