Shane Jones signals NZ First attack on immigration

It’s not a surprise to see NZ First target immigration coming in to an election campaign. NZ First had planned to launch their campaign this weekend, but that has been delayed a weekafter what seemed like urgent but minor surgery this week for Winston Peters – see Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters takes medical leave (Peters also had hospital treatment and a week off work last year).

Shane Jones was interviewed on The Nation, but ‘hinted’ at tough immigration policy, presumably leving the big announcements to Peters once he is back on deck.

Newshub: Shane Jones hints at controversial New Zealand First immigration policies despite COVID-19 border closure

Speaking to Newshub Nation on Saturday, Jones said he believes employers have “a duty” to train New Zealand workers before immigrants.

He promised New Zealand First does not intend to make it easy for language schools while acknowledging the border closure will make their business difficult regardless.

“We’ve had the COVID experience – the borders have closed and it’s hard to see when and how they will open,” he said.

“I can say New Zealand First has no agenda of making it easy for language schools which have brought migrants into New Zealand with low skill, low values and had a very disruptive and negative impact on our labour market.”

Host Simon Shepard said the border closure has removed the immigration debate from the election conversation – a claim which Jones debated.

“I’ve every confidence our leader, our Caucus and our party will have very profound things to say about immigration,” he said.

“Just watch this space – we will have sensible things to say about immigration and it may come to pass that not everyone will enjoy what we have to say,” he continued.

“We’ve got to speak about the fact that in our population of five million we cannot rely on unfettered immigration at a time when our infrastructure is creaking.”

His comments follow a February interview with Newshub Nation where Jones blasted the Government’s immigration policy, saying too many people “from New Delhi” are being allowed to settle in New Zealand.

“I think the number of students that have come from India have ruined many of those institutions,” he said about academic institutions.

Jones defended his comments despite the Prime Minister calling them “loose and wrong”.

NZ First are in for a tough battle this election, with recent poll results around 2%.

In their favour is the disproportionate amount of free publicity the media are likely to give them.

1 News: Battle for Northland seat between Matt King and Shane Jones shaping up as a must win for NZ First

Its candidate Shane Jones is trying to snatch the seat off National MP Matt King in a bid to help keep the Winston Peters-led party in Parliament.

But National’s Matt King says it’ll take more than political stunts to win the seat.

“They won’t be fooled by the game these guys are playing,” he told 1 NEWS.

The MP alleges that the Provincial Growth Fund is being used to curry favour, with Northland securing nearly $600 million.

However, Mr Jones says it’s not Northland “feeling the love”.

“All the provinces have felt the provincial love and that’s because we were elected to drive provincial development.”

PGP handouts have been somewhat overshadowed by much bigger Covid subsidies and handouts, and some PGP funds have been shifted tor Covid recovery.

List MP Willow-Jean Prime is standing for Labour again.

Labour have so far given no indication they will help NZ First in Northland. If they stick to this approach it will be difficult for Jones, who has never won an electorate.

Like Peters, Jones is a boundary pushing attention seeker.

Newshub: Shane Jones stops putting up billboards in Kerikeri after council admits error in allowing it

National MP Matt King, the current MP for Northland, accused his New Zealand First opponent earlier this week of putting up “illegal” election advertising in Kerikeri.

King argued the ‘Jones for Jobs’ billboards broke the Electoral Commission’s rules that election hoardings cannot be put up until July 18.

The Electoral Commission had a different take, explaining how it’s fine for hoardings to be up before July 18 if the local council allows it.

“Election advertising may be published at any time, except on election day. This means election hoardings can be put up at any time, subject to the rules the local council has in place.”

Newshub went to the Far North District Council – the authority overseeing the town of Kerikeri – and CEO Shaun Clarke said there were no rules against it.

“There are no active bylaws or policies which would restrict early hoardings on private land in the Far North District.”

But Clarke has contacted Newshub to say he got it wrong and that there is a rule stating election signs can be erected “no sooner than 8 weeks prior to, and then removed no later than the close of day before polling day”.

Those rules are similar to most if not all local bodies for election hoardings. The CEO should have known that.

Otago University Law Professor Andrew Geddis confirmed there is no nationwide law to say you can only put up election billboards in a specified period before the election.

