Is people leaving isolation a big deal?

Obviously if someone in isolation breaks the rules and gets out, and if they have the Covid-19 virus, it’s a fairly big deal. One person who got out this week and visited a supermarket put potentially many people at risk, they caused a supermarket to shut down and do extensive cleaning, and that resulted in many employees going into precautionary self isolation.

But is it too much to expect that with thousands of people in isolation in hotels (not prisons) that a few won’t choose to break the rules?

Perhaps we have to accept that a few escapes are inevitable, and as long as there are comprehensive systems in place to deal with it when it happens we should be reasonably comfortable with what is being done.

But this is an ongoing awkwardness for the Government.

When two women were let out of isolation without being tested – and tested positive after travelling from Auckland to Wellington – the army involvement in managing isolsation and quarantine facilities.  Megan Woods (name corrected) was also installed to cover for the poorly performing Minister of Health David Clark.

Things kept going wrong, people kept getting out.

Clark resigned and Chris Hipkins took over. He handles media interviews much better, and seems to bo on top of the details of the job much better, but people still got out.

The police were called in facilities 24/7, but people kept getting out.

Four people this week left isolation, despite a lot of publicity and public angst and anger.

Is this just something we can expect may keep happening?

The last person who got out, by cutting fence ties and going to buy some booze ended up in prison. Was this a fair warning to all others in isolation, or was it draconian, especially compared to previous consequences for absconders?


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  1. NOEL

     /  12th July 2020

    When they make their bookings ensure the airlines pass on a copy of the terms for entry into New Zealand.
    On arrival get the flyer to sign as read another copy.

    • Ray

       /  12th July 2020

      In answer to your question ye it is very important!
      If just one super spreader gets out then pall bet are off and the lockdown was a waste of time.
      This is serious stuff, so is the disclosing private information but this could be a matter of life and death for a number of New Zealanders.
      So it would be nice if the media stopped playing games and asked the serious questions.

      • Pink David

         /  12th July 2020

        “If just one super spreader gets out then pall bet are off and the lockdown was a waste of time.”

        Am I really alone in thinking that an approach that leaves NZ vulnerable to a single person, one single person, between ‘success’ and disease and disaster is a rather fragile state of affairs?

        It’s not a question on if, it’s just a question of when.

      • Harry

         /  12th July 2020

        The lockdown was far worse than a waste of time – it was a globally co-ordinated totalitarian experiment. In terms of stopping a virus it made no sense, but in terms of trialing a police state, it was a huge success.

        • It got rid of a lot of old people, too. Look at the difference between the usual number of 80+ people who die at that time and the number who did this year. It may be a coincidence, of course, but I am sceptical.

        • duperez

           /  12th July 2020

          Yes, the Bluff wedding, the Matamata club, the Auckland school and the rest homes in a couple of places showed clearly having a lockdown made no sense and was just a totalitarian experiment.

          • The 300+ extra over 80s who died at this time seem to have gone unnoticed.I find this appalling, as if they didn’t matter. They mattered to themselves ! Their ‘sacrifice’ (that we were all congratulated on making, as if we had chosen it, was their lives. And how many others were there ?

            NZ had the chance to stop Covid before it came in, but the PM and COL blew it. Because of this, lives were lost, jobs and businesses were lost and we are in an eye-watering amount of debt. The official terrormongering made sure that many people believed that without lockdown we were all doomed, of course, and made the PM look as if she was saving up to 80,000 lives.

  2. Alan Wilkinson

     /  12th July 2020

    They should be working on faster ways to detect infection that would reduce the quarantine period. Or even given antibody treatments that would destroy any trace pre-infections.

  3. David

     /  12th July 2020

    Lets see what the judge does tomorrow with the first escapee when she appears in court, if its the typical limp wristed reaction with stern words then the problem will be ongoing. Lock her up for 6 months and your problem is immediately solved.

  4. Geoffrey

     /  12th July 2020

    Noel’s suggestion is fundamental to effective border control… However, fining folk who can’t pay is not a deterrent to irresponsible behaviour. Imprisonment of self serving silly people probably is. Prison for these folk need not cost the astronomical amounts that prisons for Mongrel Mob members does – just lock them in their rooms and make the cost of their stay refundable in lieu of a fine.

    • Pink David

       /  12th July 2020

      Tourism NZ are looking for a new marketing director. I think you fit the bill perfectly.

      ‘Come to New Zealand and we will lock you up!’

      I can see that as a winner in the ad awards.

      • Subtlety, Pink.

        ‘NZ; you won’t be able to leave !’

        The Distinction (sic) Hotel has had a couple of equally naff names (they seem unaware that if you have to tell people that you are distinguished, then you are not)

        They used to have a restaurant called Lady Chatterley’s and another called The Gamekeeper’s Buffet. Both were decorated with pictures from a good 100 years before the book was written. The girl at the desk didn’t know where the name came from and had a good laugh when I told her. Alas, I was never able to pinch a copy of the menu.

  5. Tom Hunter

     /  12th July 2020

    No it won’t be a big deal because sooner or later the NZ population will have to hit the Herd Immunity Threshold (HIT), which appears to be in the range of 10-20% PLUS the CDC revealing that after multiple studies they’ve concluded that the IFR (Infection Fatality Rate) of COVID-19 is 0.26% – a little worse than the flu.

    Not only that but because it’s a coronvirus it’s beginning to appear that a larger chunk of the population than previously expected have immunity to COVID because they have T-cells tuned to coronviruses in general and that COVID is not different enough to avoid getting attacked by the immunue systems. Again, that is perfectly normal viral science. In a population of five million it’s almost certain that we have COVID-19 “carriers” already who have no idea they because they show no symptoms. And they’re not “spreaders”, super or otherwise.

    Finally there’s the emerging evidence that the virus is harder to spread and harder to pick up then first believed. Initial viral loading was always a factor (the Chinese opthamologist who died early on being a classic example) and that’s just not

    Adding all that together means that even when we do get a “super-spreader” in the NZ population it’s not going to be a Typhoid Mary situation where we have to collectively shit ourselves again and lockdown. And that’s a good thing because:

    a) We can’t be the Bubble Boy of the world waiting months of years for vaccine. There’s no point in people or the MSM screaming their lungs out about each and every breach. We’re demanding an air-tight system that is just not achievable even over a period of months. This nonsense where one of the escapees caused a hotel to be shut down with mass cleaning is a direct result of the mania for “elimination” that we’ve stupidly allowed ourselves to be trapped in to and even fucking celebrate – the flipside of which is this hysteria at every breach. FFS!

    b) People simply will not wear another lockdown. The civil disobedience won’t be in the form of protests where the Police can be targeted. It will be a widespread refusal of the population to cooperate any further.

  6. Tom Hunter

     /  12th July 2020


    Initial viral loading was always a factor (the Chinese opthamologist who died early on being a classic example) and that’s just not a common feature of the spread among the general population.


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