Another Covid isolation shambles – shared use apartment building

More shambles – Hotel residents concerned over reports of quarantined travellers arriving

News that 12 busloads of people are going into quarantine at Stamford Plaza Hotel in central Auckland today has residents who live atop the building worried, but authorities say no decision has been made on using the hotel.

The apartments on top of the eight floor hotel are home to about 300 people, many of whom are older and at higher risk of severe complications or death if they catch the Covid-19 coronavirus.

Speaking at a media conference this afternoon, where he revealed that the country had two new cases of Covid-19, director general of health Dr Ashley Bloomfield said: “The point I will make is that over the two months to the beginning of June when we’ve been using managed isolation facilities, we have not seen any new infections as a result. So our procedures are good.”

He said that included no new infections for staff, who have been tested, especially during alert levels three and four.

“We’re now in a position where we will have caught up with (tested) everybody who will have come in from June the 9th.”

They should never have been is a situation where a catch up was required.

He said the issue with shared facilities was ensuring that people were separated. He has visited one and the extent that processes were in place was “quite remarkable”.

“It’s an ongoing work but I will point to the fact that we have not had any cases coming out of our managed isolation facilities in over 19,000 Kiwis that have come through in the past couple of months.”

Share facilities is nuts.

MEDIA STATEMENT: From Air Commodore Darryn Webb On Two New Cases (+ Statement On Stamford Hotel)

I would like to clarify a statement was made earlier today regarding the use of the Stamford Hotel.

I can confirm that the Stamford Hotel has not been used as a managed isolation facility. I can also confirm that, as part of our normal process to assess the suitability of a hotel as a facility, the Stamford is being assessed as a facility. However, no final decisions have been made.

Using an apartment building with 300 permanent residents for Covid quarantine is nuts. Who is thinking of doing this?

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  1. Let’s hope that there’s a separate lift. The permanent residents would rightly be furious. They can’t move out; who on earth would want to live there ?

    No one with it has moved out of….? What ?

    • The PDT might not mind discovering that they were sharing a building with potential covid cases. Most people would, especially if they were the age group most at risk. They will have invested a lot of money in these flats. Who would want to buy them at the moment ?

      Is it being used or isn’t it ?

      Who spread the news that it was, when, by ‘Digby’ Webb’s account it hasn’t been, just assessed ?

      Ashley Bloomfield is looking worse by the day.

  2. Maggy Wassilieff

     /  20th June 2020

    Oh Grief…
    who should I believe, Ashley or Darren/Digby?

    Perhaps I’ll wait for tomorrow’s version of spin.

    • Gezza

       /  20th June 2020

      1News at 6 showed Ashley Bloomfield, asked about this, calmly & confidently assuring the repeaters/reporters the hotel has already been used for isolation many times and has all the necessary protocols and procedures in place. Then pointed out Ministry of Health staff had had to correct him. It hasn’t.

      Bloomfield’s briefings have become subject to verification.

      • Maggy Wassilieff

         /  20th June 2020

        Yeah, but Ashley is handsome and so professional and iconic….

        • Gezza

           /  20th June 2020

          The 1News crew is pretty clearly going after him now. Their worms have turned.

          • Gezza

             /  20th June 2020

            They’ve had a “gotcha” style for him for a wee while.

            • Maggy Wassilieff

               /  20th June 2020

              Oh well,
              never mind…
              Darren/Digby is eye candy and don’t you just love a man in uniform?

            • Gezza

               /  20th June 2020

              I prefer watching women who’ve just taken off their uniform, tbh.

              But Digby hasn’t impressed in the video clips of him shown on 1News to date. He looked nervous & sounded unconvincing re knowing what’s happening. Mind you, their vid clips probably average about 2 seconds in length & their repeaters/reporters tell us what THEY think we should know.

  3. Duker

     /  21st June 2020

    There is some misunderstandings here.
    “Using an apartment building with 300 permanent residents for Covid quarantine is nuts.”

    There is a hotel ( which will be used for quarantine) which has an apartment building with separate lifts on top . Im sure even in normal times the two dont really cross paths , some say the carpark entrance is the same, but clearly these wont be used by isolated arrivals.
    The picture shows the separate lift tower and apartments on top with its entrance to the street and hotel lobby behind. The apartments were built at a later date

    The message saying the hotel had previously been used , is jumbled . Its not been a ‘quarantine hotel’ but before that became mandatory ( April 9) overseas arrivals did stay there, some who may have had covid.


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