Black lives matter more than Level 2

Actually I presume the organisers theoretically had a responsibility to follow Alert Level 2 changes confirmed for Friday 29 May:

Social gatherings can be held with up to 100 people

The limit for social gatherings will be lifted to 100 people. These include events at home and outside of home like religious services, parties, weddings, tangihanga and funerals. It is important everyone keeps playing it safe.

This means:

  • Social gatherings at a private dwelling will be able to have a maximum of 100 people.
  • A business or responsible individual, in charge of a social gathering, must ensure records are kept for contact tracing purposes, except where every person in a gathering knows each other. This includes in your home, community hall, or other such space.
  • Participating in community sport will also become easier, with greater numbers of people able to gather up to a limit of 100 people. Requirements for contact tracing still remain.
  • Workers providing a service to a social gathering, such as waiters at a wedding, are not included in the 100 person limit.

Some examples:

  • A game of community rugby could occur so long as there are no more than 100 people on the field. Groups of up to 100 spectators will be permitted if they are separate to the field and do not intermingle with players or umpires.

At a community sports game which has a field and two stands either side, 100 people could gather in each space provided they do not intermingle with those from the other stand or with players and umpires on the field.

The protest puts Ardern in a tricky situation:

Pressure on her to support the protesting, but that would be difficult if she ignores the breaching of Level 2.

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  1. How things can go bad unintentionally – it looks like armed police are dealing with an incident totally separate too the protest.


    Police were called to an apartment on Anzac Avenue in central Auckland at 1.15pm today, after neighbours heard what sounded like gunshots.

    On arrival, police found that an apartment resident had been throwing items around his apartment, causing a significant amount of noise and damage.

    No firearms were involved.

    Police are aware of commentary on social media claiming the police in attendance were on their way to a planned march in Auckland city.

    These claims are not accurate.

  2. Pink David

     /  1st June 2020

    Replace one delusion with another. Well done.

  3. What good will a march in NZ do about an American problem ? The American government won’t take any notice. The callous murder of this man was a disgrace, but we can’t prevent such things happening in other countries.

  4. Corky

     /  1st June 2020

    So it looks like the police are making policy on the hoof. Depending on the situation and those involved, it will be a lucky dip as to what happens.

    I see all the usual suspects at the protest. Just one look tells the same story.

  5. lurcher1948

     /  1st June 2020

    Calm down Alan and Corky, orange is still trump, hes safe, he has awesome weapons and vicious dogs like RED and JESS, and little LULU calm down Righties and NO i dont think Jacindas pregnant,

  6. Reply
  7. Reply
  8. David

     /  1st June 2020

    David Seymour has been by far the best politician through this:–act-leader-david-seymour

    Where the hell is National, have they just given up. They might regret anointing the middle manager and maybe reflect that there is a reason no one has ever heard of him.

  9. oldlaker

     /  1st June 2020

    So what’s Ardern going to do? She and the police knew it was going to happen but didn’t say anything in warning against it. Her moral authority as the world’s greatest leader has just evaporated.

  10. NOEL

     /  2nd June 2020

    Media has focused on the George Floyd aspect but the organisers appear to have other gripes.
    “Protest organisers say there are three reasons for the march:
    “To display solidarity with the black community in America.”
    “To draw attention to the fact we pride ourselves on empathy and kindness, but the deafening silence from the Government and media is not an act of empathy and kindness.”
    “The militarisation of our police force will inevitably result in the disproportionate executions of our Māori and Pacific community members.”

    “Disproportionate executions” Wow

    • Gezza

       /  2nd June 2020

      If those are the ones in gangs with illegal guns, shooting & executing each other, & also aiming firearms at the cops, what do they expect? The police to ring them up for a bloody coffee, a toke & a chat?


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