Outside of that period it’s up to local councils.

“If the CEO doesn’t know his own bylaws, that’s a worry,” Geddis said.

I hope it was only ignorance of his own bylaws.

Jones should have also been well aware of the by laws, he’s been a politician for a long time and has contested several electorates, including Northland in 2008. He unsuccessfully contested Whangerei in 2017, coming third, over ten thousand votes behind current MP Shane Reti.

Peters won Northland in a by-election in 2015 when Labour told their voters to support him (and most did), but lost to King inn the 2017 general election to King by 1,389 votes.



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  1. Alan Wilkinson

     /  12th July 2020

    I’ve no time for Jones and his anti-immigrant dog-whistling but why on earth have councils any right to control election hoardings on private land? Tell them to F.O.

    • PartisanZ

       /  12th July 2020

      Matt King and Shane Reti have had what are effectively “election hoardings” – announcing themselves to be the MPs – on private land all over Northland these last three years …

      They’ve no respect for electioneering ‘controls’ or regulations, whether they originate at local or central government level.

      • Alan Wilkinson

         /  12th July 2020

        There is no justification for Council having control. They are not an election authority. They deserve no respect.

  2. John J Harrison

     /  12th July 2020

    Jones is simply barking at every passing car.
    As a political tragic who views question time when the House is sitting, Jones has confirmed at least twice in recent months that his “ nephs “ are still on the couch.
    That is the nub of the issue.
    Hardworking taxpayers are far, far too generous with the riches we bestow on the unemployable.
    Bottom line, they are too damn lazy to get off the couch , get up in the morning and get a job.
    That is why there are literally 100’s thousands who come here as backpackers or RSE workers to pick fruit, trim vines or serve in our restaurants.
    The COL loves the lazy as they always get their vote because of the generosity they bestow on them from the hard working tax payers.
    Under the COL unemployment will continue to flourish as will our need to encourage those with a work ethic to come here to do the job the unemployable refuse to do.

    • Blazer

       /  12th July 2020

      Where to start on this unadulterated drivel!

      -‘hardworking taxpayers’….the ubiquitous cliche ,but quite compromised by the situation many are/will find themselves in compliments of C19 and recessionary factors.

      -looking at dole payment rates,it is extremely doubtful many would make not working a priority.
      -minimum wage labour has become a fix for greedy employers for increasing profits.
      A living wage where people can actually afford shelter and food would be a big step forward.
      -the real lazy,can’t be arsed to vote…so no points there.
      -John please tell me who uses tax havens,creative trust accounts and the like to avoid contributing to society-hint its not the poor.

      -Key tried to turn NZ into a money laundering,tax dodging haven,but thankfully exposures like the Panama papers put a brake on that.

      -Look in the other direction at overpaid ,under performing ‘management’…council and SOE’s have their share as well as the obscene salaries paid to super flops at FBU,Fonterra and countless other old boy network sinecures.

      • artcroft

         /  12th July 2020

        What a load of bollocks. There are tons of lazy slobs on the bennie. I can point out the members of my own family who chose not to work and stay on the bennie.

        • Many countries are legal tax havens. The Channel Islands have been one for decades.It’s absurd to call tax havens centres of money laundering & tax dodging. The Channel Islands are well-known. People don’t earn interest, as I understand it, but don’t pay tax. This is hardly money-laundering, which means that the person is hiding the income from drugs and other crimes.

          Blazer is making the mistake of confusing tax evasion (illegal) with tax avoidance (legal) The IRD told me what I could write off against tax as a self-employed ESOL teacher, and they would be unlikely to instruct someone in how to break the law.

          • Blazer

             /  12th July 2020

            ‘Many countries are legal tax havens.’-uncanny..did you see that..on the news.

            Anyone who uses a tax haven should be stripped of their citizenship.

            • Of course I didn’t see it on the news first. One would have to be very ignorant not to know about tax havens and need to watch the news to hear about them.

              Among the best known are Jersey, the UK, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Singapore and Holland. Some are corporate, some, like Jersey, are not.

