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  1. David

     /  11th September 2020

    Is there any reason why we cant ban smoking. If someone is an addicted smoker and having been a dedicated one for 25 years before I quit I know how tough it is but now we have vaping which is a near perfect replacement.
    The taxation levels are putting the most vulnerable into a terrible position. I think the only reason why not would be that the government enjoys the revenue and smokers die young and quick and save the taxpayer vast amounts in pension, hospital and rest home costs.

    • They cost a lot to keep in hospitals and hospices. This is the user pays era. If people can’t afford to smoke, there is untold free help for them to stop.

      I stopped by telling myself that I could go for 24 hours without one (also, the nearest dairy kept very short hours, and I would have had an embarrassingly long way to go for smokes had I been that weak)

      Banning would only make a black market.

      In Melbourne, smokers who won’t stop are not given operations/treatment that the smoking will waste.

  2. lurcher1948

     /  11th September 2020

    Todays Friday its bash a muslim day on National party Magic talkback Radio the rightwing host is slowly winding his cult audience up to balance out Sean Plunketts winding up the Christians

  3. lurcher1948

     /  11th September 2020

    Hi Corky,haven’t heard from you for a while,welcome back

    • Corky

       /  11th September 2020

      Only back for a short stint, then I have to go again.

      • Jack

         /  11th September 2020

        Missed you Corky. Wanted to ask about you, but that would’ve been silly.

        Lurcher, is there a reason(s) you frequently mention ‘bashing’ Muslims?
        In my view, that is very provocative language. In today’s political climate it is more likely that Christians are ‘bashed’ than Muslims.

        A Christian is only one politically. That’s how Church works. A Muslim can join together with other Muslims for political outcomes. When Christians try that they lose.

        It’s helpful to understand the difference between a loved, respected Muslim individual and the religion of Islam – a nasty cult.

        Christians need to understand this – our Father in heaven is not the same as Allah.

        No one is bashing Muslims and we are all entitled to use the words ‘Islam’, ‘cult’, ‘religion’ and ‘problems’.

        There is no use for Christians to cling to Christianity. It’s a cult too. I’d like to see people understanding just what a Christian is. It will take a while for every Christian to come out the end of the cult slide.

        We could discuss Islam and the problem it is. Firstly, the Islam cult insists that there is only one true God who is peaceable. That’s a problem for Muslims whereas the same truth is not a problem for Christians.

        • duperez

           /  11th September 2020

          I guess Christians don’t need the problems of Muslims when they have their own to focus on.

        • lurcher1948

           /  11th September 2020

          YAWN Jack…go and read your bible….BORING Jack Jack im a JEDI the real faith


        • Griff.

           /  11th September 2020

          Christians need to understand this – our Father in heaven is not the same as Allah.

          Exactly the The same imaginary friend.
          Just a different bunch of bullshite artists pushing nonsense .
          Allah is the word for your god in Arabic..

          • Jack

             /  11th September 2020

            A friend! Just when I thought this site is boring…

            Yes Griff, quite right. But in simple terms, it does help in the present social climate to say as I did. Kiwi Christians say ‘God’ and Muslims say ‘Allah’, although I notice they say ‘God’ too.

            Sadly, many seekers have never discovered Jesus Christ is God! Therein lies the difference.

            Call me a b/s artist if you like. I’m clean. It’s many NZ churches which aren’t. Cult slides.

            Without the clear cut message that Jesus is God and that Holy Spirit indwells Christians – seeking Kiwis will fall into the trap of accepting God who is not Holy.

            Holy Spirit is a comfort. Without that, God is a tyrant indeed

  4. Reply
  5. Corky

     /  11th September 2020

    I’m close to calling Covid another scam. Even level headed people I know are now saying something is not right. I’m not quite at the stage yet, but I’m leaning that way.

    I believe the powers that be have always had an agenda, and are just using Covid to implement their strategy sooner, rather than later. Covid is an opportunity to good to pass up.

    The media across the globe are basically the same. The middleclass and their businesses are being gutted. That will leave two groups of citizens…those with power and the cattle class wandering around with the fear of Covid embedded in their psyche.

    Take the US for example..congress isn’t worried about Covid. They have bigger fish to fry.

    • There’s plenty of legitimate and important questions that can be asked about Covid and how it is being handled, but I think labeling it all as a scam is extremely far fetched.

      It would mean that just about every Government in the world and a huge number of media companies and journalists are in on the scam, and just a few mostly anonymous people making unsubstantiated claims on social media are right.

      This sort of nonsense noise detracts from the important questions and debates over Covid and how it is best handled.

      • Corky

         /  11th September 2020

        I’m not at the stage of calling Covid a scam…yet. The proof isn’t sufficient at this moment.

        ”It would mean that just about every Government in the world and a huge number of media companies and journalists are in on the scam.”

        Governments and the media would not necessarily know a scam ( or reset) was in progress. However, powerful people in governments, the media, finance and multi national firms would.

        Even before Covid, the traditional lines of capitalist/socialist etc were starting to blur.

        Country borders are essentially a thing of the past. Like street gangs who co-operate for better control and money, the powerful will be no different.

        The smoking gun will be when someone who is respected comes out and says something is wrong. Many people are saying that already. However, they aren’t famous enough, or they are quickly are put into the ”nutter basket.”

        The first thing needed when a takeover is in progress is control of the media and communications on all levels. People talking privately using encryption is a stone in the shoe of the powers that be.

  6. duperez

     /  11th September 2020

    I think ‘level headed people’ saying something isn’t right and implying there is a massive conspiracy should automatically have their membership of the ‘level headed’ group cancelled.

    Their perspicacity mighty be indicated by their seeming recent recognition that there will two groups of citizens. I thought there already were two groups. They used to be called the ‘haves’ and ‘have nots.’


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