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  1. David

     /  1st September 2020

    Joe Bidens campaign slogan is “Build Back Better” which probably seemed like a good idea until left leaning Democrat voters started burning down, looting and destroying Democrat run cities run by Democrat Mayors and Democrat Governors. I guess its a make work scheme.

    Joe Biden finally this week had a small moan about the violence and looting so I guess the polling is pointing to it destroying any chance he has of winning. 13 members of his campaign team personally donated to the bail for people arrested for violence so the polling must look terribly grim.
    People are fleeing NY and LA, Portland has had 90 plus nights of violence, Kinosha is in ashes, diners in Washington DC are being screamed at, its just a bloody mess in Democrat land.
    These rich, white, priviliged and cosseted young women (and a few men) needed someone in their lives to say no to them. They have achieved nothing except destroyed any chance of police reform.
    Republican senator Tim Scott had a bill he had been working on for many years which he opened up to the Democrats for amendments and Pelosi shut him down, she wanted the place to burn and Trump to get the blame and once again it has backfired on her.

    • lurcher1948

       /  1st September 2020

      A rightie killed 2,a lefty kills 1,the USA is going to hell on a handcart and POTUS 45 Donald Trump keeps pouring petrol on all the flames…makes for interesting tv viewing

    • duperez

       /  1st September 2020

      You have to admit Trump’s America is a united confident relaxed place isn’t it? I couldn’t understand when it was said four or five years back that the rhetoric of division and ‘us against them’ was a recipe for disaster. Could you?

    • Patzcuaro

       /  1st September 2020

      The other people that need some parental control are the predominantly white police officers that insist on shooting black Americans in the back.

      • David

         /  1st September 2020

        The guy with the open warrant for sexual assault who had the copper in a headlock, threatened them with a knife, was tazed twice and was reaching for a weapon with 3 kids in the back of the car.

  2. Jack

     /  1st September 2020

    Mr Harrison, I hate Socialism too.
    The trouble with too much Lefty provocation and their lying is that eventually right thinking folk snap, then start attacking one another too.
    I have a brother like that. He and I mostly hold common ground but he is hateful toward me when it suits his personal version of hiding from Truth.
    We must hold our manners, and our cool.
    Before Kitty says I’m preaching – I’m not! I’ve got plenty of egg on my face and don’t mind admitting. I’m no preacher.
    I’m only just getting the smell of dung cleaned out from my pores after my pew haka four years ago.
    You remind me of my Dad. Have I gleaned correctly that you need caregivers?

    • Jack

       /  1st September 2020

      Thanks for your encouragement back there. I didn’t notice as I was writing here.
      At least you’re not using a pseudonym. Many on social media have more temptation to forget that ‘God is watching’.

  3. lurcher1948

     /  1st September 2020

    GOD as a dog handler/trainer this is such skills,the hours of of my dogs is a heading dog,farm rescue…just needed training

    worth watching just for the whistles

    • Jack

       /  1st September 2020

      Lost count how many heading dogs Dad had called Wag. His first one was Wag and he always wanted another as good.
      Hours of training all right. Dad’s were great at lambing time. The ewe would be busy stamping her foot, distracted…

  4. Duker

     /  1st September 2020

    Good story on how Ireland failked with controls , yet they had their first case at the same time as we did

    “As of yesterday, Ireland had 28,363 recorded cases and 1777 deaths. New Zealand’s numbers, for those who like to say we have a “shambles” and a “complete lack of planning”, were 1702 and 22. Ireland has had 363 death per million population. In New Zealand, it’s 4.5. We’re doing so well.
    “In Ireland last week, two senior members of the government resigned after attending a dinner with 80 other “luminaries” of Irish society, including the European Union commissioner and a Supreme Court justice who is also a former attorney general. The dinner took place just one day after new regulations banned indoor meetings of more than six people. Ireland’s a basket case in the fight against Covid-19. There’s no good reason for it, either, despite the blather of any number of commentators who seem almost embarrassed at how far adrift of New Zealand’s success their country is.”

    No wonder so many support the lockdowns here ( 90% at this recent poll from Kantar) because they are listening to the doomsayers like Collins and her political poodle on a leash Seymour


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