Melbourne goes into level 4 lockdown

Covid has got out of control in Melbourne and Victoria, with record numbers of new cases and many hundreds of cases with no known source, meaning community transmission is happening on a significant scale.

Yesterday there were a record 723 new cases reported in Victoria. Total cases and total deaths in Australia have doubled in the last month, most of the increases in Victoria.

There are 760 ‘mystery’ cases, active cases where the source of the infection is not known.

The state government has now moved Melbourne into a drastic level 4 lockdown, and the wider state into a level 3 lockdown. a sttate of emergency has also been imposed.

ABC: Victoria has introduced a curfew and stage 4 coronavirus restrictions for Melbourne, and stage 3 restrictions for regional Victoria. Here’s what that means

Premier Daniel Andrews and Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton have introduced a stricter set of rules designed to rein in coronavirus infections, which have been spreading disastrously over the past month.

Key changes:

From 6:00pm on Sunday, metropolitan Melbourne will come under stage four restrictions.

Melburnians will only be allowed to shop for food and necessary supplies within 5 kilometres of their home.

Exercise will be limited to one hour once per day, within 5km of home.A curfew will apply from 8:00pm to 5:00am each night.

From Thursday, regional Victoria will return to stage three “stay at home” restrictions, while Mitchell Shire will remain on stage three restrictions.

ABC: Police have been given greater powers under Victoria’s state of disaster. Here’s what that means

Six months after Victoria declared a state of disaster to deal with the summer’s fires, the dramatic legislation has again come into effect to deal with the “public health bushfire” of coronavirus.

It came into effect at 6:00pm on Sunday and can be in place for at least a month.

It gives police and emergency services much broader powers to enforce new coronavirus restrictions, including the Melbourne-wide curfew every night.

It also gives authorities the ability to suspend Acts of Parliament and take possession of properties.

Under the Act, the Emergency Services Minister can “control and restrict entry into, movement within and departure from the disaster area of any part of it”.

In this case, that means all of Victoria.

The Minister can also delegate the Emergency Management Commissioner — who is currently Andrew Crisp — “or any other person” any of her powers or functions.

This means police and other emergency services will get the power to enforce the new restrictions.

These measures have been announced to be in place for 6 weeks.

This is obviously bad news for Melbourne and Victoria, which has a population of about 6.3 million, a bit more than New Zealand.

What is happening in Victoria will impact on all of Australia, which travel restrictions in place.

It will also impact on New Zealand. Many of us have family living in Victoria. And a trans-Tasman travel bubble now looks a long way off.

Australian Covid statistics:

  • 17,923 total cases
  • 208 total deaths
  • 687 new cases in the last 24 hours
  • 408 hospitalised
  • 3,506 locally acquired cases in the last 7 days
  • 31 overseas acquired cases in the last 7 days

In New Zealand we continue to have a trickle of cases coming into the country at a similar level to overseas acquired cases in Australia. The obvious difference is the flood of locally acquired cases.

We have been successful here in containing Covid, partly by good management, partly by luck.

It is going to take an ongoing effort and months at least of isolation from thje world to keep Covid under control here.

What has happened in Victoria shows how quickly and easily it can get out of control.

Total COVID-19 cases and deaths by states and territories

This table shows the total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases and deaths reported in each state and territory since 22 January 2020. State and territory totals reflect where a person has been tested and undergoing public health management, this may differ from their normal place of residence.

JurisdictionTotal confirmed casesNew cases in last 24 hoursDeaths

Source: Department of Health, States & Territories Report 2/8/2020

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  1. Stating the obvious:

    • Blazer

       /  3rd August 2020

      Except to many, as evidenced here screaming to open borders ,it is not…obvious.

      • Don’t be ridiculous. No one is wanting it now. The move to allow travel was when it seemed that Australia had beaten C19.

        Who are these people screaming to open borders ? Name five.

        • Duker

           /  3rd August 2020

          People like you , who screamed end the L4 lockdown well before 4 weeks was up, then switched to go from level 3 to 1 immediately and when that happened wanted borders opened right away.
          You are the poster child for the constantly wrong but shifting position anti brigade…even though second wave was mentioned by astute people

          • Rubbish. That is a lie. I did no such thing. I have never mentioned opening borders right away or at all, except agreeing that there was a case for allowing flights to the Pacific Islands.

            I did not scream to end L4 before the supposed 4 (actually more like 5) weeks were up. That is another lie. I have never suggested open borders; another lie.

            You were the one who banged on and on about how C19 was less lethal than flu and gave numbers to prove it.

            • Pink David

               /  3rd August 2020

              “You were the one who banged on and on about how C19 was less lethal than flu and gave numbers to prove it.”

              Yes, he started out right on this issue. His suspicion of computer models was spot on.

  2. Alan Wilkinson

     /  3rd August 2020

    The most Left wing state melts down in Australia. Seems a common pattern.

  3. And in the relatively right wing US:

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  3rd August 2020

      Yes, when it was focused it was in the Lefty states and then it has spread to the rest of the country. Same in the UK and Australia is trying to protect itself from Victoria.

      • It was worst in NSW initially, and they still have problems there – and have a right leaning government.

        Queensland has done a lot better – and has a Labor government.

        Western Australia has also done relatively well, and has a Labor government.

      • Griff.

         /  3rd August 2020

        That is because the democrate states are the piont of entry into the USA
        The Republican state are mostly fly over country .

        • Alan Wilkinson

           /  3rd August 2020

          Fair comment, Griff. So why are those places Left wing?

          • Duker

             /  3rd August 2020

            Louisiana wasnt a left wing state or a point of entry but had big cases numbers early on..6500 deaths. 4.6 mill people so just under NZs population

            probably almost all the early hit countries made mistakes, some like NY saw what was happening in Italy but hubris meant they didnt think it would happen to them. And it did.

          • Griff.

             /  3rd August 2020

            Because they are not isolated inbreed low info christian nut bars.
            If you devided the USA into two countrys one democrate one Republican .lol the Republican country would only just meet the standard for a member of the developed world.
            It would also be broke.
            No the oil and coal resources are now almost worthless.

            • Alan Wilkinson

               /  3rd August 2020

              That explains the internal migration out of the Democratic strongholds of Michigan and California how?

            • Duker

               /  3rd August 2020

              Republicans control Michigan, have done so for some time
              Currently their HR is 58 Republicans to 52 democrats
              Gerrymandering means the GOP stays in control despite not having a majority of the vote, back in 2012 it was 46% to 54%

  4. Reply
  5. Mick Scott

     /  5th August 2020

    The more you comply the worse the tyranny becomes.

    Melbourne, Resist this insanity!


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