Peters attacks the Greens

The Government lasted nearly three years lasted nearly three years trying to portray the three party arrangement as solid and working well together.

But with the election looming and the fear of failing to make the threshold rising Winston Peters is attacking both the Greens and Labour. This post is on the Green target.

Newshub: NZ First and Greens fighting for survival, trying to kill each other off amid Green School debacle

The James Shaw political pile-on is off the charts after Newshub revealed he strong-armed ministerial colleagues to get funding for the controversial privately-owned Taranaki Green School.

NZ First leader Winston Peters is calling it one of the worst things he’s seen in his political career and is warning of “repercussions” over the funding, while National says the Greens should be ashamed and that Shaw must resign. 

Labour, NZ First and the Greens almost held it together an entire term, but as the election drew near, the raw disdain between the Greens and New Zealand First bubbled forth.

Peters said in July his party “opposed woke pixie dust”, while Shaw described New Zealand First as a “chaotic and disorganised” partner in Government.

“You can almost see the advertisements, can’t you? New Zealand First – you can stop progress,” Shaw joked in his adjournment speech last month.

But ironically Shaw has now been caught out holding his ministerial colleagues to political ransom, stalling progress to get his own way.

Newshub revealed on Tuesday Shaw’s office emailed his ministerial colleagues strong-arming them with an ultimatum, refusing to sign off on projects in a $3 billion infrastructure fund unless he got dosh for the controversial Green School.

Shaw told Newshub on Wednesday he “didn’t hold anybody to ransom”, but Peters sees it differently.

“If you can’t win by logic and by reason and by the soundness of your proposal then that’s no way to behave,” the NZ First leader told Newshub.

“It’s pretty bad. I’ve never seen anything like this before. Maybe it has happened but not in that naked, inexperienced way.”

It’s funny to see Peters attack someone else over naked political ransom, but there is a difference with how he does it, he’s very experienced at it.

The Prime Minister said there will be different views in a Government of three political parties.

That’s the line that’s been spun throughout the term when there’s been differences, and it is accurate enough, there should be differences between three parties. But how those differences are being expressed has changed markedly.

“Obviously as a coalition Government working with three different parties, there will often be different perspectives,” she said on Wednesday.

You can say that again – Shaw has made it clear he thinks Peters is a handbrake on progress.

Peters responded, “Well, a handbrake on stupid ideas is not a handbrake on progress.”

Stupid to Peters. The difference between NZ First and the Greens is that the Greens didn’t do much handbraking on NZ First’s stupid ideas.

Shaw said Peters will say anything to get re-elected.

“Winston Peters is fighting for his political survival and so he will say what he says in order to try and ensure he’s back in Parliament after the election,” he told Newshub.

Thanks to Shaw, the Greens are now fighting for their political survival too.

Last campaign Labour and the Greens, and to an extent NZ First, promoted their intent and ability to be able to work together.

This campaign looks like being a lot more combative.

Greens have been polling close to the 5% threshold (except for Roy Morgan polls) but have tended to get less in elections than in polls so will be worried, especially with the popularity of Ardern competing more for votes.

Both Shaw and Marama Davidson have admitted that the current Green School mess will make things even harder for them to survive.

NZ First have been polling at under half the threshold. Peters has pulled rabbits out of campaign hats in the past and will be looking for the same sort of opportunity this time.

But NZ First and Greens going hammer and tongs against each other is a questionable strategy, as they hardly compete for their own votes. These spats are more likely to just reduce votes for both, it’s unlikely to attract support.

What both parties will be hoping for is that they survive and are in a position to form a coalition with Labour without a third party competing for baubles and slush funds.

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  1. John J Harrison

     /  3rd September 2020

    Love it.
    It is absolutely delicious to witness the death throes of both parties being played out in the media.
    They are both greedy and opportunistic in everything they do.
    It’s never about the welfare of the country but how they can enrich themselves or their backers.
    Be it good looking horses, Maori businesses in Northland or an unregistered Green school, our hard earned taxes are wasted on a daily basis.
    Only the politicians in these parties plus their supporters benefit while Labour watches on but dare not intervene as this would threaten their coalition.
    Watch out for a tsunami of leaked e mails coming out from both sides.
    Invest in a popcorn manufacturer.

    • I always thought that James Shaw was an amiable drone who meant well. It was a real surprise to learn that he was capable of duplicity and throwing his weight around as well as moral blackmail.

      He has let himself down more than he’s let anyone else down.

      No need for a popcorn maker if you have a microwave.

  2. I am waiting for the media to scrutinise Shane Jones’ $3 billion Provincial Growth Fund. Billions have been handed out, much to Jones’ electorate Northland, with little obvious return. I believe few of the favoured project will succeed or create jobs.

    • John J Harrison

       /  3rd September 2020

      MacSlernz, you surly jest !
      Our left wing media will never investigate anything that could adversely affect Ardern.
      That can only be accomplished with an ACT / National government coming into office.

  3. Duker

     /  3rd September 2020

    Does this post have to repeated twice ? Yes its the usual Peter jeremiad


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