Newshub Nation – Clark, polls, NZ First-Green relationship

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  1. John J Harrison

     /  27th June 2020

    Well Tracy Martin would say that about a disastrous poll – wouldn’t she ?

  2. Gezza

     /  27th June 2020

    Tracey Martin. Seems to be the most adult & competent MInister NZF have got. Usually unflappable & comes across well interviews.

  3. Kimbo

     /  27th June 2020

    NZ First’s current poll numbers are largely irrelevant, as Peter’s is right for once – they generally poll under what they get on Election Day, which is also the only poll that counts.

    To that end as much as I loathe Peters, I also admire his political alchemy skills. It can be any old piece of nonsense dross – the teapot tapes, an incorrectly completed National Super personal circumstances form (which in normal circumstances should have sunk him permanently as an obvious fraudster and/or incompetent unfit for high political office!), Pike River re-entry, abolition of Maori electorates – and in Peters’ hands it becomes vote-winning gold with his 1-in-20 idiot constituency.

  4. PartisanZ

     /  29th June 2020

    Whatever else Tova’s doing she’s diverting attention from National’s role as facilitators aka “enablers” in the release of marauding Twin Karens into the community to breathe their STUPID-1-9Nihilizm dis-ease on everything!

    Let’s not mince words. At a death rate of 0.28% of the population, Twin Karens had the ‘Risk Managed’ potential to kill 14,000 of their (National’s) fellow Aotearoa New Zealanders, including possibly large numbers of older fellow National Party, NACTZI, *Broad-Church* and ‘Legion of Frontiersmen’ members, parishioners and supporters.

    Using Dunbar’s Number – the average person can consciously maintain 150 human relationships – the worst case scenario ‘Death Toll’ would have directly or indirectly effected 2.1 million of National’s ‘Kiwi’ countrymen and countrywomen … and country children … and town children … and town elderly … and …

    The deaths of our 1200 “Dear Boys” sent onto the machine-guns at Passchendaele around 12 October 1917 by General Haig effected at least one household in every single street in New Zealand. On October 24 & 25 by the Gregorian calendar the Russian revolution put an end to the ultimate tyranny of our own George V’s cousin, for whom 2,779 New Zealanders had died and countless more wounded – just two years earlier near Canakkale in the sovereign nation of Turkey – to open a backdoor supply route through the Dardenelles to Tsar Nicholas II’s Russia, so that between them Russia and France might destroy Britain’s greatest economic rival, cousin Kaiser Wilhelm II’s Germany. (Go figure this incestuous Monarchy SH*T out!?)

    Just 3 months before, King George had decreed – as only God-appointed Kings can do – that the name Saxe-Coburg-Gotha would immediately change to Windsor.

    “Death Toll” is what its really all about though I reckon. High-scoring games make much better ‘Newtertainment’ and constitute much more effective *NewTrol*, aka News-Control (& Troll) for Sheeple, kinda like Cruise-Control for Sleeple … (nothing to do with “neutral”) …

    Where you’ve got a big death toll you’ve got a ready-made ‘Shock Doctrine’. You’ve got yet another traumatized and usually compliant generation – like our WW2 parents, our Great Depression grandparents … those who survived the Spanish Flu … of those who survived WW1 … The Survivors? Only the survivors … Those who survived the journey over here? And those who survived in the *Fort* when the natives ran rampant trying to protect their own land.

    Pope Todd-lure & the Catholic Cardinals of National’s *Broad-Church* ‘Legion of Frontiersmen’ Neo-Colonial State “Freedom without Responsibility” have gone too far. Ethics and decency demands they all resign. All of them!

    I predict that for once – and kotahi mo tatou katoa : once and for all – National will do the right thing, not the Right thing. That on 6 August 2020 the National Opposition will resign and agree not to contest Election 2020 but to facilitate Labour forming, if humanly possible, a HIStory-changing, Epoch-making 120 Seat Coalition Government led by Jacinda Ardern.

    6 August 2020 shall be Blue Hiroshima Day!!! The proto-fascist Farmocracy’s BIG BANG!

    This will require National’s final act to be agreeing to Constitutional changes that lower the Corporate-Political Elitist “Thresh-hold” to 2.5% and remove the Coat-Tales Claws allowing political parties to drag ferals and dullards into our beloved House, shortly to be re-branded ‘Marae Ture/Legislative Assembly’ and have its mana restored … or invented?

    Furthermore, they will agree to disband as a Quasi-Religio-Political Entity forthwith. The former House, now our Marae Ture/Legislative Assembly, shall be disconnected from the political sewer National and their pre-deceasers have made of our democracy.

    HOW’ZAT!!! (Live by the Sword … Die by the Pen!) … ✍🤝✌

    Ψ PartisanZ Ψ – Make way for Ethiconomy amid Epidemocracy! (Epi = Above) 👨‍🏫

    “Make your politics your food and your food your medicine” – Hippocrates paraphrased.


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