Initial Green Party list lacks gender, climate balance

Stuff have reported Green Party initial election list puts newcomer Teanau Tuiono ahead of several sitting MPs

An initial list for the Green Party puts activist Teanau Tuiono ahead of several sitting MPs in the party.

The Green Party list will dictate which of their MPs enter Parliament after the next election, should they win over five per cent of the vote.

The ranking of the list is voted on by members in two different stages – first by delegates at a conference for an initial list and then by all 7000 or so Green Party members closer to the election.

Tuiono was 16th on the Green list last election.

Due to two late withdrawals of male MPs from the list just before the last election the Greens have ended up with 2 male and six female MPs, and one of the males, Gareth Hughes, isn’t standing again. The try to have a balanced list, so they presumably have to have male candidates higher on the list than female MPs.

Tuiono is a veteran activist and education consultant who has worked at the United Nations and Massey University.

The initial list swaps the order of the co-leaders but this is likely to be a Greens having turns thing but also probably means a ministerial role for Davidson if they get back into Government with Labour.

  1. Marama Davidson
  2. James  Shaw
  3. Jan Logie
  4. Eugenie Sage
  5. Teanau Tuiono
  6. Julie Anne Genter
  7. Chlöe Swarbrick
  8. Golriz Ghahraman
  9. Elizabeth Kerekere (Tīwhanawhana Trust chair – “Tīwhanawhana Trust chair” – a takatāpui community group based in Wellington)
  10. Ricardo Menéndez March (Auckland Action Against Poverty activist)

Voted on be delegates, this is still gender unbalanced with only 2 the top 9 male. If Greens get the minimum MPs that’s 2 of 6.

With Hughes dropping out it also looks like more of a move towards social activism with less expertise in climate activism.

The final list could address this.


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  1. Duker

     /  10th April 2020

    There is no Greens requirement for 50 50 gender balance in the top 12 or so.
    Theres a progressive number which is less rigid lower down

  2. Duker

     /  10th April 2020

    Heres is Greens formal rules for selecting list as lodged with Elections NZ
    8.2.1 The balance criteria for the list ranking process are in priority order:
    a) Māori – a minimum of 10% of candidates shall be of Māori descent, defined on the basis of the stated whakapapa on their Candidate CV.
    b) Gender – a maximum of 60% of candidates shall be male; a maximum of 60% of candidates shall be female. Gender is defined on the basis of the answer to the open question on the Parliamentary Candidate Declaration and Nomination forms.
    c) Region – a minimum of 40% of candidates shall be from the North Island; a minimum of 20% of candidates shall be from the South Island. Region is defined on the basis of residential address, at the time the Candidate Pool closes for list-ranking purposes. North Island includes all offshore islands normally associated with the North Island, including the Chatham Islands because they are part of Rongotai Electorate; South Island includes Stewart Island, and all offshore islands normally associated with the South Island, Candidates whose residential address is outside New Zealand do not count as either North or South Island for the purposes of the balance criteria.
    d) Age – a minimum of 10% of candidates shall be under 35, defined as age on the date the
    Candidate Pool closes for List Ranking

    Love to know where the idea of a 50:50 male female ration came from. …
    They just say a ceiling of 60% of each gender its its amoung a number of rules

  3. Alan Wilkinson

     /  10th April 2020

    If women vote for Jacinda the Greens are dead.

    • David

       /  10th April 2020

      They have no room left but to go more activist, Ardern will wipe them out this election.
      Be nice to have a Green party that voted with the majority party on its election manifesto but pushed hard for solely environmental policies. They could swing both ways and dump the crazies and be a permanent part of governing and the planet would be better for it.
      There is a huge appeal in the middle class voting base for this sort of thing.

      • artcroft

         /  11th April 2020

        I believe their rules require at least 60% of candidates in the top 12 on the list must be crazies.

      • Blazer

         /  11th April 2020

        So you’re a swinging voter David….comedy platinum.

  4. Zedd

     /  10th April 2020

    methinks the ‘gender balance’ was likely more about ensuring males did not ‘over represent’.. but perhaps they forgot this, when it goes the other way ?

    > OR maybe the ‘skill set’ is now their main focus ?

    * good to see Marama.. #1 🙂

    • Corky

       /  11th April 2020

      Whatever happened to skill and excellence?

      • Blazer

         /  11th April 2020

        Done away with long ago.
        Example …’candidate school’…who can raise the most..2 Indians or 2 Chinese?

  5. Zedd

     /  10th April 2020

    btw: after the formation of the first truly MMP Govt.
    it is possible that Jo/Joe kiwi may decide they actually prefer FPP & end up with Ardern V Bridges (or Paula).. act & maybe a green or 2 ? (dirty deals)

    BUT not my ideal outcome, I say ‘the more (parties) the better’ :/

    • Gezza

       /  11th April 2020

      But isn’t one of the problems with ‘the more parties the better’ an uncordinated gaggle of policies that must make setting a policy programme a nightmare for a Finance Minister?

      I’m think Im more in favour of relatively small coalitions Zedd. Maybe 3 or 4 parties.

      Which is what have now, except I don’t like NZF.

    • Duker

       /  11th April 2020

      Its not back to FPP even if all MPS are from only Lab or Nats
      You are forgetting the most important part of MPP which is the ‘proportionality of the seats’
      There is something to be said for MMP having a lower threshold than 5% as the population increases. I think it should be set at the % which gives a viable party in parliament , say around 5 Mps

  1. Green list dominated by MPs, women | Your NZ

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