Daily Covid-19 update plus Ardern details Alert Level 3 rules

The level 3 rules have been announced, with some relaxation in movement, business and education, and a change for keep local to keep regional, but still quite restricted.

Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield:

15 new cases (6 confirmed, 9 probable) with the total cases now 1,401

11 of the new cases linked to the currently known clusters.

12 in hospital, 3 in ICU, 2 critical.

42 more recovered, total now 770

3661 tests yesterday, total now 70,160

This morning the Ministry of Health undertook targeted sentinel testing in Queenstown. 300 people were tested for COVID-19 at a supermarket. This will help build a picture of whether there is any community spread in the area. Similar testing will be undertaken in several other centres.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern:

The aim is still to eliminate the virus. “We have made a good start” but need to prepare for what comes next.

Level 3 is the next step we will move to (they will announce on Monday if we change levels). We will step down to level 3 consistent with eliminating Covid-19.

Principles of Alert level 3 – Restrict

Restrict – there’s a risk of bouncing back but restrict contact as much as possible. This is a hold and wait and see level.

Stay home, save lives, but with key differences aimed to help people and business to move forward.

Keep to your bubble, but you can expand the bubble but keep exclusive and keep it small.

Business will move to safe operations so businesses like construction and forestry will be able to resume if safe practices are adhered to. Some trades will be able to

Bars, restaurants and malls will remain closed, but non face to face transactions can begin, like takeaway foods and online sales.

A partial reopening of education, up to year 10 only (covering 14, the age children need to be supervised) and voluntary only for when parents want to return to work. When able children should remain at home.

Tertiary will as much as possible be done through distance learning.

Travel restrictions remain. ‘Keep local’ will change to ‘keep regional’. Restrict travel to only what is necessary.

Recreation should still be local, and non-motorised. So you can swim, surf and fish from the shore, but no congregation, and don’t start new pastimes.

Funerals can go ahead, maximum 10 people.

Weddings with 10 people maximum can go ahead as services only, no food or receptions.

As a general rule of thumb the 2 metre rule should still apply as much as possible. In limited cases 1 metre is ok.

A return to normal Parliament business is to be considered separately by Parliament.

The aim is to move progressively down the levels and avoid having to go back up again if things deteriorate.

The official blurb will be posted separately.

As at 9.00 am, 16 April 2020
Total Change in last 24 hours
Number of confirmed cases in New Zealand 1,084 6
Number of probable cases 317 9
Number of confirmed and probable cases 1,401 15
Number of cases currently in hospital 12 -1
Number of recovered cases 770 42
Number of deaths 9 0


Total cases by DHB, as at 9.00 am, 16 April 2020
DHB Active Recovered Deceased Total Change in last 24 hours
Auckland 60 123 183 1
Bay of Plenty 15 29 44 0
Canterbury 67 70 6 143 -1
Capital and Coast 43 46 2 91 3
Counties Manukau 48 61 109 2
Hawke’s Bay 26 15 41 0
Hutt Valley 7 13 20 0
Lakes 6 9 15 0
Mid Central 10 19 29 1
Nelson Marlborough 18 30 48 0
Northland 18 8 26 0
South Canterbury 8 6 14 1
Southern 74 139 213 0
Tairāwhiti 4 0 4 1
Taranaki 3 11 14 0
Waikato 106 76 182 3
Wairarapa 0 8 8 0
Waitematā 105 100 205 4
West Coast 2 2 1 5 0
Whanganui 3 4 7 0
Total 623 769 9 1401 15


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  1. Given that no spread has been in supermarkets, I see no reason not to open shops & cafes given the tiny number of new cases. The easing is minimal. Hardly worth bothering.

    • How on earth are people to travel regionally without motorised transport ???

      The education rules are ridiculous. It’s either safe or it’s not.

      623 cases nationwide is hardly an epidemic, if the PM waits until there are no active cases, we’ll be in lockdown (and 3 is virtually that) till Christmas.

      • Duker

         /  16th April 2020

        Given the elderly are the ultra high risk groups, surely you support more quarantine on them , so every one is relaxed?
        I bet you moan over that as well.

        • I wouldn’t leave them shut in their houses alone, no. That would be unthinkably cruel.

          But nor do I support assuming that everyone has it when there are only 623 active cases and closing down the economy for that number of cases. That’s one person in 8025. Are the risks justified for such a tiny percent ?

          Would you have advocated a lockdown when SARS affected 5 times as many people?

  2. Duker

     /  16th April 2020

    Supermarkets were essential food supplies ..cafes are not. remember the level 4 was total quarantine with a few exceptions

    Some transmission is ‘unknown’ , so supermarkets are possible as has occured overseas for obvious reasons

    • There’s obvious risks with supermarkets so caution is required, but there’s obvious bigger risks with running out of food.

      It’s fairly obvious why cafes aren’t considered essential, and they’re higher risk with people gathering in groups in usually small places for periods of time.

      People might feel stressed having to make their own coffee but too bad, it shouldn’t do them much harm.

      • It’ll harm all the people who become unemployed if the cafes are closed for too long and the owners who go bellyup.

        Will the PM demand a lockdown when the flu season begins and kills 5-600 people ?


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