“Sane, safe proposals for legislation of cannabis”

From the New Zealand Medical Cannabis Council:

Medicinal cannabis industry welcomes sane, safe proposals for legislation of cannabis

The head of the New Zealand medicinal cannabis industry association is welcoming the release of the cannabis legalisation and control bill that will be voted on at the referendum as part of the general election this year.

Sally King of the NZ Medical Cannabis Council and says that while members will have their individual views, she believes the bill is designed to increase controls around access to cannabis by taking it out of the hands of criminals and young people.

“The Government has clearly looked at overseas examples of what works and come up with what looks like the best options globally to reduce access to young people and protect communities from harm.”

One of the biggest  lessons from Canada was that the medicinal and adult-use systems need to be kept quite separate.   The NZ Medicinal Cannabis Scheme became operational last month.

“The Medicinal Cannabis Scheme in New Zealand has been established with rules requiring pharmaceutical grade products only available through pharmacies and at this stage only through prescriptions. It is essential that medicinal cannabis production doesn’t get mixed up with non-medicinal or we will lose the trust and confidence of prescribers and patients.”

Ms King said allowing a small amount to be homegrown and the restrictions on legal age, public consumption and selling without a license would mean the plant is no longer controlled by gangs and criminals because people will be able to grow their own.

“The current laws are not working.  The level of Police resources tied up in prosecuting people in possession of a small amount for personal use is just ridiculous; and in 2017 half of prosecutions for minor drug offences were Māori.”

Ms King said while the Canadian experience was far from perfect and there were a number of lessons to be learnt, it was also clear that the sky hadn’t fallen in, thousands of jobs had been created, motor vehicle accidents and youth access hadn’t increased.

In both the United States and Canada, legalisation has been associated with minor increases in adult use of cannabis, but youth use has remained stable or decreased (following pre-legalisation trends). In fact, from 2018–2019, since legalisation Canada has seen the biggest drop in youth use (those aged 15–17) in history, going from 19.8% to 10.4%. It is often older age groups, those aged 45–64, who report the highest increases in use following legalisation, possibly reflecting therapeutic use in older populations.

While Canada is only 18 months into legalisation after a century of prohibition, other lessons NZ has clearly noted from the Canadian experience and avoided in the proposed bill  include the problems caused by a complex regulatory process, and long delays in licensing with not enough stores accessible, problems with quality and allowing corporate domination of the  industry instead of ensuring the opportunities are available to small producers and suppliers.

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  1. Duker

     /  4th May 2020

    It must be ‘native advertising week’… but of course PG doesnt do advertising

    it says “New Zealand Medical Cannabis Council” and yet half way through goes off…as these people always do…. :”The level of Police resources tied up in prosecuting people in possession of a small amount for personal use is just ridiculous;”
    Their idea of ‘small amounts for personal use’ would be quite a lot by most peoples standards and of course every low dealer will say I only left my home to go shopping ‘its only for personal use’. Even though they may have been given pre charge warnings before.

    in 2019 only 18 people were sentenced to prison ONLY for cannabis offences and those convicted ONLY for cannabis use/possession offence were 220 or so.
    Most other cases ( 85%) had other offences, likely burglkary, car conversion etc involved as well as the cannabis

    220 people convicted only for cannabis use/possession !

    I think we can put aside their ridiculous claims about police resources

    • seer

       /  4th May 2020

      Do you have a problem with the legalising of cannabis, Duker?

      • Duker

         /  4th May 2020

        Its not up to me …but false information should be corrected .
        Do you have a problem with lies being told about those convicted ‘soley’ on cannabis offences.
        No need to include those with criminal lifestyles who use cannabis and come to the attention of police. The people I know who use dont lead criminal lifestyles ..but then I could be living in a bubble.

  2. Duker

     /  4th May 2020

    [Deleted, off topic and trying to discredit the writer after warnings for doing this repeatedly.]

    • Duker

       /  4th May 2020

      All existing public information PG by the writer herself, why not let people know the background of ‘advocates’ . Transparency

      Its a major topic that voters are expected to decide on..in other words in the public interest, thats why you put it up there isnt it …its in the public interest for us to know what they are saying – even if its strayed away from medicinal.

      These are the members of the NZMCC ..in the interests of transparency

      CannaSouth Ltd has as a director one Connor English of Wadestown

      Strangely the advocate for the NZMCC is talking about recreational cannabis … is this group no longer only promoting medicinal and now into the personal use area …. I would have thought thats the province of long time groups like Norml and not slick astro turfing operations

      Ill have to keep my eyes peeled for wolves in sheeps clothing

      • You’re an ‘advocate’ but choose not to use transparency for yourself, as you’re allowed to do here, but there’s a bit of hypocrisy isn’t there?

        • Duker

           /  4th May 2020

          Not as a well paid ‘Collaborator, Driver, Advocate, Strategist’ for a corporate group.
          “The New Zealand Medical Cannabis Council (NZMCC) is a peak body for the sector to coordinate and represent organisations involved in all aspects of the new industry.”

          Doesnt sound like me at all. For various reasons there is very little public information about me that I have made available..unlike some others who ‘put it all out there’

          TheNZMCC sound like they have worthy goals related to medicinal cannabis ( to me its largely an illusion but it is what it is).
          ‘testing of cannabinoids in plants and products;
          cultivation and harvesting of cannabis for medicinal purposes;
          extraction and processing methods;
          labelling and advertising of medicinal cannabis products and companies.’

          It piqued my interest that the public face of NZMCC is pushing the vote for recreational use by using false claims. Is that the ‘Strategy ‘

          Same as last week a Mr Le Brun , also of the Medical Cannabis Council, ( public information) made false claims on this blog about Labours ‘100 days to introduce the medical cannabis legislation’, even going so far as incorrectly saying the well respected MP Dr Reti had made similar claims which corroborated him.. Of course I refuted his claims by …public information.

  3. Zedd

     /  4th May 2020

    I totally agree that medicinal cannabis should be kept separate from adults personal use.
    If folks over 20 choose to use the herb.. that the debate from the reeferendum.
    My preference is obvious..

    There is strong evidence from overseas that cannabis does have genuine medicinal/therapeutic properties & should be available to treat these conditions.
    Even the UN convention on Narcotic drugs, gives a general exemption to such use. Some in the know, believe it should never, have been prohibited for such use, as occurred in 1975, when the MODA effectively brought about ZERO-tolerance..

    My other concern is that, should the referendum fail, that some will start to vilify the medicinal suppliers, as ‘DOPE peddlers in disguise’ & try to overturn the 2018 Med-use act 😦

  1. “Sane, safe proposals for legislation of cannabis” — Your NZ – NZ Conservative Coalition

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