Protesters encouraged by Trump have spread Covid around state

It was easy to see this coming, with White House experts and the vice-president battling against the President’s messages.

Fox News – Dr. Birx: Michigan protests ‘devastatingly worrisome’

Dr. Deborah Birx, coordinator of President Trump’s coronavirus task force, warned that some activities that Americans are engaging in across the country are potentially putting lives in danger as the coronavirus pandemic continues to plague the nation.

In a “Fox News Sunday” interview, Birx weighed in on recent incidents ranging from crowds flocking to Califonia beaches to the reopening of salons and spas, but came down particularly hard on Michigan protesters who stormed the state capitol in large numbers without wearing masks.

“It’s devastatingly worrisome to me personally because if they go home and infect their grandmother or their grandfather who has a co-morbid condition and they have a serious or a very unfortunate outcome, they will feel guilty for the rest of our lives. So we need to protect each other at the same time we’re voicing our discontent.”

Fox News:  Gov. Whitmer asks Pence to discourage protests due to concerns of COVID-19 spreading to rural areas

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer told Vice President Mike Pence she was concerned that COVID-19 was spreading to rural parts of Michigan after groups of protesters gathered at the state capitol in defiance of her social distancing orders.

On a call with governors Monday afternoon, ABC News reports that Whitmer told Pence she was not only worried about the safety of those protesting, but also the health and safety of the communities where the protesters lived.

“We have seen from initial protests here is that we’ve got COVID-19 spreading in rural parts of our state, from which people traveled. And so, our ability to move on to the next phase and keep re-engaging our economy. I’m just concerned about it,” Whitmer said. “We’re going to keep watching those numbers and doing the tests.”

Whitmer also asked Pence to reinforce that people should take this seriously.

“If discouraging protests is something you could consider doing, I’d really be grateful,” she added.

Pence didn’t address the concerns over the protest, but later added that the Trump administration will “continue to emphasize to people the safe and responsible practices while we’ll move toward reopening.”

It might be futile for the administration to emphasize to people the safe and responsible practices while the Trump does the opposite.

Michigan has the seventh highest deaths per million of the US states at 468 which is high by international  standards – there are only 4 large countries with higher rates, with the whole of USA on 252.  Current deaths in Michigan 4,674, cases 48,021.

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  1. Duker

     /  13th May 2020

    Almost 10 mill, around twice our population and yet 200x our deaths

  2. It doesn’t seem to say that the protestors ARE spreading it, only that they COULD. They are not necessarily the people who have it.

      • ‘Concerns of spreading’, not ‘have spread’.

        Time will show, but people are becoming desperate. The US welfare system is very limited from what I gather.

        • Duker

           /  13th May 2020

          And yet you go on about concerns over hypothetical deaths over operation delays…can’t point to a single case…yet here you are

        • duperez

           /  13th May 2020

          The intellect of quite a few Michanganders is very limited too. I’ve been checking events over there for weeks. The disgruntled get the attention which distracts from the fact that Governor Whitmer has good approval ratings.

          Many of the protests carry the usual Trump supporter signage. Biden leads in polls over Trump.

          Billions are being spent in the race for a coronavirus vaccine, countries and corporations are hoping to be first to come up with the magic elixir and millions of Americans are praying for the medical breakthrough. Meanwhile anti-vaxxers are doing their thing on the streets of Lansing, Michigan along with brave armed men out after their own invisible enemy.

          In parts of Louisiana they have God and their right to go to church on their side so they’re getting off really easily. They have a couple of hundred thousand less than us in their population and have 2240 deaths.

  3. Duker

     /  13th May 2020

    Should show up in 2 weeks when they ask those in rural areas who have a virus where they have been….may only be low risk as state capital is Lansing not Detroit , with a population similar to Dunedin

  4. Brazil, England, Russia, America – turns out anti-science nationalism is the worst thing for the health of a nation.

    • Russia’s death count of 2,212 looks way out compared to their case count of 242,271 it’s a lot different of a ratio than other countries.

    • Pink David

       /  13th May 2020

      As opposed to the science led Belgium’s. The science led French.

      Any other country that was pro-science internationalist and had better outcomes than the aforementioned?

      • Duker

         /  13th May 2020

        Early lockdown gets good results not late, that is science results not prediction

        • Pink David

           /  13th May 2020

          “Early lockdown gets good results not late, that is science results not prediction”

          Interesting. Got something that shows this relationship?

          The UK locked down before NZ, so I assume you have another measure of early?

        • Pink David

           /  13th May 2020

          Just in a microcosm,

          New York, lockdown 20 March 2020, 21,850 deaths.
          California, lockdown 19 March 2020. 2,770 deaths.

          You must be right.

        • Griff.

           /  14th May 2020

          What counted is the number of cases before lock down not the date .
          NZ was proactive and locked down before we had an unmanageable number of vectors out in the community.
          Other places waited to long and now have a hard time containing the spread.

  5. President Trump versus Doctor Fauci:

    In an exclusive interview with FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo, President Trump responded to top infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci’s fears that spikes during the reopening process could turn into outbreaks if activities, like schooling, resume too quickly.

    “So [Dr.] Anthony [Fauci] is a good person, a very good person – I’ve disagreed with him,” Trump said. “We have to get the schools open, we have to get our country open, we have to open our country. Now we want to do it safely, but we also want to do it as quickly as possible, we can’t keep going on like this … You’re having bedlam already in the streets, you can’t do this. We have to get it open. I totally disagree with him on schools.”

    Fauci made comments during testimony before lawmakers Tuesday that caused some alarm, including the possibility of an uncontrollable outbreak.

    He cautioned that a vaccine or treatment would not likely be available before students are expected to begin their fall terms.

    “If this were a situation where you had a vaccine, that would really be the end of the issue in a positive way. But as I mentioned in my opening remarks, even at the top speed we’re going, we don’t see a vaccine playing in the ability of individuals to get back to school this term.”

    I wonder who makes the final decision on anything like that. It may be a state level decision anyway.

    • Trump privately questions whether coronavirus deaths are being overcounted as Fauci projects the opposite

      As nationwide case numbers show a steady decrease, Trump and some of his aides have begun questioning whether deaths are being over-counted, according to people familiar with the matter, even as the President publicly attests to the accuracy of the numbers.

      The top medical expert on the White House’s coronavirus task force, Dr. Anthony Fauci, has said the opposite could be true: that coronavirus deaths are being undercounted as people die at home without going to hospital.

      Us quibbling over how many people can go to a funeral seems minor compared to the differences there.

      PM Ardern and Dr Bloomfield are very much on the same page in theior handling of Covid here.


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