Daily Covid update Thursday – 29 new cases, 35 recovered

Dr Ashley Bloomfield:

29 new cases (23 confirmed and 6 probable) down again – total 1239.

14 in hospital with 4 in ICU.

317 recovered (+35) which again is more than new cases – a very promising sign.

3,990 tests processed yesterday.

Bloomfield says he expects case numbers to stay low, with a few bumps up and down.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern:

New modelling to be released this afternoon – current controls have enabled us to meet the most optimisitc modelling scenarios,

She acknowledges they risks to many businesses and makes assuring comments “doing what we can to cushion the blow but this is going to be a marathon”.

She repeats that the best thing we can do for the economy is to keep the virus out.

From midnight tonight every New Zealander returning to the country will go into quarantine (or managed isolation) in a Government approved facility for a minimum of 12 days. A network of 18 hotels will be used for this.

Ardern defends not doing this earlier saying nearly 40,000 New Zealanders  have returned home since we closed the border to foreign nationals and it couldn’t have been done – that’s more than our total hotel capacity.

Contact tracing is now critical and a top priority.

Signposts so we can have a plan.

They will give detailed level 3 rules “for when it comes time to eventually change” to level 3. This will be published on 20 April, 2 days before the 4 week lockdown period is over (so it is based on as much data as possible) to give businesses a couple of days  to plan.

We need to give similar more detailed guidance on what life at Level 3 looks like, and we will do that next week. That will give us a window to iron out questions and issues, and make sure we’re as prepared as we can be when it comes time to move.

It is then my intention that on the 20th of April, two days before the lockdown is due to finish, Cabinet will make a decision on our next steps. That’s because we need to use the most up to date data that we have to make that decision.

That means, if we are ready to move to Alert Level 3, business we will have two days to implement arrangements.

Preparing for coming down to level 3 (with revised rules) but not a guarantee it will happen after 4 weeks.

Message to businesses – prepare for all possibilities.

Asked if there is an endpoint Ardern says now, no end date at this stage, “this will be a marathon”.

As at 9am, 9 April 2020
Total to date New in last 24 hours
Number of confirmed cases in New Zealand 992 23
Number of probable cases 247 6
Number of confirmed and probable cases 1,239 29
Number of cases in hospital 14 2
Number of recovered cases 317 35
Number of deaths 1

Waikato DHB says two nurses have tested positive for COVID-19. They worked in the same ward at Waikato Hospital and  have been stood down immediately on developing symptoms.


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  1. David

     /  9th April 2020

    So she wanted an upbeat message going into the weekend so the probable cases have been managed down for this, nice work Jacinda.
    Why doesnt she just speak off the cuff with some notes because that speech was something you get at a sales and marketing retreat, quite nauseating and patronizing to be honest and I rate her as an excellent communicator but we arent 2 years old and we could do without the fake dazzling smile. Just be yourself, its pretty good already.

    • Blazer

       /  9th April 2020

      who goes to ‘sales and marketing retreats’?
      Surely not you David!
      Remember …smile and the world smiles with you’……and also…always be sincere…even if you don’t really…mean it.

    • duperez

       /  9th April 2020

      We aren’t 2 years old? What age is it that churlishness kicks in?

  2. Reply
    • duperez

       /  9th April 2020

      Using an Americas Cup analogy, Bloomfied should have spent most of his time in the past couple of weeks planning the victory celebrations and using the rest of the time explaining to those champing at the bit for the details about what was going to happen after the event. Instead of being out there trying to win the race?

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  9th April 2020

      Of course if the Government ran businesses that (an Ashley Bloomfield of Economics) is exactly what we would be suffering. No doubt North Korea has one, though likely he is just one mistake away from a firing squad. Of course I guessed this would be Eaqub without reading it. And no doubt he aspires to the position.

    • Duker

       /  9th April 2020

      Economists always think like that , that their type are the only ones who know.
      Economists rank even lower than epidemiologists for their wrong guesses.
      I had to point out the basic error in the economist who was reported here as fear of flying killed x people after 911. If it cant be reproduced its worthless ,and didnt make sense anyway. I passed on my concerns to the university economist who got it from a book, I gave him a published paper which said different. hes probably a very smart guy and can see it much clearer

    • Pink David

       /  9th April 2020

      This is a great idea. Experts have got NZ here, so experts can get NZ out.


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