              People can’t have their citizenship stripped from them for legal investments, odd as that might seem to you. Being or using a tax haven is not a crime. Do engage in some basic research and learn the difference between something that is legal and money laundering – and the difference between tax avoidance and tax evasion. You can’t think that the IRD instructs people in how to commit the crime of tax evasion.

            • And you can’t think that the tax havens would make themselves known if being one was illegal ! Anyone can find out where they are and how to use them. This is NOT the way that illegal entities work.

            • Blazer

               /  12th July 2020

              Using a tax haven should be a crime.

              What type of bludgers and parasites do not want to contribute to society?

            • Sour grapes because you are unlikely to be in this position ?

              I bet that you wouldn’t pay more tax than you were legally obliged to. You ignore the huge amount that people with a lot of money earn, and the number of people they keep in work.

              Good luck making it a crime to have a Swiss bank account 😀

            • …people with a lot of money are taxed on what they earn….

  3. Blazer

     /  12th July 2020

    NZ First will find a ready audience for tougher immigration law.

    The abuse of the visa system as a route to PR is endemic.

    With unemployment sure to rise,a severe housing shortage, and scenarios like ‘granny dumping’ immigration policy change is a vote winner.

    • “NZ First will find a ready audience for tougher immigration law.”

      That could be difficult at a time that immigration has stopped due to Covid and doesn’t look like resuming in the next few months.

      And it risks reminding people that last campaign NZ First campaigned on much tougher immigration law but once they got into power bugger all changed (until Covid).

      • Blazer

         /  12th July 2020

        The usual suspects are screaming for immigration to be ramped up ASAP .
        It has been a vital component of GDP .

        Supporting the housing ponzi scheme is paramount….imagine if prices crashed by 40%.

        • “The usual suspects are screaming for immigration to be ramped up ASAP .’

          Who is doing that?

          Some are calling for allowing for student visas to try to stop foreign education collapsing (some are already closing), but they are temporary visas, not immigrants.

          Others are calling for opening borders to tourists to try to save businesses and jobs, but again that’s not immigration.

          Allowing for businesses related travel is also a big deal for businesses and jobs – my job is on the line due to the stalling of developing overseas markets.

          I haven’t actually seen anyone calling for a resumption of immigration at this stage.

          • Duker

             /  12th July 2020

            Students ARE a major source of migrants, as it becomes very easy after a degree to get a ‘after study to work’ visa to find a job.
            These also a substantial portion of work visa applicants who swing in and out of low grade courses which enable them to work as well. Even some people who have a degree from India will apply for a lower qualification and study visa, but really be working in hospitality fast food accomodation sector.
            The residency systems benefited those who werent getting approval right away from their qualifications or ‘skilled job’ they were in but at some point ‘time spent here’ would count for the extra points needed.

            AS well in many cases a study visa means the applicant can bring their spouse who gets a general work visa for themselves

            • Buying houses & selling them for more that we paid for them when we buy another one is not a Ponzi scheme. If it was, most of us would be in prison. Selling a house for more than one paid for it is not illegal.

              I would suggest that Blazer looks up Ponzi scheme.

          • Conspiratoor

             /  12th July 2020

            While not screaming, seymour’s policy is that his “will continue to be a pro-immigration party”. This is the one issue on which he let’s himself down although it is not surprising to see him pandering to his electorate. He needs the asian vote and will say and do whatever he needs to get it

            • That would be news to him and the Party, I imagine.

              Asian is not a nationality; there is no country called Asia.

            • Blazer

               /  12th July 2020

              No one said there was a country called Asia from what I have read.

            • Con talked about Asians as if it was a nationality; the ‘asian’ (as he calls it) vote. Asians could be any one of a number of nationalities and they don’t all think alike.

  4. Tom Hunter

     /  12th July 2020

    Ha ha. Winston First pulls this stunt every election, and yet he’s now been at the core of three governments and done not a thing about it.

    Well of course. Why solve a problem that you can use every election?

    The only remaining thing about this is interesting will be finding out whether the proportion of Kiwis who still fall for this crap is greater than 5%.

    • Blazer

       /  12th July 2020

      On that basis Kiwi’s must be very gullible.
      Around 40% of them buy the ‘sound economic managers’ and ‘safe pair of hands’ narrative National rely on.
      As we know there is not a SHRED of evidence that can substantiate any of those claims politically.

