Covid death and another man in coma

At yesterday’s 1 pm Covid briefing Dr Ashley Bloomfield advised that there were five new Covid cases, three in the community and two in isolation, and there were 6 cases in hospital.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern also advised Cabinet had decided that the Covid alert levels would remain the same, probably until 16 September.

But later in the afternoon it was announced that there had been a Covid death after the family of a man in his fifties who had worked at the Americold coolstore in West Auckland had turned off his life support on Friday morning.

The man was 58 and is the youngest to have died of Covid in New Zealand. The last Covid death here was on 28 May.

This is very sad for the family, and it is a reminder to the country that the virus can be lethal.

The timing of the announcement may have been due to how long it takes to inform family etc, but the Ministry of Health must have been aware at least of the seriousness of the man’s condition, and I would expect them to have made this information known to Cabinet prior to them making their decision yesterday.

This is how the Covid newsletter announced the death (sent out at 5:20 pm Friday):

COVID-19 related death in Auckland

We are sad to report the death of a man at Middlemore Hospital, linked to COVID-19. The man in his 50s was part of the current community cluster in Auckland and died earlier today. The man was a confirmed case of COVID-19. He was admitted to Middlemore as an inpatient via ED from quarantine and then cared for in the ICU. 

His family were regularly updated, the hospital facilitated contact using virtual technologies and his wife and son were able to visit him, using full PPE. His wife has expressed the family’s gratitude to the Middlemore Hospital staff for their care and compassion. 

This means the number of COVID-19 related deaths in New Zealand is now 23. 

Counties Manukau Health has acknowledged this, the DHB’s first COVID-19 related death, with the following mihi.

Kua riromai teetahi ika pounamu o te wao nui a Taane.  E tangi ana, haaere, 
Whakangaro atu ra, 
Ki te Kaakaarauri oki oki 

RNZ: Man dies from Covid-19 in Middlemore Hospital

The man was a confirmed case of Covid-19 and was being cared for in intensive care at Middlemore.

The ministry said his family were regularly updated, and his wife and son were able to visit him, using full PPE.

Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield said he acknowledged the anxiety New Zealanders “may be feeling about today’s news, both in the wider community and also for the family and whanau grieving over this death”.

“Our thoughts are with his family and community at this time of loss and grief.

“We have always recognised that further deaths linked to Covid-19 were possible. Although the health system has done and will continue to do everything we can to prevent them, this can be a very challenging virus to treat and for some people to recover from.

“Today’s news reinforces the importance of our shared vigilance against Covid-19, the very serious consequences the virus can carry with it, and the measures we all need to take to stop the spread, break any chain of transmission and prevent deaths.”

1 News: Father-of-two taken off life support today was NZ’s first Covid-19 death in over three months

The man, identified to 1 NEWS by a relative as Auckland-based Americold employee Alan Te Hiko, 58, died at Middlemore Hospital after family took him off life support this morning.

His case was linked to the ongoing Auckland community cluster.

It is the first Covid-19 related death in New Zealand since May 28, over three months ago.

Te Hiko, a father of two originally from Tokoroa, is the youngest person to have died from the virus in New Zealand.

According to the Ministry of Health, his wife has expressed the family’s gratitude to the Middlemore Hospital staff for their care and compassion.

The family member told 1 NEWS his wife, son and daughter remain at a quarantine facility, and his brother is currently in an induced coma in Waikato Hospital.

So a brother of the man who died is also in a serious condition. Tough times for the wider family.

This makes the decision to not change the alert level for nearly two weeks the right one, but that decision must surely have been informed by the serious condition of the two men and probably of the death.

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  1. John J Harrison

     /  5th September 2020

    So the question remains, why not announce this fatality from the “ Pulpit of Truth “?
    The mans family, sadly would have known of his condition since entering hospital.
    I say BS to the number dying of Covid at 23.
    How many died with it, not because of it ?

    • Barbara McKenzie

       /  5th September 2020

      Seems odd that he was taken off life support for lung disease, no matter how serious.

      • Fight4nz

         /  5th September 2020

        I don’t follow?
        You’re saying no one who has died in this pandemic has died of lung disease?
        People have died of common flu, pneumonia, asthma, etc ,long before Covid came along. Did they not die of serious lung diseases?

    • Fight4nz

       /  5th September 2020

      The fact of the death would support the extension of Alert levels. So the motivation (in your world view) would be to include it in the daily update. Indicates a compelling reason not to. Given this government’s alleged inability to make the hard decisions it was probably a soft compassionate reason. Judith would never have let it slip.

      • Duker

         /  5th September 2020

        “The fact of the death would support the extension of Alert levels.”

        No its not. There is another case of a man who arrived at North Shore hospital very ill with the disease. His virus strain is linked to the one that started in Americold frozen foods warehouse but they dont have a chain of people that he caught the disease from.
        Those ‘hidden links’ are the ones they are worried about and led to the extension of the level 2. In a sense they have to wait till those hidden people have recovered as they could still be infectious. As we know it only takes a small number to grow exponentially especially this cluster which just under 2/3 pacific islanders

    • “How many died with it, not because of it ?”

      Do you know, or are you just repeating a stale old assertion there’s no evidence for?

      It’s very unlikely someone who gets Covid would coincidentally contract similar symptoms to Covid at the same time and die of them unrelated to Covid.

      I think the Covid cause of death will be accurate in new Zealand. Elsewhere in the world Covid deaths are almost certainly substantially under-counted, that has been acknowledged in places like India and Brazil, and claimed in the US, China and Russia.

