What do people do on Easter Friday?

I remember Easter Friday as the most closed, nothing to do days of the year.

When I was young and boarding in Dunedin, we were asked to leave for Easter because owners wanted to borer bomb the house (I was actually boarding in the house that featured in the movie Scarfies, but that was filmed after my time there).

So I took my sleeping bag and went to work and slept on the floor. On Easter Friday there was nothing open and nothing to do (I didn’t think of trying a church). No TV, no radio, no newspaper – that was probably the quietest day of my life.

When I got married and had a family we often went ‘home’ to spend Easter with my father in Lowburn, Central Otago. Easter was great there in the country with no town lights, but usually clear nights just after a full moon as you always have at Easter so it was quite light with a bright moon.

I experienced similar last night at home, but I won’t be going anywhere this Easter. It will be much the same as last weekend and the weekend before, except with a few extra days away from my work at home desk.

We’ve got some chocolate stuff and will scoff that. I’ve never known whether the tradition was to eat Easter eggs on Easter Friday or Sunday, but Friday seems good enough. I’ve got plenty to do outside to work off the calories.

Some time over the weekend I’ll watch Jesus Christ Superstar, I like the music and it’s an interesting telling of a story cobbled together from very sketchy history. I learnt more about Jesus history from this musical than from any church or Sunday School growing up (I went for a while but thought the stories were boring).

The weather looks like being great for today and tomorrow so there’s a lot of work I can do outside, continuing the Covid enabled catch up of things I have been meaning to do plus some new projects.

Those who like to do the Church thing on Easter Fridays may be finding out how quiet the day used to be for others, no shops open, no cafes or bars, the deadest day of they year and not just for Jesus.

However you do your Easter Friday I hope you have a good day.

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  1. Gezza

     /  10th April 2020

    Well, so far I’ve

    * washed down the painted cedar weather boards in the alcove entry way to Pooken Manor’s main entrance
    * fed 6 pukekos
    * talked Bluey Pook into coming down out of the pittosporum tenuifolium that overhangs my back yard, after he started constantly shrieking an alarm to all the other pukekos, & when I went out there to see what was wrong I saw a black cat high-tailing it up the driveway from my yard to the street
    * drilled the North fence, put a brass screw in, & hung the clay pottery Sun Face on the fence. Then cleaned the moss off several tall fence palings so it looks better
    * done the washing & hung it out. My work overalls need some running repairs when they’re dry. Probably do those this arvo or thos evening
    * replaced one of the screws holding the little platform I put on top of the trellis for one of the little heavy ceramic bowls I put the tuis’ sugar water in

    10.10 am

    I might have a nap.Got up too early. Got some spot painting to do where the paint has stated to flake of a few weatherboards this arvo, z among other things.

  2. Zedd

     /  10th April 2020

    of course some folks think ‘Good Friday’ is just a pagan festival of ; Ishtar/Easther (spring in Nth) that was adopted by the RCC, along with many other non-biblical events.
    >in fact if you read the text, it is not possible that JC was hung on the Cross of friday.. buried & remained in the grave for 3 Days/nights & rise on Sunday morning; it does not add up :/

    So I think I’ll just spend another friday in lockdown.. 🙂

  3. Alan Wilkinson

     /  10th April 2020

    With the high spring tides our usual morning walk was flooded today so Gemma and I headed back along the boardwalk:. Then it was home to make muffins and coffee.

    • duperez

       /  10th April 2020

      So busy looking at Gemma my hand hit the wrong button. Doggone it!

  4. J Bloggs

     /  10th April 2020

    We’ve got a tradtion of home baking a batch of hot cross buns on Good Friday (this years edition are in the oven as I type).

    Otherwise its sit back and enjoy the pleasant weather.

    The Kids will get thier easter eggs on Sunday.


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