A pretty ugly Plan D

Dunedin City Council is going ahead with a 4.1% rates rise. They have also just announced spending of $145,000 on new campaign that is not receiving an A pass from the public, neither a B or C pass.

ODT – DCC spends $145,000 on new campaign: ‘Dunedin, A Pretty Good Plan D’

A new $145,000 slogan, aimed at enticing New Zealanders to visit Dunedin, is getting a D-grade from many online.

The slogan — “Dunedin, A Pretty Good Plan D”— is Enterprise Dunedin’s self-deprecating and wryly humorous nod to the fact the southern city may not be people’s first choice of destination.

The Dunedin City Council’s destination marketing arm described it as “an intriguing, high impact new domestic marketing campaign” which highlights the city’s many attractions in an unfolding story of references to famous international visitor hot spots, with stunning creative imagery backing up the connection.

“Dunedin may not have been their first choice, but it is a pretty good Plan D and can offer alternatives that are comparable to those found in Europe, Asia, Australia and the United States.

But Dunedin residents took to social media to disagree yesterday.

Disagreement on social media is pretty normal, but relegating a city to ‘plan d’ is something worthy of strong disagreement.

Whether the slogan (or any slogans) will make any difference is debatable.

Pouring money into a promotion in a severely depressed tourism market is itself a big risk.

Dunedin has had previous slogans that haven’t been particularly positive:

  • Dunedin, it’s all right here
  • I am Dunedin

The ODT hinted at how they rate the new slogan, accompanying the article with:

NZ’s worst town slogans? You be the judge

  • Ashburton – Whatever it takes
  • Wairoa – The Way NZ Used to Be
  • Featherston – If you lived here you’d be home by now
  • Timaru – Touch, Taste, Feel
  • Foxton – The Fox Town of New Zealand
  • Stop and Taste Te Puke
  • Matamata – You matter in Matamata
  • Gore – A little bit wild, a little bit out there
  • Hamilton – More than you Expect
  • Tempt me Tauranga
  • Right Up My Hutt Valley

You may have to see the last one to get the aim:

What is commonly known as ‘The Hutt’ is now apparently “A great place to live”. Up to 1999 it was “We’ve Got the Lot”.

Some more from Top 10 worst NZ city slogans

  • Auckland A (changed to “Big Little City”)
  • Of course you Canterbury
  • Hamilton, where it’s happening
  • Hamilton, City of the Future
  • Porirua: P-town


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  1. Alan Wilkinson

     /  29th May 2020

    Romantic Russell seems pretty snappy after that lot.

  2. Gezza

     /  29th May 2020

    Absolutely Positively Wellington. 👍🏼

    None can beat it. 🏆

  3. Corky

     /  29th May 2020

    Listened to Banksie yesterday. They were talking about the debt Auckland and Christchurch councils were carrying, with Christchurch soon to surpass Aucklands. Well, if you are going down the gurgler, may as well dress up nice and have a snappy slogan to make you feel better.

    • Gezza

       /  29th May 2020


      “…As councils attempt to encourage people to get out and support businesses and private parking businesses try to boost occupancy following the Covid-19 lockdown, deals are springing up.

      The Christchurch City Council will offer a free hour of parking will be at its Lichfield St and Art Gallery car parks between June 2 and August 31.

      The Marlborough District Council is also rolling out a free parking scheme in Blenheim and Picton, allowing up to two hours of free parking in selected areas until June 30.

      No such luck for drivers in Wellington, however.

      After switching off its metered parking system on March 24, the city council’s goodwill came to an abrupt end on May 12, resulting in 863 parking tickets and 44 infringements in one day.”
      … … … … …

      Idiots. Andy Foster has got to go ! 😡 Bring back Justin Lester ! 👍🏼

      • An hour isn’t enough. Hamilton’s two hours was in response to The Base which has free parking, and it seems to be working to some extent. The Base is convenient, but it doesn’t have much character and there is nothing like the river to look at.

  4. Corky

     /  29th May 2020

    But, didn’t Andy do a $30,000 leadership course? 🤔


    • Gezza

       /  29th May 2020

      Dunno. Paid my 4th & final quarterly rates payment by online banking yesterday. $709. Shudder to think what my first rates demand for the new rates year will be.

      • Alan Wilkinson

         /  29th May 2020

        There is no excuse for overall rate rises greater than inflation at this time.

        • Gezza

           /  30th May 2020

          “What did Wellington mayor Andy Foster learn on a $30,000 leadership course he attended earlier this year at a luxury five-star Queenstown resort?

          Ratepayers may never know, as Foster has refused to answer questions about what he learned. An official information request asking for a copy of a report on what Foster learned on the course has also proved fruitless, as such a report does not exist. The course, hosted at a resort that boasts a 27-hole championship golf course, an award-winning day spa, and a health and fitness centre, was paid for from the ratepayers’ purse.

          Inquiries made by the Herald earlier this year revealed Foster was completing an Institute for Strategic Leadership course at the Millbrook Resort in March. A brochure said the course cost almost $30,000, which included programme fees, transfers, meals, accommodation, and post-programme coaching.

          Foster made assurances at the time that ratepayers would be getting value for money. “It’s like any form of educational training, the cost is immediate, but the benefits, some of them may be quite quick and some of them may take a bit longer.”

          $30k in the overall scheme of things is probably not all that much. Article says Justin Lester & Celia Wade-Brown went on similar courses,mbut not run by the same people, & that Wade-Brown didn’t pay for hers with ratepayer money.

          Wellington City Council was reported earlier this year to be so beset with conflict & in-fighting Foster had called in a facilitator. Otherwise the Minister for Local Government was looking likely to appoint a Commissioner. Maybe Foster learned to call in a facilitator. It was a mistake by voters to replace Lester, in my view. Should’ve given him another term.

          This Foster character isn’t impressing me.


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