Daily Covid update Wednesday: an increase of 50 to 1210 cases

New cases 50 (26 confirmed, 24 probable) – total cases now 1210.

12 in hospital, 4 in intensive care, 2 critical.

41 more recovered bringing that total to 282.

This is the lowest number of new cases in 2 weeks (the period of the Level 4 lockdown).

Jacinda Ardern says she is cautiously optimistic but there could be more bumps along the way and “now is the time to stay the course” and only half way through before decisions can be made on scaling back the lockdown.

An extensive distant learning package is to be announced by the Minister of Education. I’ll put that into a separate post – but it’s been noted (by a journalist) “tens of thousands” of school children don’t have Internet access.

Parents should go easy on themselves and not try to be provide full bore full time schooling.

As at 9am, 8 April 2020
Total to date New in last 24 hours
Number of confirmed cases in New Zealand 969 26
Number of probable cases 241 24
Number of confirmed and probable cases 1,210 50
Number of cases in hospital 12
Number of recovered cases 282 41
Number of deaths 1

Lab testing for COVID-19 as at 9.00 am 8 April
Lab Testing Tests Date
Total tested yesterday 4,098 7 April 2020
7-day rolling average 3,343 1 to 7 April 2020
Total tested to date 46,875 9 March to 7 April 2020
Supplies in stock 49,193 8 April 2020

There were 4049 tests in the last day so testing keeps increasing while case increases have fallen:

New confirmed and probable cases over time

The police will be looking out for people who may be breaching rules over Easter by travelling to holiday locations.

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  1. Alan Wilkinson

     /  8th April 2020

    14:43 and still haven’t updated MoH current case details with data files. 4 in ICU now.

  2. David

     /  8th April 2020

    They probably should start letting us out, like right now if you are under 40, work outside, work on your own, have a plan to be able to isolate at work. Start designing ways of protecting rest homes and looking after vulnerable people.
    And quarantine at the border Jacinda, I get you are waiting until the inbounders decrease further but the locals are paying too high a price, its not beyond your capability if you put your mind to it.

  3. Duker

     /  8th April 2020

    Dont like some of the claims for ‘probables’.
    “She went to her GP on 31 March, the day Covid testing criteria was eased by the government, and with the GP’s referral, she got a test – nine days after first ringing Healthline.

    “Her manager tested negative as expected “because she was only a day or two behind me” but the manager’s husband was positive, the woman said.
    The woman and her daughter are now classed as “probable cases” because they have recovered.
    A negative test is now a ‘probable’ ???

    • David

       /  8th April 2020

      Its padding the numbers and is disingenuous. The state is in control and it doesnt seem to want to let go.


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