Daily Covid update Friday – deaths now 17

One more death – a man in his 60s from Rosewood Rest Home – brings the total deaths to 17.

Ten of those deaths are from Canterbury, most if not all from Rosewood.

5 new cases (2 confirmed, 3 probable) – total cases now 1,456.

8 people are in hospital, 1 in ICU

1095 have recovered.

Another new record number tested yesterday: 6,961

As at 9.00 am, 24 April 2020
Total Change in last 24 hours
Number of confirmed cases in New Zealand 1,114 2
Number of probable cases 342 3
Number of confirmed and probable cases 1,456 5
Number of cases currently in hospital 8 0
Number of recovered cases 1,095 30
Number of deaths 17 1


Grant Robertson today – says the economic plan to respond and recover from Covid-19 consists of three waves:

1. Fighting the virus and cushioning the blow

2. Positioning for recovery and kick-starting the economy

3. Resetting and rebuilding our economy

Wage subsidy audits to protect business integrity

The Government is protecting the integrity of New Zealand businesses correctly accessing the wage subsidy by prioritising the audit process for businesses where complaints have been laid.

A dedicated MSD investigations team is working with IRD and MBIE to ensure businesses using the scheme as intended are not undermined by the actions of a few, Finance Minister Grant Robertson and Social Development Minister Carmel Sepuloni say.

The scheme has paid out $10.4 billion to protect jobs and support the incomes of over 1.6 million New Zealanders. This has kept businesses connected to their workers during the lockdown, so they are in a good position to start up on the other side.

Hospitality businesses prepare for level 3 reopening

Across the country hospitality businesses are making plans and getting prepared to reopen under alert level 3 on Tuesday. The Restaurant Association expects about a third of the roughly 9000 cafes and restaurants to open, but to stay within lockdown rules and attract customers many are having to get creative.

Potential to open NZ-Aus border

Both New Zealand and Australia’s prime ministers see merit in opening up the borders between the two countries in the future but only when it is safe to do so.

Jacinda Ardern and Scott Morrison have discussed the possibility but no plans have yet been confirmed.

Morrison told Australians last night that he would be open to the idea of allowing travel between Australia and New Zealand before border restrictions are completely relaxed.

Morrison says New Zealand is the obvious country to open back up to given the similar Covid-19 trajectories.

But a spokesperson for Ardern says the country’s borders are the best protection against Covid-19 and while the idea has merit, nothing is going to happen immediately.

I expect both countries will want to see how relaxing restrictions go first.

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  1. Duker

     /  24th April 2020

    This interview with a Professor whos been warning of ‘the coming pandemic’ since 2005

    Osterholm, who founded the University of Minnesota’s Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy, warned in 2005 that “time is running out to prepare for the next pandemic,” a point that he expanded on in his 2017 book, “Deadliest Enemy: Our War Against Killer Germs.”


    he says this
    “I’ve come to the point of concluding, let’s throw out all the models. They’re not helpful because they’re causing some to believe the administration is overinflating the numbers of potential cases and deaths. Meanwhile, others conclude the model used by the White House is intentionally underreporting the numbers and they think the administration is trying to downplay this pandemic. It seems that nobody trusts anybody.”
    Of course models dont have the data to do a full correct simulation , but for US it could be 50,000 lives if they are wrong on the low side.

    “As we learn more about the transmission of this virus, it’s very clear that it is at least, if not more, infectious than even what the world experienced in the historic pandemic influenza of 1918. And I’m convinced that this pandemic is following what we experienced in 1918.
    While I don’t expect the Covid-19 pandemic to be exactly like that of 1918, the epidemiology tells me that this first wave of illness is, in fact, just the beginning of what could very easily be 16 to 18 months of substantial activity of this virus around the world,
    coming and going, wave after wave.

  2. Gezza

     /  24th April 2020

    Yay !

    My car’s had an oil leak following a WOF & service on 20 March. By the time I noticed it on the internal garage floor, level 4 restrictions had just kicked in & my service mechanics’ garage was closed for the duration. So I’ve just had to park it in the asphalt visitor’s car park outside my lounge meantime, where the oil will be absorbed into the surface & disappear over the next few months.

    I didn’t think my garage would be open when we move to level 3, but just got a call from their service manager, replying to my month old ansaphone message. They are going to be open from Tuesday. Car’s booked in for an oil leak check on Wednesday, but there arecspecial requirements, just emailed to me:

    Thank you for your booking

    Moving into Level 3 COVID-19 situation we are having to operate differently.

    Unfortunately we are unable to have face to face contact at this time, customers will not be allowed in the dealership and we are unable to supply loan cars.

    When you arrive at the dealership please park your car in one of our customer car parks.

    By the main workshop door there is a key drop box that will be clearly sign posted – please place your keys in there.

    At that point could you please call us on ************ to let us know you are here – we have to keep a record of movements in case the government need to track COVID-19 cases.

