Jami-Lee Ross – valedictory interview

Jami-Lee Ross gave what may have been effectively a valedictory interview with RNZ yesterday. He has effectively conceded his proposed Advance NZ party is struggling by joining with a conspiracy based party .

He very slim chances of being re-elected must now be even more unlikely.

Ross was selected as a candidate for the safe National electorate of Botany in 2011 and gradually rose through the ranks the become senior Whip in 2017, and was re-elected then with a majority of 12,839 votes.

But a year later, in October 2018 his political career crashed and burned. Ross turned on National and became an independent MP. Allegations were made by MP Sarah Dowie and by electorate staff that Ross had bullied them.

Last year the serious Fraud office announced that Ross was one of four people being investigated for donation fraud, and he was charged in January this year (the trial won’t be until next year).

There’s a summary here.

His problems have continued as an independent MP.

February 2020 (Newsroom): New allegations surround MP Jami-Lee Ross and Ross’ ‘toxic’ office problems raised in June

21 July 2020: ‘Go back into a room with a predator? No thank you’

Despite this Ross has been working towards trying to get re-elected – May 2020 (1 News): Jami-Lee Ross announces own political party for 2020 election

Mr Ross announced Advance NZ in a Facebook post last night, saying it’ll focus on the freedom and sovereignty of New Zealanders and creating a new economic plan to get Kiwis through a post Covid-19 world.

Advance NZ wants to see a democratic country that has brave voices in the middle that speak truth to power. People that stand up for freedom, sovereignty and independence.”

26 July (The Spinoff): Jami-Lee Ross, Billy Te Kahika and the rebel alliance of Election 2020

Can the conspiracy theories of social media be coalesced into a party that makes parliament under MMP?

It hardly needs saying that the views of Te Kahika – and evidently shared by the crowd – go against official scientific advice. In fact, it might even be fair to say that they don’t believe official scientific advice precisely because of who the messengers are. They have no trust in the government, international institutions like the World Health Organisation or the United Nations, or billionaire philanthropists like Bill Gates.

There were attacks on Dr Ashley Bloomfield, who had spent time at the WHO. “Anyone who does any length of time at an organisation like that is going to be fully indoctrinated.” There were enthusiastic boos for the “fully groomed globalist” Jacinda Ardern. “Her story speaks like the perfect history of a prime minister who will betray our people.”

It was Agenda 21. It was anti-vaxxing. It was 5G. It was people being forced out of the provinces to live in “technocratic high-rise cities”. It was all on the way, said Te Kahika, and he was the only one who could

…But for the people who turned out, it had been a thrilling day, and they left upbeat. They had come from all parts of the North Island. And over the next weeks, they’ll take that message out far and wide, and in the process probably reach people totally unreachable by other forms of politics and messaging. The results of that could be unlike anything New Zealand has ever seen before.

RNZ: Jami-Lee Ross launches Advance New Zealand party

Former National MP Jami-Lee Ross has merged his Advance New Zealand party with the Public Party, in the hope its leader will win the seat of Te Tai Tokerau.

That looks like Ross is conceding he has no hope of retaining his Botany seat, and probably also indicates he has been unable to get the 500 members required to register a party.

The Botany MP will co-lead the new party with Billy Te Kahika, who will stand in Te Tai Tokerau.

But there must be close to no chance of Te Kahika winning Te Tai Tokerau.

If he wins it, Ross would make it back into Parliament as a list MP under the coat-tail rule, even if he lost Botany.

Ross said Advance New Zealand would suspend the free trade agreement between New Zealand and China within its first three months and would support Hong Kong and Taiwan in seeking independence.

So a politically toxic MP facing SFO charges who has failed to get a credible party going has joined with a party with even less credibility, best known for it’s support of conspiracy theories, including that Covid-19 is a world order plot.

In what may be virtually a farewell interview yesterday Ross kept refusing to distance himself from the Covid conspiracy.

Ross: “I think there are New Zealanders out there who feel we have lost a lot of rights and freedoms to this Covid-19 issue and there’s questions that are being asked.”

Dann: “But do you believe that it is a bioweapon, man-made, being used against people?”

Ross: “Covid-19 is a real virus and it is impacting people around the world. We have in the situation in New Zealand that we no longer have that virus.”

Dann: “Is it a man-made virus that is being used as a bioweapon to undermine our democracy? I just want an answer on that question.”

Ross: “Covid-19 is a virus that has been in New Zealand and we have lost a lot of rights.”

Dann: “Sure, but why would you align your party with someone who believes in, frankly, ridiculous conspiracy theories which are an insult to those who are working on the front lines dealing with Covid-19, to the families who have people dying – why would you align yourself with that?”