      • David

         /  5th September 2020

        Interestingly the CDC and some US universities are trying to work out the number of people who have died of Covid as opposed to with it and so far they estimate 6% of Covid deaths are Covid.
        They are going back to excess deaths and trying to work back from there, also they are trying to estimate how many deaths are because of for example people with heart disease not getting seen too and say not having a stent put in and subsequently dying of a heart attack.
        The data is a huge problem when you look at the economic costs of all these unnecessary lock downs, we know who is vulnerable and who isnt but politics seems to have determined that no one should die of this particular disease.
        Ardern could save 400 lives a year by funding a lung cancer drug, save countless limbs and early deaths from funding type 2 diabetes drugs. These and other drugs are Pharmac approved, years and years old widely available in similar countries but it doesnt seem to matter that we dont have them but we have blown billions on for what for 99% of the population will be nothing more than a cold.
        Strange times.

      • Someone who has an existing condition could contract C19, and we know that they have. The vast majority of deaths have been old people with existing, usually serious, conditions.

    • Duker

       /  5th September 2020

      More nonsense from the spreader of rubbish
      ‘So the question remains, why not announce this fatality from the “ Pulpit of Truth “?

      Ardern was at the 1PM briefing
      The death wasnt announced till later in Friday afternoon…. after the tragic event , not before

  2. lurcher1948

     /  5th September 2020

    J J H if the WHO,George Soros,and the One World Government along with the deep state says the poor person died from Covid 19 that’s good enough for me,who else can I trust ? POTUS 45,David Seymour some strange person posting on a right leaning blog ,YOU

    • John J Harrison

       /  5th September 2020

      Lurcher, yet another failed deflection form you.
      I was not questioning the latest death but the overall numbers both in New Zealand and overseas.
      Do try and keep up.

      • It’s news to me that WHO, (the Who is a rock band) and all these others who will never have heard of this man know what he died of.

  3. John J Harrison

     /  5th September 2020

    Pete, this question has been raised by various physicians and academics around the world.
    So the question is germane.
    Correct me if I am wrong but I believe it was reported that the deaths in New Zealand caused by COVID had decreased to 17 from the previous number due to further investigation.
    Conversely, I fully accept that we will never know the true death rate caused by COVID in third world countries and Russia, Iran, Brazil etc as they have cause to under report.
    Politics trumps in many countries by under reporting.
    On the other hand politics trumps in blaming COVID for all deaths in New Zealand even though the victims had innumerable and deadly medical pre- conditions.

    • Duker

       /  5th September 2020

      No decrease in NZ deaths…its your imagination.
      Most up to date number is 22 with most recent death

      19 refers to COVID 19…… surely you arent that silly to confuse the two????

      • Why was someone whose tests were negative but happened to be in the rest home where the deaths happened regarded as a C19 death ? Why was the last one in the first one also someone who had had it, recovered, had two negative tests and died some time later still counted as a C19 death ?

        • Duker

           /  5th September 2020

          Too vague …. yes thats how you are …, but cant possibly comment as when Ive spent time on your claims they are baseless. You even couldnt bother to check out why NY numbering of covid levels went up for less restrictions instead of down

    • “even though the victims had innumerable and deadly medical pre-conditions”

      What an onanistic piece of misdirection. Harrison ignores the the pragmatic reality that even though the victims had “innumerable and deadly medical pre-conditions” they were still alive before catching COVID-19, and dead afterwards.

  4. duperez

     /  5th September 2020

    A little group protested in Rotorua today.

    “One of the organisers, Crystaline Verhagen, said the protest was a freedom march for all of Rotorua.

    “It’s against lockdown and it’s about our freedom to be able to choose if we want vaccinations, if we want 5G and if we want to be in lockdown.

    “It’s only the flu season, there’s no need for lockdowns, there’s no need for masks. People are actually killing themselves by wearing masks because they’re breathing in their own toxins.

    “[The Government] just want us all sick, that’s why they’re asking us to do it, to become more sick.” 😊

    • Crystaline ? Who would call their child that ? I heard of someone called Chlorine…

      I don’t like wearing a mask – I hate it – and only do so on the bus, but I can’t see that they would kill anyone (unless that person has particular medical problems, of course) as long as they’re porous enough to breathe through.

      These people are doing the antilockdown cause a huge disservice, the opposite to what they intend.

      They are going off on so many tangents that they are watering their message down completely.

      • Harry

         /  7th September 2020

        Forced vaccination and 5G are not a tangent – they are part of the same new world order agenda that brought you the lockdowns, the fear porn, and the police state responses to people daring to go outside.

        You should thank these people for standing up to tyranny, instead of nitpicking about tangents – since you hate wearing a mask.

        • Jack

           /  7th September 2020

          The ‘new world order’ is also a member of Fear Porn. In that respect it participates in the same agenda we fight against (ie the world’s wish that we fail to become free in Christ.)
          Respect to you Harry, and I think you might be in that Seventh Day Adventist cult.
          There was only one last prophet – Jesus Christ. Perhaps your cross to bear involves the spiritual talent of prophesy. If so, it is hard yakka to carry it within cult. Your cross is for Church.
          I appreciate the so called ‘tangents’, which I think are well worth considering. But if the warnings come from within cult, they get rightly ridiculed. A Christian gets abused for belonging to Jesus, nothing else.
          I sincerely thank you for standing up to tyranny. It’s a thankless task whether or not you’re on a cult slide.

          • Harry

             /  7th September 2020

            Thanks Jack, but I am an atheist, not a Seventh Day Adventist, for the record.

            • Jack

               /  7th September 2020

              Oh OK. Then I’ll have to say instead that Group Fear of the New World Order is a cult!
              Also for the record – atheists are more polite to me than ‘believers’. I often notice that atheists think for themselves better than Christians. I think it’s to do with self righteousness. You need to be free of that to do as you are – putting out warnings because you care.
              Cheers Harry.

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