Covid lockdown levels to remain for 12 more days

The official announcement:

14 August 2020

Help stop the spread.

Auckland remains at Level 3,
rest of the country at Level 2

The Government has announced that current alert levels will remain in place until at least 26 August.

The Prime Minister said the decision was based on a range of considerations, including the results of contract tracing, testing rates and results, genome sequencing, and other information gathering since the resurgence of the virus.

The Government is also making changes to the wage subsidy scheme, the leave support scheme and the mortgage deferral scheme

The details will be finalised next week, but the changes will be nationwide and will cover the period of time that level 3 restrictions are in place.

You can watch the livestream of the media conference here.

Travelling to and from Auckland is still restricted

It’s important we limit non-essential travel to restrict the spread of Covid-19. You can travel into, out of, or through Auckland if you are returning to your primary residence. Not to go to a bach or holiday home.

There are limited exemptions for some people to travel. This includes people are who are moving freight, and a range of government workers.

Police are enforcing this at road checkpoints around Auckland.

The restrictions on flying into and out of Auckland are the same as driving in our out.

Outside Auckland, people can still travel so long as they do it safely and contact trace.

Getting the right information matters

Beware of misinformation on social media and other sources. Only share information from official sources. Misinformation works against us at a time when we need to work together to beat the virus. Here’s where you can go to find accurate and timely information:

Try and wear a face covering when out of the house

The Ministry of Health is encouraging the use of face coverings as an additional tool to help stop the spread of COVID-19, as well as maintaining those other very important hygiene measures like physical distancing and handwashing.

A face covering is most important in closed public spaces where it’s difficult to keep physical distancing, such as supermarkets and public transport. 

Remember, face coverings can be homemade. You can also use a bandana or scarf that fully covers your mouth and nose.

Over one million New Zealanders have the NZ COVID Tracer app

The latest surge in New Zealanders downloading the NZ COVID Tracer app has taken it over the 1 million mark of registered users.

Well done New Zealand. Do your bit. Start using it today.

The NZ COVID Tracer app gives us a strong head start in responding. It is not enough to rely on your memory or personal records.

All businesses will need to display a QR code for the NZ COVID Trader app by 11:59am on 19 August. It is easy for businesses to download a QR code for their business using a fast new process.

If you need help generating your QR code posters or have questions or feedback about NZ COVID Tracer:

Catching the virus by food is unlikely

The risk of Covid-19 transmission via food packaging is very unlikely and New Zealand Food Safety do not recommend disinfecting food products. 

Coronaviruses cannot grow in food. They need a host (animal or human) to grow in. Cooking for at least 30 minutes at 60°C will kill the virus.

Coronaviruses are most commonly passed between animals and people and from person-to-person contact.


Information for Pacific peoples.

Useful posters for your workplace or community.

Information in sign language and easy read formats.

Find out what support is available for individuals, whānau, foreign nationals, and businesses

Translations of essential information are available in 16 different languages on the COVID-19 website.

Up-to-date Alert Level information is on the COVID-19 website.

The COVID-19 Public Health Response (Alert Levels 3 and 2) Order 2020 outlines current restrictions and requirements.

Contact information

Call Healthline if you have symptoms 0800 358 5453

Need to talk? Call or text 1737

Report breaches of self-isolation

Get the latest information on our website or Facebook

Govt to protect jobs and businesses with extra support

  • In-principle decision to extend wage subsidy to support businesses and protect jobs
  • Support will be nationwide in recognition of Auckland’s position in NZ economy and the impact of Level 2
  • Mortgage deferral scheme to be extended to support households
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  1. Pink David

     /  14th August 2020

    “Remember, face coverings can be homemade. You can also use a bandana or scarf that fully covers your mouth and nose.”

    Amazing. Humans have lived with flu since the dawn of time, and it turns out all we needed to do was put a simple bit of cloth over our faces.

    Bit of a miss for the medical profession.

  2. Reply
    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  14th August 2020

      Doesn’t seem to be any defined frequency? Without that it is meaningless.

    • David

       /  14th August 2020

      Because they know its a border staffer that has spread this outbreak and when this becomes public the Ardern can say all frontline workers are regularly tested.
      Bloomfield will cooperate and agree because its as much his stuff up as hers and he doesnt want to be smacked around.

      • Duker

         /  15th August 2020

        ““We were told several weeks ago that testing of all staff at the Jet Park were being tested every week.”” Hipkins in NZH
        ‘But that has clearly not been happening’

        • Corky

           /  15th August 2020

          And if you were the Minister would you believe that? If I was in that situation I would have an official with a tablet asking for names, dates of tests..and the results.

