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Newshub: Health Minister David Clark brutally throws Dr Ashley Bloomfield under the bus while standing right next to him

Health Minister David Clark has brutally thrown Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield under the bus while standing right next to him, after the Government’s quarantine testing botch-up.

Dr Clark pointed blame at the Director-General as they stood next to each other in Wellington on Wednesday.

Newshub’s footage captured Dr Bloomfield’s face after Dr Clark told reporters, “The Director-General has accepted that the protocol wasn’t being followed. He has accepted responsibility for that.”

Newshub asked the Health Minister why he won’t take some of the responsibility.

“The Director-General has already acknowledged that the system didn’t deliver here.”

Dr Clark shouldn’t be so quick to lay blame.

If Dr Bloomfield hadn’t been forced to step up as a de facto Health Minister during the COVID-19 response because Dr Clark was AWOL, perhaps Dr Bloomfield would’ve been able to focus on his actual job – running the operational side of things.

National’s health spokesperson Michael Woodhouse suggested there has been a breakdown in the relationship between Dr Clark and Dr Bloomfield.

“We’ve seen from the body language over the last couple of weeks that the relationship between the Minister of Health and the Director-General has deteriorated.”

But Dr Bloomfield has denied that’s the case.

From Checkpoint on RNZ:




Clark is not smart enough to distance himself as much as possible from this as his Prime Minister seems to have done. Seems to be pass the parcel from the top down.

This just in:


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  1. Blazer

     /  24th June 2020

    Clark is running out of..’lives’.

    Bloomfield is the goodie’ in the eyes of the public,no contest.

    • Hardly now with untested and infectious people walking away from isolation and all the stuff-ups that are being revealed every day.

      As we were all locked up for two months because of the supposed dangers of Covid, this does not look good. If it was as little risk as it’s now made out to be, why were we all in HD?

  2. Minister versus Minister:

    This is getting chaotic and brutal,

  3. The press and National are relentlessly gunning for Clark, the weaker point. They won’t be happy until they have broken him, for their own reasons.

  4. John J Harrison

     /  24th June 2020

    Utterly disgraceful and beneath contemptible from Clark.
    The fact that he is a Dr of religion may explain his contemptuous attitude.

  5. Geoffrey

     /  24th June 2020

    Clark is already broken. He has not done the job to which he was appointed and has behaved appallingly as a man. It is a serious indictment of our electoral system that this total twat ever got into office, is still in office and is still drawing a ministerial salary.

    • Fight4nz

       /  24th June 2020

      Agreed. But there was Key and now Trump. Democracy not short of pitfalls.

  6. Gezza

     /  25th June 2020

    Curious that Jack Tame & the other media jounos are attacking David Clark for throwing Bloomfield under the bus – taking credit for the operational successes but blaming him for the operational failures – when Ardern clearly set the game plan there.

    She’s done the exact same thing. The Jacinda & Ashley show stopped immediately. Suddenly he was someone she pretended to defend for a few days but didn’t want to be seen with. Kindness got chucked out the window.

    • Gezza

       /  25th June 2020

      Greg Presland (MICKEYSAVAGE) writing in The Standard on Monday:

      Woodhouse’s source of information appears to be from within the Ministry of Health. It is a shame they have not put as much effort into doing their job as they have into the leaking of information.

      Is Bloomfield to blame? He feels like part of my extended family. He has been at the centre of a public service attempt to do what no other nation in the Western World has done and that is give us an insulated but normal life. In the near future it appears there will be no foreign travel except possibly to the Pacific but at least our communities will be normal and our hospitals and morgues not overrun by people dying from the virus.

      Did Bloomfield personally stuff up last week? Well no. Auckland’s Health management of the detention areas has been appalling. But unlike Superman Bloomfield cannot be expected to be everywhere at all times.

      Further infections have appeared over the past few days. But they are all infections from overseas and, apart from the two road trippers, detected while in quarantine. Last week there were 3,567 people in quarantine or managed isolation so new cases are almost inevitable.

      The usual cheerleaders in the media are complaining that things are too strict AND not strict enough. Please make up your mind.

      And hotel guests have expressed frustration. With the greatest of respect, the world is facing a pandemic and we want to as far as possible keep it out. Your personal discomfort is the price of maintaining this as best as we can.

      Meanwhile we continue to have no detected cases of community spread. Long may it last.

      And to be frank the chances of New Zealand staying disease free are very low. The virus is a bastard, easily spread and hard to detect.

      When you compare what is happening in New Zealand to overseas you still have to marvel at what we have achieved. The number of cases in the world continues to increase. (graph from Johns Hopkins).

      And the US, China, Germany and Australia, the country National was previously cheer leading, have all had increases in their daily infection rates.

      Paul Goldsmith’s claim this morning that it is the Government’s fault that because of problems at the border trade cannot resume is a joke. Just look at the rates for China and India in particular. Do we really want to resume trade with those countries. And even Germany, who up to now have handled the outbreak with typical determination is facing a second wave of infections.

      There is a legitimate expectation that New Zealand is as close to perfection in terms of its response to the Covid pandemic. So far we are going pretty well. Ashley Bloomfield deserves much of the praise. And yes we as a country need to do even better. There are a lot of kiwis returning home and some of them have the virus.

      Can we do better? Certainly. Road trips by Covid infected recent arrivals should not happen. But so far we can still be very grateful that we are doing as well as we are.

      I for one continue to be very grateful of the efforts of Ashley Bloomfield.

  7. Blazer

     /  25th June 2020

    Presland’s post is measured and reasonable.

    Be interesting to see how the public react to Nationals orchestrated campaign of negativity come polling day.

    • Do you think that letting people go out into the community untested for the disease that closed us down and resulted in paranoia (80, 000 deaths !!!!) and, in two cases, people going out with covid which was mistaken for asthma, is a positive thing?

      We were all in imminent danger from C19 in the lockdown, now the danger is slight despite the potential number of people with it being out there. They can’t both be true.

  8. What do you guys think, was it too early for the nation to totally lift the restrictions?

    • Blazer

       /  10th July 2020

      More to the point …tell us what YOU…think.

      • Jack Marrow

         /  10th July 2020

        It was too early, they could have at least observed 15 days more, or gradually take the restrictions to see if it is really worth getting thing back to normal as usual.

  1. David Clark – resignation or sacking? | Your NZ

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