Back to level 1 for most of us

Most of New Zealand is back too Covid alert level 1. This means minimal restrictions apart from international travel.

Auckland has been tweaked from level 2.5 to 2.0 which I think means just a change to gathering numbers allowed. This will be reviewed in two weeks.

At 11.59pm on Wednesday night, Auckland will shift from ‘Alert Level 2.5’ to Alert Level 2. That means from Thursday, Aucklanders will be able to attend social gatherings of up to 100 people, and Auckland-based funerals or tangihanga can host up to 100 people.

From midnight (Monday), the rest of New Zealand will return to Alert Level 1.

At Alert Level 2, Aucklanders are still required to wear a face covering on public transport and are encouraged to wear them in places where physical distancing is difficult. 

We strongly encourage Aucklanders who leave the region to ‘take their Alert Level with them’. 

If you are travelling out of or to Auckland, be aware that face coverings will be required on all inter-regional public transport journeys to and from the Auckland region. This includes flights, inter-regional buses or trains.

The level 1/2 split is a new arrangement. There have been no community Covid cases outside of Auckland for months (apart from a few in Tokoroa but linked to the Auckland outbreak) but in making previous decisions Jacinda Ardern had said it was too hard to have Auckland restricted on level 2.x while the rest of the country was unrestricted. Cabinet now thinks this isn’t such a problem, but nothing has really changed apart from the election getting closer.

Cabinet will meet on Monday 5 October to review these new Alert Level settings – presumably the primary consideration will be whether Auckland drops to level 1 or not.

Early voting for the election starts on Saturday 3 October, and this will be on the minds of the politicians in Cabinet.

For ‘the rest of New Zealand’ level 1 means a mostly unrestricted lifestyle, except for international travel which looks a long way off being possible.

Air New Zealand says even travel to Australia will be well into next year at the earliest.

NZ Herald: Transtasman travel bubble on hold till at least March – Air New Zealand boss Greg Foran

Air New Zealand chief executive Greg Foran has shot down the idea of a transtasman bubble until March 2021, at the very earliest.

“I certainly do not believe we will see anything across the Tasman this calendar year. It’s hard to believe it would be before March next year and could well be longer,” he said.

So we’re likely be confined to Aotearoa for at least 6 months and possibly quite a bit longer.

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  1. John J Harrison

     /  22nd September 2020

    Pete, you have highlighted the nub of the issue.
    With voting starting in less than two weeks, Cabinet had to act.
    It is ALL about politics – nothing else matters.

    • Duker

       /  22nd September 2020

      No evidence for that ..just your ‘feelz’

      No evidence for this mind reading via a crystal ball either
      “Early voting for the election starts on Saturday 3 October, and this will be on the minds of the politicians in Cabinet.”

      • It could well have been a vote-killer, except among the fawning bootlickers who’d vote for Ardern no matter what she did.

        With no C19 anywhere but Auckland and bugger-all there, there were no excuses left for not going to L1.

        • Duker

           /  22nd September 2020

          Covid is much more dangerous below the surface…if there is a few cases from testing or mostly symptoms the reality is theres 5-10x that unseem.
          When we had 4 known cases last month, there was more like 30 found from contact tracing and testing.
          Thats why its another fortnight till every one is back the L1 that the rest of the country has.
          Thats what the science says which is what the government advisors would be saying too.
          Come election night KC you will get your comeuppance, as it would too delicious for the raving loonies of certain far right parties to miss the threshold but suck the life out of ACT and National and because thats how MMP works , nearly 50% of the below threshold vote, is reallocated to Labour when it come to seat allocation

          • Blah blah blah….you forgot to cough and make snide insinuations with [ ] and …s.

            Are you sure that votes are taken away from other voters and parties and given to Labour under MMP ?

            • Duker

               /  22nd September 2020

              Those who dont meet the threshold are …
              In 2017 National got 44.45% of the total votes cast but when the seats are allocated it ended up 46.6% of the seats by this method. ( was very close to getting 47.5% of the 120 seats)
              Thats why they are called wasted votes , as the seat allocation process takes them for the ‘winning parties’ in parliament

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