          Why would you trust anyone in such a situation?

  3. David

     /  14th August 2020

    Ardern has stuffed this up and she knows it. That presser was excruciating for her and she looked guilty and in no way a leader, she was not in charge of her emotions and was struggling to keep it together, she is a person in a position that has been thrust upon her and she just hates it.
    She will win the election and then she is gone. She hates the job but not quite more than she loves Labour being in charge but mark my words she will be out with a cosy job somewhere and either single or aiming for a sibling for Neve.
    That was a very sad press conference, she should be the popular press secretary for a strong leader.

    • Blazer

       /  14th August 2020

      Been drinking …David!

      • David

         /  14th August 2020

        Not tonight just come back from getting a new wagon, enjoying the fruits of Arderns economy thanking god that she is Key lite and allows a little bit of profit making.

        • Blazer

           /  14th August 2020

          Nothing wrong with making a profit David…2020 will be the year in history where the Magic Show of money creation became known to a far greater ..audience.

    • oldlaker

       /  14th August 2020

      Ardern has no way out. And you can see it on her face.
      She is trapped by her policy of elimination into an endless cycle of lockdowns. She aimed too high and is now a prisoner of her hubris. The Aussies were much more circumspect… aiming for suppression with the possibility of elimination as a bonus.
      She can see in a few months’ time she will no longer be the world’s darling. That must hurt.

      • She seemed reluctant to admit that there was no reason to go to L4 this time.

        She’s already had a raspberry abroad and it’s likely to continue.

        No grinning, grimacing and gesticulating last night, it seemed. She has a bad habit of reading from notes, and didn’t even seem to be looking up much.

        The teachers’ skill of glancing down, repeating a few words and doing this again is not hard to learn.

      • Jack

         /  15th August 2020
        Surely Jacinda could communicate her way into another way of thinking re Covid. There are various scientific health views. She could change her mind, then communicate that and lead Kiwis on a pathway of rejecting fear. Ryan is right about the “entrenchment” but it doesn’t have to be that way. Many Kiwis would be kind? if Jacinda wanted to change her mind.

        • Jack

           /  15th August 2020

          Looks like that was the wrong link. I was referring to Ryan Bridge’s piece where he talks about having pushed ourselves into a corner.
          I guess that with politics it’s generally not acceptable for about turns from leaders, but Jacinda was supposed to be different in that regard.

  4. Pink David

     /  14th August 2020

    • artcroft

       /  14th August 2020

      Looks like he’s finding the job a bit of a stressor. Gone is the jolly bonhomie in this picture.

  5. Fight4nz

     /  14th August 2020

    Jacinta came through surprisingly well in a pressure cooker situation. Calm, measured, thorough. Ably supported by Hipkins and Robertson. A governing party with well honed skills and the very best interests of the country sharply in focus.
    A stark contrast with the tawdry, power grabbing desperation in display both within and without the “opposition”.

    • I take it that you didn’t see last night’s news.

      • Blazer

         /  15th August 2020

        Did you saw something on the…news!

        • I did SEE something on the news, yes. (‘saw’ is the past tense; I see (present), I saw (past simple), I have seen (past perfect)

          I saw something on the news. It was quite different to what FNZ seems to have seen. I saw the PM looking down and reading from a script in an amateurish way. If there’s a pressure cooker system, the PM and government have caused it.

          Sloppy testing has resulted in C19 coming back in. We now have a lockdown in Auckland and L3 everywhere else. Do try to keep up with what’s going on.

  6. Duker

     /  15th August 2020

    Here we go again
    “Health Minister Chris Hipkins says he is frustrated and disappointed the Government was misled about the level of Covid-19 testing of frontline border staff.

    But he says he is working quickly to mitigate the issue and yesterday signed an order making it compulsory for all staff working at the border to be tested.”

    We had the exactly the same situation with the people in quarantine who the govt was told wer being tested before leaving their 14 days. They werent.

    It seems to be some people in the Auckland Regional Public Health who should be taken in a helicopter and dropped out to sea

    “Hipkins said this morning testing at the border had not been happening at the rate the Government had been asking for, or at the level the Government was told was happening.

    “We were told several weeks ago that testing of all staff at the Jet Park were being tested every week.”

    So sure of that advice was Hipkins that he put it in a June 23 press release, headlined: “New Covid-19 testing strategy to keep New Zealand safe”.

    • oldlaker

       /  15th August 2020

      That press release (“New Covid-19 testing strategy to keep New Zealand safe”) came from David Clark.


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