Peter Ellis appeal allowed to proceed

The Supreme Court is allowing the Peter Ellis appeal to proceed despite Ellis dying in September 2019.


Mr Ellis was convicted on 16 charges of sexual offending against seven children in 1993. He appealed twice to the Court of Appeal, the second time after a referral by the Governor-General. The first appeal quashed three of the convictions. The second appeal against the remaining 13 convictions was dismissed in 1999.

Mr Ellis was granted leave to appeal against those remaining convictions by the Supreme Court on 31 July 2019. Mr Ellis passed away on 4 September 2019. The issue arose as to whether the appeal should continue, despite his death.

The Supreme Court has decided that the appeal should continue.

Reasons for this decision will be provided at the same time as the decision on the substantive appeal is released.

Please note that the publication of the names or identifying particulars of the complainants and child witnesses under the age of 17 is prohibited by ss 139 and 139A of the Criminal Justice Act 1985.

The Judgment (which says much the same): Peter Hugh McGregor Ellis v R

Ellis was acquitted on a further nine charges. He was also discharged on three charges during the trial under s 347 of the Crimes Act 1961.

I’m pleased to see this proceeding. It’s just a real shame Ellis has died before seeing it go through. Of course there’s no guarantee what the outcome will be but I think that aspects of the trial and the convictions raised serious questions that haven’t been properly resolved yet.

if you want a refresher on the Ellis case:

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  1. John J Harrison

     /  2nd September 2020

    Pete, this was an appalling case of justice not being done, or seeing to be done.
    Hopefully the truth will eventually come out.

    • Blazer

       /  2nd September 2020

      Unbelievable..we agree on something.

    • The truth is already out; the children were coerced or talked into the accusations and Peter Ellis could not possibly have done all those things.

      One accuser was on the national programme a few years ago. His mother’s and his story was not only full of holes (they seemed not to have made sure that their stories matched), he wasn’t at the creche at the time of the alleged offences or even when Peter Ellis was there. His mother had made such a nuisance of herself in the time that her son was at the creche that she was asked to remove him. This was easily verified. Oops.

      Even if I had believed that Peter Ellis was guilty, Lynley Dodd’s book would have convinced me that he wasn’t.

  2. Blazer

     /  2nd September 2020

    paying the parents of the ‘abused’ children $10,000 was a pretty useful indicator.

    • So were the generic Satanic accusations, and the absurd ones like him making children run across the road until one was hit and killed.

  3. The PDT must believe that Peter Ellis was guilty.

    • Alan Wilkinson

       /  2nd September 2020

      PDT is an idiot so that’s possible. As I’ve said before, via my wife I had a very close connection this case as Peter took her position at the creche when we moved to Auckland. This was a disgraceful prosecution and miscarriage of justice followed by decades of protecting the ample backsides of those responsible while denying correction and redress. Unfortunately in this case the guilty have successfully escaped all punishment.


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