ACT Party list

The ACT Party have announced their list for this year’s election. The top twenty:

  1. David Seymour
  2. Brooke Van Velden
  3. Nicole McKee
  4. Chris Baillie
  5. Simon Court
  6. James McDowall
  7. Karen Chhour
  8. Mark Cameron
  9. Stephen Berry
  10.  Toni Severin
  11. Damien Smith
  12. Miles McConway
  13. Beth Houlbrooke
  14. Carmel Claridge
  15. Bruce Carley
  16. Cameron Luxton
  17. Grae O’Sullivan
  18. Myah Deedman
  19. David Seymour
  20. David King

Odd to see two David Seymours but #19 is a candidate from Whangarei.

Brooke Van Velden (who has been an adviser to Seymour before running for Parliament) is a good and obvious choice for #2. It looks like five of the top ten are male and female, which looks different for an ACT list.

Nicole McKee is the spokesperson for the Council of Licensed Firearms Owners and has been vocal in opposition to firearms law changes since the Christchurch mosque murders.

Beth Houlbrooke (“an award-winning businesswoman, former farmer, and Chair of the Rodney Local Board”) has been an ACT candidate before and is the only candidate currently featuring on the ACT website.

Going by recent polls there is a reasonable chance of the top few on that list to get into Parliament as long as the Epsom Seymour wins his electorate again, which seems very likely.


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  1. Duker

     /  28th June 2020

    So Beth Houlbrooke is ditched for a ‘younger female demographic’ in the identity politics race.

    • No. The members decided who went on the list, they were sent the names and rated them.

      • Duker

         /  28th June 2020

        Ditched like I said , from #2 to #13
        van Velden was #3 last election.
        And what lesson does that give when Van Velden goes from university to Exceltium PR/lobbying and then to ACT cadre and thence to Parliament.
        A professional politician

      • Blazer

         /  29th June 2020

        The ACT party is Alan Gibbs private plaything as far as I know.

        Their raison d’etre is to privatise more state assets on the cheap to enrich the parasitical,crony class.

  2. Corky

     /  28th June 2020

    Excellent. Nicole McKee at No3, even better. At least she can string sentences together. And she is standing up for law abiding gun owners who strangely didn’t use semi autos to kill people…one nut did thanks to the police.

    • Duker

       /  28th June 2020

      Tarrant was a registered gun owner, until the minute he starting killing people in cold blood , was law abiding too.
      Gun owners can still own guns of many calibres including semi automatics ( but those are .22 only)
      The guns criminals use were originally all from licensed owners, there is no secret cave where illegal guns appear from nowhere, they must have been imported and sold to licensed owners.

      • John J Harrison

         /  28th June 2020

        Duker, you appear to be a very upset person who does not like free enterprise, paying taxes and supporting the rule of law.
        Your posts consistently support welfare beneficiaries and non tax payers.
        Why ?

        • Blazer

           /  29th June 2020

          I guess Duker tries to bring facts to the table to counter fallacious narratives.


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