    From there we will contact you if there are any issues or when your car is finished.

    In regards to payment we can accept credit card over the phone.
    We are happy to accept a screen shot of the payment if you would prefer to do internet banking – send to xxxxxxxxxx@abcdefg.co.nz

    Your vehicle will then be ready for collection, keys will be in a small bag on the front wheel.

    We appreciate your understanding in these unprecedented times.

    If you have any queries please contact us via email from the 28th on *********

    All seems pretty straightforward. Hopefully its just a seal or something minor.

  3. David

     /  24th April 2020

    So we have just 19 active cases of Covid 19, seems an auspicious day so tell me why cant we go to level 2 on Tuesday ?

  4. Gezza

     /  24th April 2020

    Waiting outside my favourite local dairy (for, like, 3 minutes) yesterday afternoon to get some milk & a treat, a police car, the first one I’ve seen around town since lockdown started, & with two male officers in the front seats, drove thru Main Road, Tawa, & the officers were looking around.

    I suddenly realised that my eyes had narrowed & that I was glowering at them, & I thought, “Blimey – that’s a first !”

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  24th April 2020

      I recall after the Springbok Tour protests finished it took a conscious effort not to march down the middle of the road. And cops never really looked the same since.

      • I hope that you never chanted the little ditty that began ‘Eat more……’

        I am not glowering at cops because they must have an extremely thankless job at the moment, running people in for such trivia.

        Court scene; the judge puts on the black cap…

        “Prisoner at the bar, you have been found guilty of the crime of driving 3km to the beach. It is the sentence of this court that you be taken from hence to the place whence you came, and from there to a place of execution where you will be hanged by the neck until you are dead. May God have mercy on your soul.’

  5. Alan Wilkinson

     /  24th April 2020

    We now have more deaths per capita than Aus?

    • Yes, I make it about 3.04 per million (Australia) and about 3.48 per million (New Zealand).

      10 of our deaths are from Canterbury, I think all from the one rest home.

      • Duker

         /  24th April 2020

        Demographics and size of country different
        Queensland with 6 deaths and a smudge larger population of 5.11 mill people.
        My guess is the obvious ‘Tropical weather’

        Iceland has 10 deaths and 365,000 people

        • Alan Wilkinson

           /  24th April 2020

          Pretty clear that the toll depends on keeping it out of institutions – hospitals, retirement and care homes.

  6. Conspiratoor

     /  24th April 2020

    No 3 worries me.”Resetting and rebuilding our economy”. This clown with no investment in the future has one weapon in his arsenal and he will use it. See Blazer’s link earlier. We need to brace ourselves for a surge in ‘foreign’ investment in property and NZ owned companies.

    And watch immigration from the same totalitarian state that will be buying up large and sending their own workforce in to carve up great chunks of our urban fringes. You ain’t seen nothing yet Mr Mainwaring

    The next generation will pay a heavy price for what is about to happen

  7. Gezza

     /  24th April 2020

    “A yachtie who sailed from the Marlborough Sounds to Wellington breaking lockdown rules was met by police boat Lady Elizabeth.

    Police are gathering further information while considering next steps over the incident, which took place on Wednesday.

    One person was aboard the yacht and they were not arrested, a police spokeswoman said.”
    – Stuff,co

    Dunno about anyone else but this sounds OTT to me.

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  24th April 2020

      Interrupted Lady Elizabeth’s fishing?

    • Duker

       /  24th April 2020

      “but this sounds OTT to me.”
      people are being turned around because they want to drive from Hutt valley to Kapiti coast for a drive, and you think its OK to travel between the Islands.
      There could be 1500 people from the SI who would jump at the chance to get to Wellington right now but cant.

      • Alan Wilkinson

         /  24th April 2020

        How about the rules are just b. stupid for both activities, Duker?

      • Gezza

         /  24th April 2020

        I see you’re back to being a puerile name-calling overgrown schoolboy again.

        What is it about your personality, or what has happened to you in your life that makes you so obsessively do that sort of thing?

        Personally I think it’s so juvenile it’s laffable. Most kidz grow out of it when they leave school. Putting a # in front of a pathetic & irrelevant put down likecthat doesn’t make it any more clever or trendy.

        When do you think you might eventually grow up?

        • Duker

           /  24th April 2020

          Still the superior air…I guess you have always thought along those lines.
          Elderly gents who have yatchs should be never questioned by plod.. it’s just not cricket

          • Gezza

             /  24th April 2020

            I have no idea of the guy’s age; didn’t even look at that if it’s stated.

            And you’re still the world’s worst amateur mind reader, btw. You cannot possibly understand what my thinking or (your perceived) motives are by attempting to understand them in light of what makes YOU think or do things.

            Do you see the irony in your accusing someone else of having a superior air? If you can’t you’ve got a blind spot the size of Africa.


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