No active Covid cases in most districts

The Covid numbers are barely changing day to day now (that’s a good thing), but yesterday a milestone for the Southern DHB was reached – zero active cases.

There are now only 30 active cases in the whole country, and that’s in just five districts. Not only have most districts have ni active cases, they have had no new cases for a month.

The stringent lockdowns have effectively served a purpose.

Total cases by DHB, as at 9.00 am, 21 May 2020
DHB Active Recovered Deceased Total Change in last 24 hours
Auckland 3 174 177 0
Bay of Plenty 0 47 47 0
Canterbury 3 149 12 164 0
Capital and Coast 0 93 2 95 0
Counties Manukau 3 129 132 0
Hawke’s Bay 5 39 44 0
Hutt Valley 0 20 20 0
Lakes 0 16 16 0
Mid Central 0 32 32 0
Nelson Marlborough 1 48 49 0
Northland 0 28 28 0
South Canterbury 0 17 17 0
Southern 0 214 2 216 0
Tairāwhiti 0 4 4 0
Taranaki 0 16 16 0
Waikato 1 186 1 188 0
Wairarapa 0 8 8 0
Waitematā 14 219 3 236 0
West Coast 0 4 1 5 0
Whanganui 0 9 9 0
Total 30 1452 21 1503 0

There is still a lot of testing being done:

Lab testing for COVID-19 as at 9.00 am 21 May
Tests Date
Total tested yesterday 6,113 20 May 2020
7-day rolling average 5,032 14 May to 20 May 2020
Total tested to date 244,838 22 January to 20 May 2020
Supplies in stock 193,211 21 May 2020

So a lot of testing and no new cases most days now.

Unless there is a significant reversal in current trends we must be looking likely to drop to level 1 next week.

And if that happens hopefully Dunedin wil have the silly dots removed and cars on the main street will again be able to legally travel as fast as pedestrians and scooters on the footpaths. There have been a lot of Complaints over George St changes

Dropping the already low limit from 30 kph to 10 kph means that cars will be on the street for at least twice as long.

And there are serious concerns about encouraging children to play on the street.

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  1. Duker

     /  22nd May 2020

    So do kids play on street in Dunedins CBD ?
    Its well established beyond debate that the faster the cars go the more serious the injury …especially for pedestrians. Plus the quick decision needed and braking allows a car to stop within a smaller distance These would be the only arguments to consider when you need 10 km/hr
    Other streets may need faster moving traffic for different reasons ie the crossings are controlled by lights etc

  2. Alan Wilkinson

     /  22nd May 2020

    As I noted, 5 million people persist with productivity and job destroying rituals for no good reason. Incompetent lunacy.

    • Don’t you believe that without them we’d have had 80,000 deaths ?

      Nor do I.

      • The PM will have no valid excuse not to return to normal when it’s obvious that there is no chance of community transmission and there hasn’t been for some time.All that social distancing for 30 cases is unrealistic (and it is now) and spraying everything down as if we all had the plague is pointless.

        The 2m rule is being broken all the time. It’s just not possible. We’d have one person for every four seats on buses !

        • Duker

           /  22nd May 2020

          Here we go again …. reading from the Facticous/Munchausen by proxy playbook, naturally its not a diagnosis merely the type of information some one is obsessed with.

        • Duker

           /  22nd May 2020

          Hello . Dont you have your white coat on ?
          The testing of those without symptons , which is ongoing is the correct method to determine whether we know about all those infected———-40% of those infected have no symptons——hello Number 8 , your pedal boat has to come in.

          • Why ? Are you expecting a visit from the men in white coats ?

            • My mistake about the buses. I was forgetting that people wouldn’t be able to sit in the seat behind someone else, so there’d be one person for ? seats…nothing like as many as one in 4.

  3. Pink David

     /  22nd May 2020

    This is well worth a watch. Prof Gupta has been ahead of the curve on this from the start. The split between ICL and Oxford on this is profound and the history on why ICL’s doomsayers were listened too, and Oxford was not will come out sooner or later. The pettiness of certain people’s egos in this would be comical, if it hadn’t destroy a couple of hundred million lives.

    • Griff.

       /  23rd May 2020

      We do have a very god example of two country’s who share a lot culturally and geologically to compere the two responses.
      Sweden and Norway.
      Before lock down they had almost the same number of cases and deaths.
      Norway started lock down 14 march, on that date.
      Sweden 961 cases 2 deaths.
      Norway 1109 cases 3 deaths
      Sweden do nothing 32,809 cases 3,925 deaths.
      Norway lockdown 8,322 cases 235 deaths.
      Because Sweden will suffer the same economic outcome as the rest of the world it has killed thousands of its own people for no gain.
      Sweden unlikely to feel economic benefit of no-lockdown approach. Financial Times

      • Duker

         /  23rd May 2020

        The other point is Norway is much more like NZ in population, but a bit more than half that of Sweden. But the comparisons are still valid.
        The other place to compare is Greece with 10 mill people, they did a strong lockdown and did better than Norway, but maybe different reasons for that and Athens is a pretty crowded metropolis of more than 4 mill

  4. Our own Dear Leader says that she ‘acted on instinct and not science or evidence’ about the lockdown.

    They ‘had to anticipate, you knew what the science was, what the evidence was telling you, you didn’t know how it was going to roll out here in our context.’

    ‘At no point did the science and the evidence..(something) exactly what needs to happen’ (see above !)

    There was some waffle and repetition.

    She wants to ‘look back and see that things could have got worse because of COVID but that we actually made them better; our housing crisis, child poverty and equality and environmental issues.’

    • Duker

       /  22nd May 2020

      This is a sample of what Ardern did say, not your falsehoods
      “There was a huge degree to which we were stepping into the unknown and also the pace of decision making. Sometimes you just had to anticipate, you knew what the science was, you knew what the evidence was telling you, but you didn’t know how it was going to roll out here in our context,” said Ardern, sitting on a couch in her office.”

      At no point did the science and evidence say in absolute terms that this is exactly what needs to happen and this is the exact point at which it needs to happen,” she said. “There was a lot of judgement applied there.”
      How are you going to react now The Mullet ( that’s how he said to pronounce his name) lays the praise for Ardern pretty thick

      Muller’s main aim now is to give those national voters who have deserted the party a reason to come back…..and he’s going to sound like Ardern for a while now, until the donors revolt that is.


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