Young Act sexual harassment – members removed, investigation started

A follow up to Young Act acknowledge claims of sexual harassment from vice president – the vice president who resigned when going public on her claims is “pleased with the actions that are now being taken”.

Two Young Act members have been ‘removed’, and the Act Party president has appointed an employment lawyer to investigate and says “the allegations were being taken very seriously”.


Stuff: Young ACT members booted out, vice-president resigns over sexual harassment claims

The vice-president of Young ACT has resigned and two members of the youth wing have been kicked out amid allegations of sexual harassment.

Young Act president Felix Poole acknowledged the youth wing had failed Gammeter, saying it did not have a system in place to deal with complaints.

“It was our fault,” he said.

“There was hesitancy on the behalf of Young ACT to act because we had no system or guidelines in place.”

He said the offending had taken place online, and there were two further incidents, but did not elaborate.

Two members of Young ACT had been removed as a result, and it would be conducting its own investigation, as well as a possible independent inquiry.

The members had been blocked from Young ACT’s social media, and Poole said he did not think they would appeal the decision.

It was not calling in the police but would co-operate if they were brought in, he said.

RNZ: Young ACT to investigate sexual harassment of vice president

The Act Party has hired an employment lawyer to conduct an independent investigation into the allegations of misconduct within its youth wing.

Andrea Twaddle has been appointed by the party to investigate the claims of sexual harassment made by Gammeter.

ACT president Tim Jago said the party first became aware of Gammeter’s allegations last night.

Jago said the allegations were being taken very seriously.

“We will be providing Ms Gammeter with any support she requires,” he said.

MP and party leader David Seymour seems to be keeping a distance from this.

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  1. Blazer

     /  8th May 2020

    ‘Young Act’….surprised to learn there is such a thing.

    Maybe a name change is in order…’Act your age’.

    • Says the person who didn’t know that it was possible to make coffee other than instant coffee in one’s own kitchen; there are many things that you don’t know,like all folk dancing not being Morris Dancing.

  2. lurcher1948

     /  8th May 2020

    Hell its a Young(labour) ACT camp situation,but online..why didn’t David Seymour know what was happening, to much hanging out with gun owners and their adulation and also its different when the right do it.
    MP and party leader David Seymour seems to be keeping a distance from this(.Wheres the leadership)

  3. Alan Wilkinson

     /  8th May 2020

    ACT President says he didn’t know about it, Young ACT VP says she’s been complaining for months, Young ACT Pres says they didn’t have a policy. Sounds like the last may not last long in that position.

  4. Duker

     /  8th May 2020

    Princess Parties anyone ?

  5. Blazer

     /  8th May 2020

    teaching NZ youth to be greedy and selfish is reprehensible…ACT is like a drooling mongrel ,dog,dry humping Nationals leg.


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