Daily Covid update plus Minister of Education

Chris Hipkins today with Dr Ashley Bloomfield.

5 new cases (2 confirmed and 3 probable), total now 1,445.
All new cases are linked to known cases.

One more death, a woman who was from St Martins Rest Home in Auckland. Deaths now total 13.

12 in hospital, 3 in ICU, none critical.

32 more recovered cases, total now 1,006

Chris Hipkins – first in Parliament which partialy restarts on 28 April, details will be decided and announced tomorrow but it is expected there will be reduced numbers in the House with proper social distancing. Cafes will not be open in Parliament.

It will deal with Question Time, Ministerial statements and urgent legislation.

On education – next week  most schools will be open for people who need that but children who can stay home should stay home, and it is expected that’s most children under level 3,

Quite a bit of detail – this will likely be posted online so I will repost that.

As at 9.00 am, 21 April 2020
Total Change in last 24 hours
Number of confirmed cases in New Zealand 1,107 2
Number of probable cases 338 3
Number of confirmed and probable cases 1,445 5
Number of cases currently in hospital 12 -2
Number of recovered cases 1,006 32
Number of deaths 13 1


Total cases of COVID-19 in NZ by age

The State of National Emergency to support the COVID-19 response will be extended a fourth time, for a further seven days.

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    • Duker

       /  21st April 2020

      Two ends of the silly spectrum ..more boltholes for billionaires and more trains for commuters in places that need them.
      Must be a mad panic over the Queenstown/Wanaka real estate market going into free fall and the local rich pricks being stuck with property they can sell under any circumstances
      never mind Soimun is hearing you

  1. David

     /  21st April 2020

    2 new confirmed, maybe she should hold on another week before we ease up to the 2nd strictest lockdown on earth…just be cautious

    • I sincerely hope that you are joking !!!

    • Duker

       /  21st April 2020

      “All new cases are linked to known cases”
      Unlike yesterday when 4 were orphan cases and the dreaded community transmission

      This has been seen in Kelburn , ‘semi albino’ waxeye/tauhou

  2. Duker

     /  21st April 2020

    This is interesting in the context of some saying ‘Australia has shops open they have better system” of lockdown. Mostly no customers though as no one wants to go browsing in the circumstances of the last month…the shops here were largely empty the week before lockdown began. ( excluding food shops)

    “For many commercial tenants, clause 27.5 in their lease agreement is a small miracle – two lines which mean they shouldn’t have to pay some or all their rent during the level 4 lockdown. But what about when we move to level 3?

    For Tom*, a small business owner with his partner Rosie, moving to alert Level 3 fills him with dread not relief.
    “Moving to Level 3 makes business WORSE for most retailers,” he wrote to Newsroom when the change from Level 4 was announced.

    Like many retailers, Tom and Rosie have been relying on clause 27.5 of the Auckland District Law Society lease to get a reduction in rent during the closedown.

  3. Blazer

     /  22nd April 2020

    His fears are well founded….the screams from business owners will be amplified as the C19 level decreases.


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