    • Duker

       /  12th July 2020

      The mass migration numbers of the last government shows what happens when the handbrake of NZF isnt there.
      Its was their deliberate policy to flood the country with easy migration to boost the headline growth rate, mean while per capita GDP is stagnant and housing costs went through the roof.

      Even in period before 2017 the Nats saw the writting on the wall and brought in a few restrictions and withdrew some of them just as quickly as the farmers complained about losing filipino farm workers…yeah right that well known dairying industry in the Phillipines where we get skilled workers from.

  5. Duker

     /  12th July 2020

    The media had a story today about a UK couple with only work visas are ‘stuck in Bali’ where they went for a holiday and want to get back to Queenstown.
    Classic case , he claims hes an essential worker, but seems to be a painting company foreman or similar- that aint essential worker buddy. His wife is working here as a ‘partner visa’
    Their home is in Britain, a temp working visa somewhere doesnt make it your home. There isnt really enough quaratine spaces even for NZ citizens or permanent residents to come back let alone run of the mill tradesman and his wife.
    Sure there life has been turned upside down, – join the queue- but the only way forward is too return to Britain and maybe in 18 months restart their temp life here – if they then qualify for a working visa.
    As they sort of said on the TV show ..Two Ronnies
    Its Goodbye from Him , and its Goodbye from her.

  6. PartisanZ

     /  12th July 2020

    Sentient Northland voters now have an ethical obligation to ‘Candidate Vote’ strategically for Willow-Jean Prime IMHO.

    Simple, clinical deduction arrives at this –

    1) National must never govern again, EVER!!! They have become a Public Menace. Selfishness has reached its own glass ceiling, its Event Horizon. Narcissus flies too close to the Sun …

    2) NZFirst must never again be allowed to dictate to a Coalition Government they are a numerically minor part of, and hold up progress by dessicating democracy.

    The last time Aotearoa New Zealand was divided into “Provinces” we were swilling in the deepest bowels of the most racist colonial government we’ve ever had the misfortune to experience, Colonial “Provincial Government” 1841-1877.

    Jones’ smiling-assassin “Provincial” legacy will be a plute of unnecessary giant ponds – contested over each summer by “high-value horticulture”, pastural farming and municipal waterworks – millions of hectares of Pinus Radiata and a scourge of new ‘Sweet-Roundup & HiCane-Waters’ Avocado & KiwiFruit ‘plantations’, with lots of cheap ‘pick’n’pack’ jobs for the natives … until the EverMore Technology Corporation’s robot Pickin’n’Packer’ machines come “on stream” … aka infecting a stream or waterway near you!!!

    NZFirst are best extinguished in this election, to be blunt.

    3) Only WILLOW-JEAN has any chance of overtaking these two. She’s part of the most remarkable government Aotearoa New Zealand has had since First Labour, and perhaps ever! Who thinks Willow-Jean Prime could run a ‘Regional Growth Fund’ any WORSE than Shame’s run the PGF!? (although cunningly funneling all the bucks to BLUE Local Governments, their Consultantocracy and their Patriotic Contractors. This has gotta be worth something when it comes to “calling in favours”, surely!?)

    4) We need to recognize Pujelists like Jones, King and most other National, ACT and minor Arch-Conservative Party candidates – and parties – who I call the NACTZIs – are part of a Thugocracy aka Brute-O-crazy – aka ‘Rule of the School Bullies’ – which is quite a long way past its USE-BY date, don’t you think?

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  12th July 2020

      Strange advocacy of the Govt which has enforced the most draconian restraints on civil liberties in our history. Bullies much?

    • Corky

       /  12th July 2020

      Great Karl’s ghost….this party political snow job would even make the PMs spin doctors blush.

      However, after watching Shane Jones boogie on stage at NZ1s conference, I agree these hosers should not be in government ever again.

      Great to see the ACT conference packed out with level headed people.. and a babe as deputy.

      • Blazer

         /  12th July 2020

        ‘Great to see the ACT conference packed out with level headed people.. and a babe as deputy.’

        what happened to the …Coneheads?



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