Constructive Simon Bridges interview on NZ Q+A

Leader of the Opposition Simon Bridges cam across surprisingly well in an interview on NZ Q+A this morning. He was supportive of many Government actions in dealing with Covid-19, and his criticisms were reasonable and constructive on quarantining people arriving in New Zealand and Covid testing.

He also pushed for more businesses to be able to open.

1 News: Bridges calls for more businesses to safely operate during lockdown

A “constructive conversation” is needed on whether contactless businesses should be able to run safely during lockdown, National leader Simon Bridges says.

“When you think about our economy, the longer we see the devastation, the job losses, the businesses going under, it’s heart attacks, it’s mental health issues, it’s fatalities in its own way,” Mr Bridges told TVNZ1’s Q+A with Jack Tame.

“Let’s try and deal with some of the randomness where one is an essential service and one isn’t, let’s be agile and potentially we can move to a more risk-based system.”

Mr Bridges said the country needed to be “quite agile about those questions now and certainly if lockdown goes longer”.

“The Government needs to do everything it can to have the most effective lockdown so we can get out of this as soon as we can.

“We’re devastating our economy, we’re curtailing freedoms, so the sooner we can get out the better.”

Mr Bridges also called for an increase to testing, pushing the daily tests into the “tens of thousands”.

As of yesterday, a total of 33,116 Covid-19 tests had been done, with the country at a capacity to do over 6000 tests per day.

“If you dealt with everyone who had symptoms, close contact, overseas, you would be testing more,” Mr Bridges said.

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  1. Alan Wilkinson

     /  5th April 2020

    Yes, the so-called “essential” test is crap as well as likely unlawful. The test should be safety which is what the DG Health is supposed to be doing.

    • Kitty Catkin

       /  5th April 2020

      I ordered two pillows to make it easier to sleep with asthma. They were essential but pillowcases aren’t (one’s a tripillow and I don’t have any cases) unless one buys a set of sheets.

      When I ordered some much needed antihistamines, I ordered a couple of cosmetic items from the same place (Chemist Warehouse) seeing no reason not to; it’s not as if the courier didn’t have to deliver the other things. One can still order inessentials from them, but I wouldn’t. Let’s hope that our dear PM hasn’t observed the loophole.

    • Kitty Catkin

       /  5th April 2020

      Alan, I have just read that the police are stopping people going from Oxford (ours) to Rangiora for supermarket shopping. There is a 4 Square there, but the people have run out of flour, butter, bread, milk and other basics. The person who made the post is wondering about sending down an emergency package to her friends.

      I can’t believe that people can be stopped in these circs. Bread, milk and flour are hardly luxuries.

      • Blazer

         /  5th April 2020

        you’re a frantic fake news spreader and dedicated whinger these days.

        • Kitty Catkin

           /  5th April 2020

          Bullshit. It was from a reliable source. Oxford has only a 4 Square and it can’t keep up with the demand. No dairy could, I imagine. The cops have been told to stop people travelling (even you can’t deny that, I hope) and people have been stopped on the way to Rangiora as if they were joyriding.

    • Duker

       /  5th April 2020

      The law says what they are doing is lawful and you are totally ignorant about what is or isn’t lawful.
      In some countries recreation isn’t even allowed, shopping for food and pharmaceuticals only. They might even get to stringing up from the lamp posts those who undermine their restrictions by spreading false news and rumours

  2. Duker

     /  5th April 2020

    DG of Health’s powers
    For the purpose of preventing the outbreak or spread of any infectious disease, the medical officer of health may from time to time, if authorised to do so by the Minister or if a state of emergency has been declared under the Civil Defence Emergency Management Act 2002 or while an epidemic notice is in force,—
    (f) require persons, places, buildings, ships, vehicles, aircraft, animals, or things to be isolated, quarantined, or disinfected as he thinks fit:

    Who knew the law explcitly says ‘preventing outbreak or spread of infectious diseases’ and any person or place can be quarantined as he thinks fit.
    So there is no confusion ,the entire country and all NZs are officially quarantined.

    You should see what they can do for someone is ‘infected’ or even a contact of an infected person…..and yes there are offences for those who spread false information.


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