Contrasting Green candidates, and Labour anxiety over Auckland Central

Labour seem to be on the back foot over Auckland Central, going by some of their reactions.

Different views from party activists at The Standard:

Weka: Chloe Swarbrick should stand strong in Auckland Central

Having two strong left wing women standing in an electorate is great for women, the left and New Zealand. It may also help us move away from macho politics towards both/and politics.

Te Reo Putake: Auckland Central; Should Chloe Swarbrick Stand Aside?

The Auckland Central electorate will elect a new MP in September. The Greens have a responsibility to make sure it’s the Labour candidate.

That’s typical Labour entitlement. It was a sullen post by TRP, and he reacted with threats and then attacks to being called on aspects of it. It started here, and then the inevitable.

[Piss off, Pete. You’ve used Cindy as a misogynist insult and I don’t recall you ever stopping commenters at your own blog, Yawn NZ, doing the same, nor, as far as I know do you correct them when they call Labour socialist or communist. No more comments from you until you grow up. TRP]

As regulars here will know that’s blatantly false. And he childishly and gutlessly stopped any right of response.

Looks like some in Labour under pressure. Election campaigns can bring out the worst in partisan hacks.

And a Green hack applauded TRP’s nonsense:

Thank you, TRP, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Have you followed his blog?

Not so much a chamber of echoes, more a ping-pong ball.

Believe it or not Robert is an elected Green politician.

Meanwhile in Dunedin where Greens used to be very well supported (due to Metiria Turei):

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  1. John J Harrison

     /  17th July 2020

    Just goes to show that the Greens being extreme hard left socialists/ communists are the most feral of all.
    Wonderful to see them publicly brawling with Labour.

  2. David

     /  17th July 2020

    I find Chloe strangely annoying, probably unfair I am sure she is lovely and means well but just way too woke to be taken seriously by me. You can imagine her announcing her pronouns and referring to herself as a cis female, I am just too old to get excited about what 1% of millenials think is important.
    As far as Labour goes another female employment lawyer a species that could make up 10% of Arderns caucus, delightful and alongside all the trades unionists there should be some questions from the 4th estate on whether there is an outrageous bias and discrimination against normal people.

    • I find her annoying, too, it’s her personality which seems to all me, me, me.

      Golriz Gharahman can also be very annoying with her professional victimhood. She even managed to bring this into an article in a fashion magazine, somehow, which took some doing.

      • Blazer

         /  17th July 2020

        There you go again…another successful woman and the green eyed monster of jealousy comes out.


    • whalerider3000

       /  18th July 2020

      I find her intelligent, composed, convincing and well-informed. She brings a clear-headedness to debates that would be the envy of most MPs. She’s genuinely one of the nicest and most honest MPs I’ve ever had any dealings with (and there’ve been hundreds)

  3. Blazer

     /  17th July 2020

    Well I think Brazil has a point as does TRP.

    I can list instances of double standards regarding Lab/Nat comments here.

    A particularly noticeable policy here is the new ‘no dredging up Nationals past’…..quite remarkable or desperate or…both.

    • Funny you’re supporting TRP who got tetchy and petty, attacked, made false allegations and banned me so I couldn’t respond, yet here you are commenting.

      That’s actually a double standard. Would you prefer I just abused you and banned you?

      • Jack

         /  17th July 2020

        No, don’t ban him Pete. Us Kiwis like a good debate. Seeing fools unable to stay polite (and keep a sense of humour) is an integral part of it all. [Deleted – please don’t make assertions about motives here – PG] .He doesn’t make sense. His comments are not always far lefty but always with him there’s the airwave of “look out, I’m looking to hurt”. That would be the only reason to ban him. Normal Kiwis don’t hurt one another with such consistency. Jacinda’s sermon, not executed. Kindness needs the team. Ideally of 5 million. Near enough will be good enough. Just ban Blazer for not being a good enough Kiwi.

  4. Blazer

     /  17th July 2020

    Hell you of all people know how fickle some mods at TS are regarding bans.Didn’t know he banned you.

    If you choose to emulate them ..sobeit.

    Weka posts topics where no dissent is allowed….counter productive really…mere cheerleading,and nodding heads.

    • But I don’t emulate them.

      You’re actually complaining about me moderating when you use derogatory terms, something TRP asserted I didn’t do anything about. You supported TRP for moaning about what you try to do here but I don’t allow.

      I don’t think you actually took much notice of what happened there, you just saw it as an excuse to take a swipe at me.

  5. Gezza

     /  17th July 2020

    For what it’s worth I can’t see much point in tussling with a Standard author or other contributors there over their outdated use of the label Tory for the National Party.

    It’s a term that was always used for National by my now long-dead paternal grandfather, occasionally used by my late father, & one that’s never used by either myself or my siblings or offspring because it’s simply inaccurate & utterly passé.

    Users imo are just showing their advanced age & outmoded thinking.

  6. Alan Wilkinson

     /  17th July 2020

    Big risk for Labour that the rush to the Left will have them both fall over the cliff. National have the chance to grab the centre.

  7. Hi, Pete. much as I hate to disappoint the many TS readers who would clearly prefer to read less of your contributions to our mighty organ, you’re not banned. You’re merely removed from that specific post.

    As for me lying about you using the misogynist, belittling insult ‘Cindy’, the truth is that you have done exactly that. No apology required to me, but you might consider offering one to the PM.

    Cheers and all the best.

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  17th July 2020

      Cindy is misogynistic how? What rubbish.

      • It isn’t, of course. People call Andrew Little ‘Andy’ and someone here has called David Seymour ‘Dave’. Both are familiarities and inappropriate when the person doesn’t use these diminutives themselves. My mother found it very irritating and intrusive when a neighbour would not stop calling her Patty instead of Pat when no one else did.

        But I can’t see how calling someone by a diminutive is mysogynist, even if it’s impolite. Cindy is not an insult in itself; many people are called that, but if someone isn’t called that and dislikes it, then it’s a put-down as it is to give anyone a nickname that they dislike. To call it misogynist weakens the reality of misogynism.

    • So you were basing your sweeping accusations on one thing you’ve dredged up from three years ago. There is nothing misogynist about that, it was more critical of Little as the then leader with a not very professional approach.

      You may also remember that the PR of Little and Ardern of that time was a major flop.

      I’ve generally been quite pedantic about the use of nicknames for parties and politicians here for a few years now. You know, promoting a nicer style of politics. Some party leaders even do that now.

      While you’re here, from your post…

      The Greens have a responsibility to make sure it’s the Labour candidate.

      Care to explain why you think the Greens have a responsibility to Labour in an electorate?

      Ardern herself has made it clear she doesn’t support electorate deals between parties so you seem out of step with her on that as well.

      • “That’s not something that we’ve engaged in before and it’s not something I see any reason to right now,” she told media in Invercargill.

        “As I’ve said for many, many months, Labour hasn’t done seat deals in the past, I see no reason to change that.”

        TRP, perhaps you just think that Greens should roll over for Labour?

  8. PartisanZ

     /  17th July 2020

    They should be working together. Labour should do an Epsom on this one and concede the seat to Chloe.

    Focus on Willow-Jean Prime winning the SEAT of Northland.

    Sure, its National Party tactics, but with GOOD intentions …

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  17th July 2020

      Kind of funny the big parties want a 5% threshold to keep the minor parties out bit want to game the system to keep them in when they need them.

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