Ross: “I think its insulting to say that New Zealanders who care about rights and freedoms shouldn’t be listened to or be taken seriously at all. There are people out there who believe that we have lost a lot of rights and freedoms, who believe that our sovereignty over many many years has been eroded.”

Dann: “You’re happy to lend your name – as someone who was the chief whip of National Party – to the Public Party and its policies, be it their scepticism around 5G, 1080, fluoridation, anti-vaxxers – you’re happy to lend your name to that?”

Ross: “When you have been involved in one of those big political parties you see how much of a cult they are and you see how much of a big problem just blindly following what the big political parties are. There’s an opportunity for small parties unite together and challenge the status quo. That’s what this alliance is about… I think there’s going to be some real momentum here.”

Full transcript and audio: Jami-Lee Ross faces Covid-19, China questions after new Advance NZ party alliance

But the chances of joining forces with other small parties doesn’t look great.

From The Spinoff Bulletin:

A quick point about the ‘alliance’ nature of the Advance NZ/NZ Public Party merger: On stage yesterday, Ross reeled off a long string of parties outside parliament, saying they’d still be welcome to join up.

Since then, people in the leadership teams of the Opportunities Party, Outdoors Party, New Conservative and Social Credit (the largest four parties listed by Ross) have all confirmed to me that they’ll be doing nothing of the sort.

Ross and his new party alliance may get a few supporters online but they are likely to need a lot more than that to come anywhere near close to getting into Parliament.

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  1. John J Harrison

     /  28th July 2020

    No one is going to miss this MP and his idiotic statements and actions.
    Hard to believe but he makes Labour Maori Caucus leader Willie Jackson look almost statesman like.
    Thankfully the SFO will sort this apology for an M P out in the coming months.

    • Blazer

       /  28th July 2020

      How can National afford to lose talent like this…going forward?

  2. lurcher1948

     /  28th July 2020

    Jamie, when they drag you into court over the CCP donation scandal please do as much damage as you can to the National party please,as that will teach the National voters to not badmouth a MP who knows where all the cash came from and…went😀😉

  3. Alan Wilkinson

     /  28th July 2020

    Culled. Better late than never. Nats have had far too many walking disasters from safe seats recently. They will really have to sharpen up their candidate selections.

    • duperez

       /  28th July 2020

      They’ve had a few issues lately. As recently as October 2017 J-L Ross was their senior whip having progressed up the ranks in the whip system from 2013. In October 2018 he was their spokesperson for transport and infrastructure. That surely in hindsight begs some questions.

      • John J Harrison

         /  28th July 2020

        Duperez, no more than ILG.
        Both world class sleeze – balls.
        Neither will be missed by the voters.

        • Blazer

           /  28th July 2020

          ILG did no more than alot of red blooded males do and would do if they…could.

          The only ones offended are the conservative,hypocritical card board cutouts who present a thin veneer of moral rectitude.

          Sleaze is subjective….I found Key sleazy to the ..extreme.

          • From what I saw ILG was more criticised from the left than the right, like at The Standard: https://thestandard.org.nz/ilg-goes/

            And I dispute ” alot of red blooded males do and would do if they…could”

            I haven’t seen any MPs support or excuse what he did, and I have seen a number of MPs say that they didn’t approve of his behaviour.

            • Blazer

               /  28th July 2020

              No M.P is going to publicly announce they support philandering.

              The family ‘unit’ is supposedly the cornerstone of western living…mum,dad,2 kids ,a credit card and a mortgage.

              Whether or not monogamy is a natural state for human beings is certainly debateable.

        • They probably don’t announce that they support promiscuity because they don’t support it.

          Most people don’t. Nor, I suspect, are they ‘offended’ by it; they may dislike and disapprove, but being offended is a bit odd. The idea that the people who dislike the idea of promiscuity and unfaithfulness are as you describe them is absurd.

          • Blazer

             /  28th July 2020

            It is not absurd.

            Love and monogamy like a mortgage is for….poor people.

            Promiscuity and tax havens is for…rich people.

            • Alan Wilkinson

               /  28th July 2020

              I’ve met a few people who have forgotten which category they are in then, B.

        • duperez

           /  28th July 2020

          I can understand some thinking that ILG and J-LR are world class sleeze – balls.

          If you think their respective records of conducting their private lives the same as each other you probably think that someone doing 53kmh on a clear sunny day with no other vehicles and no pedestrians around is the same as someone doing 117kmh in a fifty zone with lots of kids and many vehicles around in terrible weather with poor visibility.

          • John J Harrison

             /  28th July 2020

            Duperez, once again you are making absolutely no sense.
            Have a lie down with a cup of tea – or better still a very good red.
            You will feel better tomorrow.
            I hope !

          • Alan Wilkinson

             /  28th July 2020

            Worst thing ILG did was join the Labour Party, dups. Unforgiveable.


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